sansku ki gini – ragsan os

Sansku Ki Gini-RagSan OS

Camera showed a pair of beautiful eyes
The girl is rolling her eyes being irritated

Some ladies were applying haldi paste on her chubby cheeks,her nose,on her whole face

The girl pouted sadly & let out a deep breath
Some other ladies r teasing her & laughing on some stupid jokes

Now Camera showed the full face of the girl

It’s revealed to be Ragini

She is looking like a royal pricess in white-yellow combinated simple lahenga with flower-jeweleries

Ragini-Maa & anuties r u peoples done with it?How much turmeric paste u peopled applied on my face?

Sharmishta Ragini’s mother came & applied kajal dot on Ragini’s lips
She cupped her face & kissed it softly

Sharmishta-Kisiki nazar na lage mere laado ko!I pray to god to keep you happy forever.I know Luv will take care of u nicely!

Ragini’s eyes welled up,she hugged her mother

Ragini-Why did u fixed wedding date so soon maa?I’ll miss u a lot!

Sharmishta-What is this laado?Today is your wedding & u r saying this kind of words?It’s not good beta!

Ragini pouted while sobbing like a baby

Suddenly a girl came running & hitted Ragini’s shoulder with her

The girls’ face revealed to be Anjali(Vaishali Thakkar)

Anjali is Ragini’s friend

Anjali showed Ragini’s phone to Ragini & smiled naughtily

Anjali-Rago see your would be husband is getting impatient to hear your voice!He is calling u continuosly,talk to him na!

Ragini blushed & closed Anjali’s mouth to controll her

Ragini walked in a corner & answered the call

Ragini-Luv why r u calling me again & again?Today is our wedding,cant u wait for some more hours!

Camera showed Luv’s face(played by Laksh Lalwani)

Luv-Uff Ragini u r impossible.Here i’m dying to hear your voice & to see your face & u r talking un-romanticly!Ok listen na i didnt met u since so many days, i want to see u right now!

Ragini-R u mad?We cant meet before our wedding!

Luv-I’m not asking u to meet me, do onething Click a selfie & send it to me right now.I want to see how beautiful u r looking in that haldiwala at tire!

Ragini(teasingly)-I’m not going to that!

Luv-Fine then give the phone to Anjali!

Ragini-Why?Ok fine!

Ragini gave the phone to Anjali

Luv ordered something to Anjali
She smiled & clicked Ragini’s pic & sent that to Luv

Ragini pouted angrily

Then Anjali gave the phone back to Ragini

Ragini-U Cheater,u took Anjali’s help to see my pic!

Luv-Ha toh?Everything is fair in love & war.Btw u know u i became more impatient after seeing your beautiful pic.I want to marry u right now,i cant wait for evenning!

Ragini-U r Shameless!

Luv-And u r gorgeous!

Ragini cuts the call & ran inside her room blushing


At Evenning

On the other side Camera showed a messed up room
Things r scattered on the floor

Camera showed back of A man is sitting on bed holding a 6month babyboy in his lap

The baby boy is pulling hair of the man

And the man is trying to remove baby boy’s grip from his hair

Man-Samrat babu leave my hair,see this is a bad manner to pull your own father’s hair!

The baby-boy made an angry face & punched on nose of the man with his small fist

The Man shouted in pain
Camera shows his full face now

It’s Sanskaar

Sanskaar-Samrat u r impossible!I cant handle u anymore!Your mom is great she gave me your responsablity & went to perlour!

Sanskaar placed Samrat on bed & dialled his wife’s no.

Sanskaar-Where r u Kavita?How long u’ll spent time in perlour?I’m not able to controll your son!

Camera showed a road,
a girl is driving her car,it’s Kavita
Sanskaar’s wife

Kavita replied to his words on phone while driving her car with speed

Kavita-Offo Sanskaar cant u handle your own son for 4hours only?

Sanskaar-No i cant,he made me feel that he is not my son!Though He is my blood but he is just like u,gunda & stubborn!He pulled my hair & punched me hard.My nose is paining!

Kavita laughed hard

Kavita-Just some more time i’ll be back very soon!

Sanskaar-Exactly where r u?

Kavita moved the steering of her car & was about to reply him
but suddenly she felt dizzy & lost the balance of her car

Sanskaar heard loud scream of Kavita then a loud bursting type sound

Sanskaar(shouted on phone)-Kavita!Hello Kavita what happened?R u ok na?Arre why r not u answering me,say something na!

On the other side

Camera showed 2 destroyed cars

Kavita’s car hitted another car

She is covered with blood

@Gadodia Mansion

Ragini is getting ready in a red-golden bridal lahenga & diamond-ruby studded ornaments

Shomi puts the chunni on her head & again applied a kajal dot behind on her lips

Ragini-Maa how many times u’ll apply kajal dot on my face?

Sharmishta-Arre my Rago is looking so beautiful na so i’m afraid!Kisiki ki buri nazar na lage mere laado pe aur uske khushiyon pe!

Ragini hugged her tightly

Sharmishtha-Only 2hours left!Then u’ll get married to Luv & he will take u away from me forever!

Tears skipped from Sharmishtha’s eyes

Ragini wiped her eyes said in a childish way

Ragini-If u keep crying like this na then i’ll not marry Luv today!

Sharmishtha closed her mouth & noded no

Sharmishtha-Dont say such thkind of bad in-auspicious things!

Ragini-Arre maa dont take tention,everything will be auspicious only!

suddenly Ragini’s father Shekhar entered inside with teary eyes

Shekhar-Shomi come with me i want to tell u something important!

Sharmistha went with him

Ragini looked at her image on mirror & blushed

Suddenly an image of a boy flashed in her mind & she closed her eyes tightly

Her expression got changed

Tears skipped from her eyes

Ragini-No it’s wrong!I’m going to become Luv’s bride!I should not remember those memories again!

Just then Shomi entered inside sobbing badly

Ragini(looked at her confused)-What happened maa?Why r u crying like this?

Shomi ran towards her & hugged her tightly & burst into loud cry

Shomi-Everything got ruined Laado!This wedding is not going to happen!

Ragini(broke the hug)-Maa why r u saying like this?

Sharmishtha-He is no more laado!He is no more in this world!

Ragini(shocked)-What r u saying?I couldnt get it maa!

Sharmishtha-Laado Luv went to a mall to buy a gift for u!And when he was coming back on road he met with an accident!

Ragini pulled herself away from Shomi
Tears skipped from her eyes un-controllably

Ragini-I..I want meet him!Where is he maa?

Sharmishtha-Laado he is in hospital but beta..

Before she could continue her words

Ragini ran outside quickly


@City Hospital

Ragini-Papa where is Luv?I want to see him!He will be fine soon,he will talk to me dekhna!

Shekhar-Laado pls try to understand he is no more beta!Luv is dead!He was dead on the accident spot!

Ragini(made an angry face & shouted)-Chi papa he is your would be son-in-law!How can u say something like that about him!Fine i’ll find him by myself!

She started running in hospital corridor while asking about Luv from Nurses

Shekhar ran behind her

Suddenly Ragini dashed with a man
She stumbled & was about to fall but the man held her shoulder affectionately & made her stand properly
The man’s face revealed to be Sanskaar

Sanskaar kept staring at Ragini intensely

Ragini looked at his face & got angry

Ragini-Why r u staring me like this?Whenever i meet u, something surely got ruined in my life!

Sanskaar-Gini i was just helping u!What have u done with yourself!U r in bridal attire!

Ragini-It’s Ragini Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari!Dont waste my time,let me go!I have to meet my Luv!Today is our wedding & he met with an accident!

Ragini started crying badly

She was again about to run but stopped with an jerk when her chunni got stuck with Sanskaar’s Coller’s button

Sanskaar looked at her & tried to remove her chunni from his coller’s button but Ragini didnt gave him enough time to do that

She pulled her chunni harshly & it got torn

Ragini ran towards ICU

Sanskaar stood silently staring at her

One little torn piece of Ragini’s chunni was still stuck with his Coller’s button

Shekhar(came running)-Beta have u seen a girl in red bridal lahenga here?She is my daughter!

Sanskaar-She ran towards ICU uncle!


Ragini is standing still infront of Luv’s dead-body
she is not crying anymore

Not even moving

Sanskaar is standing infront of Kavita’s dead-body

Tears rolled from his eyes then he looked at Ragini & felt a huge guilt in his heart

Actually Kavita’s car hitted Luv’s car on the road

Both were dead on the spot

Sanskaar never thought he will see Ragini after so many years that to in this state

Sanskaar walked towards Shekhar-Ragini & joined his hands infront of them

Sanskaar(sobbing)-I’m sorry uncle,i’m sorry Gini,All these happened bcoz of me only.I was talking to my wife when she was driving the car.And bcoz of that she couldnt concentrate on driving & hitted Luv’s car losing her controll!

Suddenly a tight slap fell on Sanskaar’s face

He looked at Ragini in shock

Ragini angrily grabbed his coller & pulled him closer to her

Ragini-Your sorry will help me to get my Luv back to his life?U cant tollerate my happiness na?U always snatched my smile!Today is my wedding day but bcoz of your mistake i lost my Luv!Everything is finished now just bcoz of your carelessness!

Sanskaar-Gini i can understand your pain but i didnt do this intentionally na!I lost my wife!

Ragini laughed madly

Ragini-R u sad for losing your wife?I dont think so!U r a were never serious about love!I’m sure u never loved your wife!But i loved him,most importantly he loved me truely but why am i talking to a selfish shameless person like u!Go away from me,dont show me your face again in my life!

Ragini wiped her tears angrily & stepped outside

Tears skipped from Sanskaar’s eyes

He knelt down floor hitting his fist on his chest

Sanskaar-What have i done!I’m seriously an useless person!

Next [email protected] Mansion

Sanskaar was sitting on his bed
The room is dark

Some flashback came in his mind

10 year ago FLASHBACK

A guys is shown beating another boy mercilessly

Boy1-How dare u cheapo!How dare u to touch her?Dont know who is she for me?Then also u showed this courage to misbehave with my Gini?I’ll kill u today!

Boy2 was bleeding badly,he was almost unconcious

Boy1 face revealed to be Sanskaar

A girl shouted his name & came running towards him

He was still beating Boy2

The girl pulled Sanskaar & hugged him tightly

This is only a way to stop him from doing anything bad

Girl-Sansku pls stop it yaar!He will die if u keep beating him like this!

Sanskaar calmed down a little but replied with angry

Sanskaar-Let him die Gini!He deserves it!How dare he try to kiss u?

The girl’s face revealed to be Ragini

Ragini dragged him from there & they went in library

Library is empty,only 3 persons were present there RagSan & Librarier

ragini forwarded a bottle of water infront of sanskar who is fuming in anger

Sanskaar took the bottle & threw it on floor

He stood up & was about to leave but Ragini held his hand & made him sit on chair again

Ragini-Where were u going?

Sanskaar(angrily)-In Principal’s office!I’m going to complain about Aditya’s(boy2) misbehavior.

Ragini-Leave it na Sansku,u have beaten him already!

Sanskaar(grabbing her arms)-Toh kya aati utaarta uski?He misbehaved with u!With my Best-friend & i should punish him na?

Ragini pulled his cheek

Ragini-Awwle my cute Sansku!See Principal cant give a better punishment then u!U already punished him now forget everything!

Sanskaar-Fine i’ll not complain against him!Happy now?

Ragini-Very happy!Tell me what r u planning to do tomorrow?

Sanskaar-Wo actually i’m going on a date with Neha!

Ragini-What?The new girl who joined our school yesterday?But u broke-up with Tiya 2days ago na!

Sanskaar-Ha so?Tiya is past now!Neha is present!

Ragini slapped on his shoulder angrily

Ragini-U r a shameless casanova!I thought u r upset after breaking up with Tiya!But u can never be serious about love!

Sanskaar-Oh pls Gini Love dosnt exists in real world!It’s stupid illusion of filmy type peoples!And yes i dont beleive in love!

Ragini-Disgusting Sansku!U’ll regret one day when u’ll loose true love of your life!


Sanskaar recalled Ragini’s old words during their schooldays & closed his eyes

Ragini’s broken state in hospital came into his mind & tears rolled down from his red eyes

Next [email protected]’s Room

Sujata-Sanskaar pls try to understand beta!I cant handle Samrat alone!He needs a mother!Who will take care of him properly!

Sanskaar-I told u already,i’m not going to get married again!If my new wife will start to ignore my Samrat then what will i do mom?Think about it!

Sujata-Sanskaar pls beta,i promise i’ll find a girl who will love & will take care of Samrat more then u or Kavita did!Pls say yes!

Sanskaar-Mom why u always u pressurize me for this kind of things?I didnt wanted to marry Kavita as i was busy with my career!But u forced me to marry her!Finall i fulfilled your promise!Now again u r doing the same thing with me!

Sujata-Sanskaar if something happens to me then who will take care of Samrat?U even cant handle him for 2hours!

Sanskaar-Fine!I’ll marry a girl who will love my son honestly & will never ask for the right of a wife!If u can search a girl like this then i’ll marry her on the day u find her!

Sujata smiled weakly

Next [email protected]

Sanskaar stepped inside hall calling Sujata’s name

Just then he noticed 2persons talking to Sujata

Trisha Kavita’s mom & Tanya Kavita’s elder sister

Trisha-Hello Sanskaar beta how r u?

Sanskaar-I’m good mummy!

Sujata(hasitatingly)-Sanskaar Trisha ji was saying that Samrat needs a mother as soon as possible.And we think that Tanya can be a good mother for Samrat as she is his maasi!So..

Sanskaar-I want to talk with Tanya ALONE!

Tanya(played by Roop Durgapal)-Sure Sanskaar can we talk in your room?

Sanskaar noded yes

He & Tanya went to Sanskaar’s Room

@Sanskaar’s Room

Sanskaar-So u want to be Samrat’s mother?

Tanya held his hand

Tanya-Yes Sanskaar i’m really worried about Samrat!If any outsider marries u then she will not take care of him properly bcoz step mom is step mom!But i’m his maasi & i love him a lot!And i love u too!

Sanskaar(sarcastically)-I know u r more eager to become my wife than Samrat’s mom.When u never loved your own sister then how will u love her son??

U always tried to get close with me but i always kept distance between us bcoz i dont like your nature!And i’m not going to marry u,now go from here!

Sanskaar removed Tanya’s grip from his hand & went to hall room

Tanya-Sanskaar u r doing a stupidity!I agree i hated Kavita but i love u & i’ll always keep u happy!

Sanskaar-Mom & Mummy i want to inform u about my decision!I’ll not marry Tanya as i dont like her & i’m sure she dosnt love our Samrat!

Trisha-No beta u r misunderstanding her!I’m telling u she is best for u & Samrat!

Sanskaar-She isnt mummy!If god is willing to sent best mom for my Samrat then he will sent her soon in our life!& Tanya?This matter is closed from my side!

Sanskaar left the place being annoyed by Tanya

Trisha-Sujata your son rejected my Tanya,i’m telling u he will regret for it!

Tanya-Mummy i want to marry only Sanskaar!I love him!

Sujata-Tanya beta Sanskaar isnt interested in this marriage & he is your jiju also.So u should forget him & leave this stubborn wish to marry him!

Trisha-Fine Sujata i’ll also see, who is going to be Sanskaar’s choice & how much she will take care of Samrat!

Trisha dragged out Tanya from MM with her

Sujata got worried


@Lord Krishna Temple

Sujata stepped inside the temple holding Samrat in her embrace

Samrat was getting irritated by crowd but suddenly he heard a soothing melodious voice

A girl is singing bhajan infront of Krishna’s Idol

Camera shows only her lips

Oh Palanhaare Nirgun Aur Nyare
Tohre Bin Humra Kauno Naahi
Humri Uljhal Suljhao Bhagwan
Tohre Bin Humra Kauno Naahi

Samrat smiled widely & bent from Sujata’s embeace to see her face

Sujata understood it & took him near the girl

The girl finished singing & turned to them

Now her face got revealed
It’s Ragini

Samrat clapped with his little hands & gigled looking at Ragini
He made some weird sound to made her understand that he liked her singing

Ragini smiled looking at him & caressed his cheek with her thumb
Samrat held her thumb with his little fist

Sujata-U r Ragini na?Sanskaar’s best-friend from his school?

Ragini-No aunty we were just class-mates not friends!Who is this baby?

Samrat leaned towards Ragini smilingly

Sujata-He is Samrat, my Sanskaar’s son!I think my Samrat likes u & your singing!

Samrat forwarded his little arms towards Ragini as if he is requesting her to take him in her embrace

Ragini got shocked to know that Samrat is Sanskaar’s son

She smiled took Samrat in her embrace
Samrat smelled her scent & placed his head on her chest

Sujata,Ragini & Shomi got shocked to see that Samrat is liking Ragini on their 1st meet

Ragini smiled & caressed his hair
Samrat clutched her dupatta & closed his eyes hiding his face in her chest

Ragini-Aunty Samrat is really sweet!He met 1st time with me but he is behaving like he knows me since a long time!

Sujata-Even i’m surprised beta.Our Samrat is a gunda,when he dislikes somone he used to beat them or bite them but he is so free with u!See his bad fate,he lost his mother one week ago!I’m worried who will take care of this innocent soul after my death?

Sharmishtha-Dont say like that Sujata ji.Someone will be there to take care of him for sure!Why dont u ask your son to get married again?

Samrat looked at Ragini & started playing with her caressing her cheek & hair

Ragini smiled & kissed him


One week passed Samrat got used to spent time with Ragini in temple

If oneday Sujata dosnt take him to the temple & he meets with Ragini

He used to behave weirdly

He used to behave angrily & threw things here & there & crying badly

Sujata took him too the temple while praying for her biggest wish to come to true


Ragini & Samrat were busy in playing with each-other

on the other side Sujata asked Ragini’s hand for Sanskaar from Shomi

Shomi was shocked first for the wedding proposal then she looked at
SamRagini & agreed for it

Sujata came near Ragini & held her hand

Sujata-Ragini beta do u love my Samrat?

Ragini-Of course aunty i love him very much!

Sujata-How much?

Ragini-I cant express u how much but i love him honestly & he too loves me!Haina Samu baby?

Samrat smiled widely as if he agreed with her words

Sujata-Then love him like a mother na?Marry my Sanskaar!

Ragini’s smile faded when Sujata said this

Ragini-What r u saying aunty?Aunty dont mind but i dont like Sanskaar!I cant marry him!

Sujata forcefully took Samrat from Ragini’s lap
Samrat started crying
He was clutching Ragini’s dupatta tightly

Sujata tried to remove his grip from Ragini’s dupatta & Samrat started crying more bitterly

Ragini took him from Sujata & patted his back to make him calm

Ragini-Why r u taking him from me forcefully Aunty?See u made our Samrat cry!

Sujata-Ragini dont show your pity on my Samrat!Mai nahi chahti usse tumhari aadat ho jaaye aisa hua toh kaise rahega wo tumhare bina?

Tears skipped from Ragini’s eyes thinking about Samrat

Samrat & Ragini both cant stay without each-other

Shomi-Exactly Ragini when u cant give him motherly love then let him leave alone!


she shouted & hugged Samrat more tightly who already became calm feeling Ragini’s touch

Ragini-Aunty I’m ready to marry Sanskaar!But with one condition!

Sujata(smiled)-Ok beta i’m so happy!


Sanskaar glared at Sujata angrily for pressuring him to marry Ragini

Sanskaar took a pinch of vermillion & filled Ragini’s hairline

Then they both signed on Marriage papers

The advocate announced them as leagally married couple

Sujata,RP,Shomi & Shekhar blessed RagSan & Samrat clapped with smiling face

@[email protected]’s Room

Ragini was patting Samrat’s back to make him sleep just then Sanskaar entered there

Ragini(looked at him)-Listen Sanskaar i married u only for Samrat!So dont ask husband’s right from me!

Sanskaar-Same here Ra..Gini!I’m not interested in u!

Ragini placed Samrat on bed & lay down beside him

Sanskaar came near bed & lay down on the other side of the bed

Samrat was sleeping peacefully between RagSan

Ragini-I still cant beleive that u r my husband now!U always ruined my peace & now i have to tollerate u for lifetime!

Sanskaar(shouted)-Enough Ragini!Dont drag that old matter again!Whatever happened that day, that was not my fault!It was that moti aunty’s fault!U broke our friendship for after that incident & still blaming me for that!

Ragini-That was your fault only!Bcoz of u i tollerated huge insult that day!

10Yeara ago FLASHBACK

Ragini changed her clothes & wore her night dress

A crop top & loose pyajama

She went to shomi’s room & gave her medicines

Shomi was talking with Shekhar’s sister Sima

Sima never liked Shomi & Ragini
when she noticed Ragini’s dressing style she became angry

Sima-Ragini cant u wear something good?This clothes r so disgusting!

Ragini-aunty this is my night-dress!I’m going to sleep that’s i wore it!

Sima made an disgusted face

Ragini left the place & stepped inside her room

Before she could close the door of her room

She heard some noise & looked towards window

Someone jumped inside

It was Sanskaar

RagSan’s looked at each-other & gulped down

Sanskaar stared at her with an open mouth
Ragini felt shy & she quickly took the bedsheet from her bed & wrapped it around herself

Ragini(angrily)-Sansku!What r u doing here?And that to like this?Dont u know manners?U should have informed me na before coming here!

Sanskaar looked away in nervousness

Sanskaar(bowing)-Sorry yaar!Wo i need help from u in maths so i came here at this time!

Ragini-Sansku pls go from here for now!Come tomorrow na i’ll help u surely!

Sanskaar-But tomorrow is math exam!U have to help me right now!

Ragini-Sansku pls understand it’s already late night & Sima aunty is here!If anyone comes to know that u r here then i’ll face problems!

Sanskaar was about to reply just then Ragini stepped towards him
Mistakenly she stepped on the bedsheet which she wrapped around herself

Ragini stumbles & was about to fall but Sanskaar held her by her shoulders

RagSan were sharing an eyelock suddenly someone berged in Ragini’s room

It’s Sima

She shouted Shomi & Shekhar’s name & started creating an issue seeing Ragini & Sanskaar’s closeness

RagSan gulped down in fear
They composed themselves & parted away

Sima-Chi chi Shomi see what your daughter is doing in her bed-room!She is romancing with a boy!

Shomi(shouted)-Laado what he doing here at this time?

Sima-Arre cant u see your indecent daughter is romancing with this boy?

Shekhar-Sanskaar leave from here before i raise my hand on u!

Ragini-Papa it’s not like that u peoples r thinking!He came here to take my help in maths!

Sanskaar stood silent

Sima-Shameless girl!Already did a sin & now trying to pretent innocent!He is your boy-friend i’m sure!

Before Shekhar Shomi could reply to her
Sanskaar spoke angrily

Sanskaar(loosing his temper)-How dare u moti to call my Gini as shameless??Who r u to judge her character?Yes i’m her boy-friend now what will u do?

Ragini widened her eyes hearing Sanskaar’s words
They r only best-friends but in anger Sanskaar said that he is her boy-friend

And his words worsen the situation more

Ragini-Sanskaar what rubbish u r talking?

Sanskaar-Gini i’m here na dont be scared of this moti i’ll manage Shekhar uncle & Shomi aunty!

Sima fumed in anger

Shekhar clentched his fist & slapped on Sanskaar’s face

Sanskaar looked at him shocked

Shekhar-Sanskaar Get lost from here!

Sanskaar looked at Ragini & she looked at him angrily

Sima-Such a characterless girl & boy!Shame on u both!

Ragini closed her eyes & sobbed silently

Sanskaar was about to hold Ragini’s hand

But she jerked away his hand & pushed him away

Ragini-I hate u Sanskaar!I requested u to leave from here but u didnt listened to me!Bcoz of u 1st someone called me Characterless!Everything is bcoz of your carelessness!From now u r not my friend!Dont show me your face again!

Tears skipped from Sanskaar’s eyes & he left the place silently

He looked at Ragini for last time but she looked away


Ragini-If u didnt told her that u r my boy-friend then she couldnt insult me like that!

Sanskaar-Fine it was my fault ok?Now let me sleep i dont want to argue with u on this old matter!


Next [email protected] Room

Sanskaar took Samrat in his room as he was crying & Ragini was in washroom

Ragini came out from washroom & Samrat smiled seeing her face

Suddenly Sanskaar shouted
& placed Samrat on bed

Sanskaar-Yuck what the heck!Samu baby what have u done?

Ragini came near them & took Samrat in her lap

& looked at Sanskaar

Sanskaar’s clothes r wet & Samrat’s nappy is also wet ๐Ÿ˜›

Ragini understood everything & burst into loud laughter

Ragini-Samu baby mumma loves u a lot specially for this!U served him right!

Sanskaar-Shut up Ragini,u r instigating my son against me?

Ragini-Yes Dhakkan Maheshwari do u have any doubt!Samu is my baby not yours!

Sanskaar-U..I hate u Jhalli!

Sanskaar took fresh clothes & ran inside washroom

Samrat gigled seeing the whole scene

Ragini kissed Samrat’s cheek & changed his wet nappy & clothes

Ragini-Samu u love your mumma more na?Irritate your papa like this ok?

Samrat smiled & blinked

After sometime

Sanskaar came out from washroom

Ragini saw him & smirked

She stepped near him & closed her nose with her two fingers

Ragini-Chi u r still smelling yuck!

Sanskaar-Ragini dont irritate me i’m warning u!

Ragini-Or else what will u do Dhakkan Maheshwari??

Sanskaar-Dont call me like that i’m warning u!

Ragini sticks her tongue out & shouted

Ragini-Dhakkan Maheshwari Dhakkan Maheshwari..

Before she could continue further

Sanskaar grabbed her arms tightly & pulled her extremely closer to him

Before Ragini could react
Sanskaar squeezed her cheek & captured her mouth with his

Ragini widened her eyes in shock
She tried to push him away but Sanskaar pressed her more with his body while still kissing her crazily

Sanskaar lost his sense completely & started tasting her whole mouth

Ragini gave up & stood still

Sujata came & knocked on their door

Just then Sanskaar came into senses & broke the kiss

Ragini breathed heavily & avoided eye-contact

Sanskaar relized what he did & became nervous

He licked his lips in tention & quickly stepped out from the room

Ragini(in mind)-I always loved u Sansku, i tried to hate u but i couldnt!But never thought this can be happen between us!We were best-friends & now we r husband & wife!But i know i shouldnt expect love from u!Whatever just happened u did it in anger!It’s not love!I should forget it


Sanskaar(in mind)-I love u Gini!I always loved u but i couldnt relize my own feelings!When u broke our friendship & told me that u hate me then only i relized that i was in love with u!Then u left our school & i missed u badly!Mom forcefully get me married with Kavita but i couldnt love her as only u r in my heart!When i saw u in hospital i was shocked to see your broken state.Again bcoz of my stupidy your happines got ruined!I hate myself for that!Now we r married but i know u still hate me!I’ll never force u to accept me!I should have controlled my feelings,u must be hating me for kissing u forcefully!But i couldnt controll my feelings which i hided in my heart since 10 years!I love u a lot & i’m happy to have u in my life again!

Ragini came & was about to sit opposite to him but Sujata dragged her near Sanskaar & made her sit beside him

RagSan avoided eyelock recalling the kiss

Sujata-Sanskaar Ragini beta there is a ritual!U both will feed each-other!

Sanskaar-Mom no need of this stupid rituals!Waise bhi..

Before he could continue more Ragini took a spoon of kheer & put it inside his mouth

Sanskaar glared at her in shock

Ragini opened her mouth & signalled him to feed her

Sanskaar took a spoon of kheer & fed her

Ragini(with fake anger)-What is the need to argue in every matter?

Sanskaar rolled his eyes & left the place silently


1week later14 FEB

Sujata-Ragini Sanskaar dont do this beta!I’ll take care of Samrat!

Ragini-No maa i’m not going with this Dhakkan in that party!Samrat cant stay without me for an hour also!

Sanskaar-Even i dont want to take u with me!They will be tortured by u!Like u r torturing me every moment!

Ragini-U Dhakkan!

Sanskaar(smirked)-Dont call me that or else..U know what can i do!

Ragini widened her eyes recalling the kiss

Ragini-Maa tell your son i’ll go with him in the party!

Sanskaar-Why?Some moments ago u said that u dont want to go now why r u changing your decision!

Ragini(pointing a finger)-My decision my wish!I’ll not let u enjoy the party that’s why i’ll go with u!

Sujata-Uff Samrat is less childish then both of u!I’m going dont drag me in your matters!God knows when will u both grow up!

Saying this Sujata left the place

Ragini narrowed her eyes at Sanskaar & sticks her tongue out

Sanskaar smirked & leaned towards her face

Sanskaar-I’m telling u Ragini dont do this again & again!Whenever u do this i feel like..

He winked at Ragini & understood his intention & ran out from there nervously

Sanskaar saw her reaction & burst out laughing

@[email protected] Room

Sanskaar got ready & was looking at his image on mirror just then Ragini’s image reflects on mirror who was behind him combing her hair

She was wearing a black simple saree with royal blue off-shoulder blouse
Her Long dangling ear-rings were moving & touching her swan-like neck continuosly

She moved her open curly hair in right left side of her neck

Sanskaar’s eyes got locked on her beautiful face

He turned & looked at her

She came near him, held his arm & made him stand aside

Sanskaar stood like a robot without blinking

Ragini looked at her image & blinked her eyes twice
Then she twisted her lips & rubbed her lower lip with the upper one

Sanskaar looked at her deep hazel eyes & his gaze fell on her pouty pinkish lips

He gulped down & recalled their kiss

Ragini looked at him & noticed him lost in her

She turned her face & blushed a little

Ragini-R u done?

Sanskaar(came into senses)-Yup i’m done.Let’s go!

Ragini took Samrat in her arms & Kissed his forehead

Ragini-Samu baby your maa is going somewhere,i’ll be back soon ok?

Samrat gave her a smile

Sujata came there & Ragini gave Samrat to her

Ragini-Mom if he panics then pls call me,i’ll be back as soon as possible!

Sujata noded ok

RagSan left the place



RagSan were talking with Sanskaar’s friends just then someone patted on Ragini’s shoulder

RagSan turned at him & found their old School Friend Ajay giving a smile to them

Ajay-Sanskaar & Ragini right?How r u guys?

Ragini-I’m good Ajay!How r u?

Ajay-I’m cool!So r u both married with each-other?

Sanskaar-Yes yaar.She is my wife now!

Ajay-Arre we knew it oneday it will happen surely!U two used to spent your most of the time with each-other.Though at that time Sanskaar never accepted that he loves u but we all friends felt it!U two r made for each-other!Btw Gini u r looking very stunning!

Sanskaar’s face expression got changed

Ragini-Thank u Ajay!

Sanskaar slided his arm around Ragini’s waist & pulled her closer to him

Sanskaar-Her name is Ragini, Ajay!Only i call her as Gini!

Ragini understood his changing behavior & pinched him a little to controll him

Ajay-Oh sorry yaar i forgot that u were always possesive about her!At that time she was your best-friend then also u never let any guy to be friend with her.And now toh she is your loving wife!So u became more possesive!

Ragini-Ajay it’s not like that!

Ajay-Arre it’s normal yaar!After we all know how much he loves u!U know when u left the school..

Before he could continue

Sanskaar interrupted

Sanskaar-Leave it yaar!Tell me about u!

Ajay-I’m married now,my wife’s name is Riya & she is at home!

RagSan were having a good conversation with Ajay suddenly from nowhere Trisha & Tanya came there

They were also invited at the party

Ajay left the place to give some space to RagSan & Trisha Tanya

Tanya-How r u Sanskaar?


Tanya-Arre introduce me with your new wife na!

Sanskaar-She is Ragini my wife & the caring mother of my son!And Ragini this is Tanya, Kavita’s elder sister!

Ragini-Hi Tanya!

Tanya(faked a smile)-Hi!

Trisha-Dont mind Sanskaar but i expected your choice will be great!But your wife Ragini..She is so back-dated!

Tanya-Dont mind Ragini but seriously this is a party & u came here wearing a Saree?Look at everyone present here, all of them r in Modern short dresses or in gown!

Ragini felt hurt hearing their comments on her

Sanskaar(gritted his teeth)-Will u stop it Tanya?Ragini dont need to be dressed up in the way like others did!She is special & most gorgeous lady present in this party!And one more thing i choosed her bcoz I LOVE HER!And i proud of my choice!And my Gini is far better then u Tanya!

Trisha-Sanskaar u r insulting us!

Sanskaar was about to reply but Ragini excused themselves & dragged him out of the party

Outside of the [email protected]

Ragini dragged him & tried to make him sit on a bench there

Sanskaar pulled his hand back from her & shouted on her

Sanskaar-Why did u take me here?I was talking to them na?

Ragini-Sanskaar u were insulting them directly!

Sanskaar-So what?They can insult but i cant?
How dare they to say like that about u?

Ragini was about to say something but Sanskaar fumed in anger & turned his face

Ragini understood he is extremely angry & there is only one way to calm him down

Ragini made him face her & hugged him tightly

Within some mins Sanskaar’s anger got vanished

Ragini-U r always behaves like this when someone says something about me!Why?Why u talked with Ajay in that way?

Sanskaar-Why did he called u as “Gini”?Only i own that right to call u like that!


Sanskaar-Bcoz i gave u that name!Bcoz u r only Sansku’s Gini!Tum sirf aur sirf Sansku ki Gini ho aur kisiki nahi!

Ragini broke the hug

Ragini-And why did u lied to Tanya & Trisha aunty that u love me??

Sanskaar got angry again

He grabbed her shoulders tightly & pulled her extremely closer to him

Sanskaar-I didnt lied to them!I always loved u Gini!I always loved only u!I considered u as my bestie but when u broke our friendship & left our school then only i relized that i love u!I cant express u how much i missed u,how much i have suffered bcoz of your one decision!I still love u but u still hate me!

Ragini got stunned hearing his words

Ragini-Is it true Sansku??

Sanskaar-No Gini it’s a april fool prank!Of course jhalli!I love u love u love u love u madly!U r my soul Gini!Tum dur thi mujhse but humesha mere dil mei thi!

Ragini smiled with teary eyes & hugged him again

Ragini-Sansku i love u too!I always loved u!When Luv entered in my life then also i couldnt forget u!I tried to erase u from my heart but i couldnt!I couldnt hate u Sansku bcoz i love u deeply!

Sanskaar-Dhat we both r Dhakkans na?We never expressed our love for each-other!

Ragini-We can do that now only!Let’s go home!

Sanskaar smiled & RagSan left the place


@RagSan Room

RagSan entered inside & Ragini stepped towards washroom to change her clothes

Sanskaar held her hand & pulled her closer

Ragini-What r u doing Sansku?

Sanskaar rubbed his lips on her ear & whispered in her ear

Sanskaar-Loving my Gini!Do u have any problem?If u have then also i’m not going to controll myself today!

IN Background song played

Mai Toh Bas Teri Chaahat Mei Chahu Rahna Sada
Mai Toh Bas Teri Kubat Mei Chahun Rahna Sada

Sanskaar kissed her forehead & Ragini closed her eyes blushing

He hugged her tightly
They stayed like that for some mins

Saaya Bhi Tera Mai Hone Na Du Judaa
Maine Tay Kar Liya

Sanskaar knelt infront of her & took out a rose from his suit’s pocket

Sanskaar-Happy Valentines day Gini!Love u so much!Pls promise me u’ll be with me forever?

Ragini make him stand & kissed his cheek

Ragini-Happyyyy Valentines day Sansku!Dont worry ek baar firse tumhare life mei agayi hu na toh iss baar mai tumhe nahi chhornewali i mean nahi chhorke jaanewali ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sanskaar smiled & took out a small box from his cupboard

He opened it & took out a beautiful heart shaped pendent with a chain from the box
RagSan written on it

He made her wear the Pendant

Ragini-Sansku why this?

Sanskaar back-hugged her bcoz i wanted to make u feel loved

Ragini smiled & held his hand just then she noticed something on his hand near his left wrist

There is a RAGINI written there

Ragini(shocked)-Sansku what is this??U wrote my name with blade or knife na??

Sanskaar noded yes

Sanskaar-When u left me alone & relized that i love u i was not in a good condition!I was in deep pain & i did it that time in anger!I was angry on u for breaking our friendship & leaving me alone!

Hot Tears rolled down from Ragini’s eyes

Ragini-I’m sorry Sanskaar i always hurted u!I’m sorry bcoz of me u were in pain but i concentrated on my pain!U gave me so much but i didnt gave u anything!

Sanskaar cupped her face

Sanskaar-U gave me the most special things to me, A caring mother to my son & a loving wife to me!

Ragini hugged him tightly & held the rose near her heart given by Sanskaar

Ragini-I love u sooooo much Sansku!

Sanskaar-Love u more Gini!
Btw i want something from u!Will u give it to me?

Ragini-I’ll but what do u want?

Sanskaar-Give a chance to love u!

Ragini blushed & noded yes

Sanskaar took her near bed
He sat on bed & made Ragini sit on his lap

He caressed her cheek with his fingers & leaned towards her lips

He locked her soft pouty lips with his thirsty lips

And kissed her passionately

Tere Ishq Pe Tere Waqt Pe
Bas Haqq Hai Ik Mera
Tere Rooh Pe Tere Jism Pe
Bas Haqq Hai Ik Mera
Bas Haqq Hai Ik Mera
Bas Haqq Hai Ik Mera

He broke the kiss & picked her in his arms & placed her on bed
He moved aside her Saree’s pallu aside & slowly slided his hand on her bare belly & waist

Ragini clutched the bedsheet tightly & closed her eyes in shyness

Mai Toh Bas Tere Chaahat Mei Chuhun Rahna Sada
Mai Toh Bas Tere Kurbat Mei Chahun Rahna Sada

Sanskaar placed his wet lips on her cute chubby cheek & kissed it then he kissed her another cheek

Ragini looked at him & kissed him on his cheek

Baahon Mei Tujhko Rakhun
Dhadkan Mai Teri Sunu
Aa Itna Nazdeek Aa Zara

He placed his ear on her heart & heard her increasing heart-beats which is beating for him only

Ho Jisme Duyaaein Rahe
Har Dam Waafaaein Rahe
Doon Tujhko Aisa Ek Jaha

He placed his lips on her bare shoulder & gave affectionate kisses on her both shoulders

Ragini pulled him closer to her & hugged him lovingly

Tere Ishq Pe Tere Waqt Pe
Bas Haqq Hai Ik Mera
Tere Rooh Pe Tere Jism Pe
Bas Haqq Hai Ik Mera
Bas Haqq Hai Ik Mera
Bas Haqq Hai Ik Mera

Sanskaar entangled his fingers with Ragini’s fingers & looked at Ragini once again

She smiled mildly

Mai Toh Bas Tere Chaahat Mei Chahun Rahna Sada
Mai Toh Bas Tere Kurbat Mei Chahun Rahna Sada
Saaya Bhi Tera Mai Hone Na Dun Judaa Maine Tay Kar Liya…

Sanskaar kissed her neck & throat softly

Sanskaar-I’ll love u forever Gini!

Ragini-Me too Sansku!

Then RagSan consummates their marriage


10months leap

Sujata is doing RagSan’s aarti
RagSan r standing at the door of MM

Ragini is holding a new born baby in her arms & Sanskaar is holding Ragini’s shoulder

RagSan entered inside

Ragini-Maa where is our Samu?

Sujata-In your room waiting for his new playmate!

RagSan smiled & went towards their room

@RagSan Room

Ragini placed her new born baby on bed protectively & dragged Samrat in her lap

Samrat hugged Ragini & hided his face in her chest

Sanskaar sat beside them

Ragini-Samu did u missed your maa?

Samrat smiled & kissed her cheek

Sanskaar-And me??

Samrat leaned towards him & kissed him on forehead

Sanskaar caressed his hair & stood up

He went near a cupboard & took out an old diary from it

Sanskaar-Ragini take rest!I’ll handle Samu!

Ragini-Sansku i decided a name for our baby!Samman.How is it?

Ragini hugged Samrat & caressed Samman’s face

Sanskaar turned & clicked a photo of three of them

Ragini-Sansku show me that diary na!

Sanskaar gave the diary to her

The whole diary is full of RagSan’s school life pics,marriage pics & SamRagini pics

Ragini’s welled up

Ragini-How much u love us Sansku!We r so lucky to have u in our life!

Sanskaar-Now i have to add Samman’s pic in this diary!I saved all beautiful memories in this diary!So that i could revive these memories again!

Ragini smiled & kissed Sanskaar’s forehead

Ragini-Love u Sansku!

Sanskaar-Love u too Gini!U r only mine

Ragini-Offo Dhakkan everybody already knows that i’m only yours!How many times u’ll repeat it?

Sanskaar hugged her & pecked on her lips lovingly

Then he clicked a group selfie of RagSan,Samrat & Samman

Screen Freezed on their Smiling faces

The End..

Hi friends Anisha here with this RagSan os
Sorry if u dont like it & felt it’s too much long

I wanna thank all the readers who commented in my RagLak OS
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And last but not the least

Lots of love for u peeps :-*

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