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Santoshi Maa 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Saraswati asking Santoshi Maa did she know anything. Santoshi Maa says I know he is in bird’s avatar, but not his location, I have to concentrate again, I want water from Brahmadev’s kamadal. Devi Laxmi says I will get the jal. Santoshi Maa says fine, I will start the process. Narad says till then, I will go and check, if anyone has seen Indra as the bird. He goes along three devis. Santoshi Maa sits to do Dhyan. Swarnrekha thinks they got to know Indra has become bird, but I have to something before they find his location, if I leave my reflection here and go, no one will doubt on me, but if anyone touches me, they will know my cheat, Devi Santoshi and Gaumata are busy here, I have to come back before three devis come. She leaves her image there and goes.


and Santoshi are on the way. Santoshi is worried and thinks when will Sinduri go away from their lives, what will happen now. Dhairya smiles and drives rashly to make her fall to his side. He thinks Santoshi is not seeing. She says we will go back, you are unwell. He says no, we can’t miss movie, just hold my hand. He stops the car and says I won’t drive till you hold my hand, you decide now, give me your hand. They hold hands. Bolna mahi bolna……………plays…………… He kisses her hand. The car does not drive. She laughs and says start car now, don’t do mischief. He says no, its really not starting.

Guddu talks to someone and says I noted the number, tell me prize, one lakh, really. Daksha and Madhuri hear him. Guddu says my family will not understand this scheme, just think of me and my wife’s entries in this beneficial schemes. Daksha goes to him and asks him to do her profit too. Madhuri says what were they talking, I have to know.

Santoshi says see car is teasing you, as you were teasing me. He says you are my wife. It thunders. She asks him to repair car soon. He says it won’t rain. She gets umbrella. It starts raining. He gets under umbrella. She laughs and asks what happened, won’t you enjoy rain. He says I really feel cold now. She says we will have tea at stall there. He takes two tea and they drink. He holds her close. Dekho na………….plays………… they have an eyelock.

Kaka talks to Kaki and asks did you reach there well, maybe your headache is by long journey, apply balm, I have good news, Dhairya took Santoshi for movie, I recalled our old days. Dhairya and Santoshi come home. Kaka says I will talk later, they have come. He asks them did they leave movie. Dhairya says yes, it was action movie, Santoshi loves romance. Santoshi asks him to have some shame. Kaka laughs and says I recalled I used to take your mum for movie and come home midway, go and change.

Janardhan tells Madhuri that he can’t say anything, else Daksha will not leave him. Madhuri says I will just confirm it. He tells her everything. She thinks I will see Guddu, I got to know this, even when Guddu did not tell me.

Three devis come with jal in kalash. Devi Saraswati asks her to search for Indradev again. They see Swarnrekha standing. Devi Saraswati says why is Swarnrekha standing this way without any movement. Devi Laxmi says I think she is worried for Devraj Indra.

Swarnrekha goes to Indra and says Maa Santoshi has seen you in bird’s form, I m afraid she will make you away from me, I have to change your avatar. Devi Santoshi sits praying. Swarnrekha fails to change Indra’s avatar. Devi Saraswati says Devi Laxmi, I m feeling Swarnrekha is standing still since long, as if she is some reflection. Devi Laxmi says yes, she did not talk to us, I will see. She goes to Swarnrekha. Swarnrekha gets back there and says my life is waste without Indradev.

Santoshi Maa says now we can see where is Devraj Indra. She sees a fish and says whats this, he is in bird’s form. Swarnrekha smiles and thinks how she changed Devraj Indra from parrot to a fish. Santoshi Maa and everyone see the fish.

Ankush gets Sinduri. She falls down being afraid and her head strikes the stone. Ankush asks her is she fine. Sinduri identifies him and gets her memory back. Dhairya and Santoshi see each other. Pee loo………..plays………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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