Sanskar/Swara : Betrayal/ Punishment (os)


hi guys Jwala here.. I’m going to write an os.. hope you all like it..

sanskar was sitting alone in his room.. he is like a lifeless body.. once he had everything. . his wife swara loved him more than herself. . there were a perfect couple.. but today he don’t have anything. . he is living in that big house because of his brother’s mercy.. but no one talking to him.. all hates him.. he made a big sin that no one could forgive him..


sanskar works in a office.. he is busy with his work.. his mobile rings.. he attend the call . it was his wife swara..
sanskar: swara I’m little busy.. call me after some times..
swara: sanskar I’m not feeling well.. I want to go to hospital. .
sanskar: sorry swara I can’t come early.. Please go hospital yourself. . I’m sorry.. really busy.
he cuts the call.. After sometimes he gets another call.. by seeing the number a smile appears on sanskar’s face..
sanskar: hai kavya.. ha darling I will come to your apartment. . by 4 pm I will be there.. miss you darling. . bye..
he kissed the phone..
(sanskar had an affair with kavya. he and swara had love marriage. . but by seeing kavya he forgot swara . and cheat swara)

kavya’s apartment. .
sanskar: kavya baby you are looking smoking hot.. I couldn’t control myself. .
kavya: you are also looking s*xy sanskar.. love you baby..
kavya unbutton his shirt. he kissed her and hugged her tightly..
kavya pulled him into bed and seduce him by removing her cloths.. sanskar pushed her in to his body and enjoy her..

meanwhile swara having fever and she couldn’t open her eyes.. she was feeling very tired and she called sanskar.. but sanskar was enjoying with his girlfriend and didn’t attend the call. swara feels dizzy.. she fainted on the floor..

sanskar and kavya was taking rest after s*x..
sanskar: how was it baby..?
kavya: I was in heaven. . you are too awesome sanskar..
sanskar: you are very tempting. . you drive me crazy..
he touch her body and giving more pleasures to her. .

suddenly they hear a knock on the door. . both shocked. . sanskar hides in washroom. kavya wear her cloths and open the door..

a young handsome man was standing on the door with blood shot eyes. .
kavya: who are you?
man didn’t answer it.. he checks every corner of the room and atlast he found sanskar in washroom. . sanskar also shocked to see him..
sanskar: Randhir bhai..
( he is Randhir.. sanskar’s elder brother)
Randhir slapped sanskar hardly..
Randhir: are you a man? I feel ashamed of you.. my friend saw you here and inform me about you.. how could you blo*dy womaniser. . your wife is in the stage of death and life and you are doing such a cheap thing.. you blo*dy bastard..
Randhir again slapped him and go from there..

in hospital. .
swara was admitted in hospital due to high fever. . all maheswari family was there. Randhir said everything to them.. they were hell angry in sanskar . they decided not to forgive sanskar.. After sometime sanskar came to the hospital. .
dp (father of sanskar): why this guy is here? I don’t know him.. Randhir said to them to get lost from here..
sanskar: I want to see my wife.. Please dad.. I did a mistake but will not do it anymore. . Please. . forgi e me.. that girl trapped me.. he begged a lot.. family feel pity for him.. they didn’t said anything to swara.. Randhir didn’t forgive him.. he was about to say everything to swara. but sanskar say that he will die if swara know about anything. . they all forced to give him a second chance. . swara didn’t know about it..

days passed.. sanskar didn’t changed a bit.. he used to go to kavya. and their relation continue. .one day swara saw sanskar and kavya going together in a car.. she follows them.. and find them in one room cuddling and kissing each other.. swara shattered. . she goes to the room and slapped sanskar hardly.. swara’s world changed.. she didn’t understand where to go.. her mind filled with revenge. . she goes to maheswari family and tell about sanskar’s deeds.. but family said swara to give another chance to sanskar. swara shocked by their behaviour. . she goes to her house. her mind was filled with pain and hatred towards the whole world. .
one day Randhir came to see her. he consoles her and give strength to her.. he offered her a good job in his company (Randhir is handling other company . )
swara joins his firm.. she totally involved in to her job. she was highly talented. so randhir gives her promossions and nkw she is the managing director of that company. . swara changed completely.. she became modern. she used to go beauty parlour and wear stylish designer sarees (like ragini in malkin track). she became more confident and became a complete business women. . Randhir’s company became top in india. Randhir feels her as his lucky charm..

in other side sanskar continues his relation with kavya.. kavya asked money from sanskar and sanskar always give her money.. his bank account became empty.. one day sanskar went to kavya’s apartment . but he shocked by the sight kavya is kissing another man.. both are half naked.. sanskar felt like someone stabbed him.. he didn’t expect this backstabbing from kavya.. he shouted at her.. but the person with kavya beats sanskar . kavya calls some goons and they also beat sanskar. . 4 or 5 goons was beating him with strong iron rodes.. every part of his body started to bleed. . they beat him very brutally . sanskar pleaded to kavya. . but she didn’t give a damn. sanskar finally fainted on the floor..

goons throw him on road side.. someone found him and admit him in nearby hospital. . when sanskar open his eyes he saw his family. . he understands his mistakes. . he apologise with his heart.. tears fall down frim his eyes.. he wanted to see swara.. swara came. sanskar mesmerised to see her.. she was very beautiful. . ( swara taken divorce from sanskar already . now they are not a married couple)
sanskar’s face glow while seeing her.. but he shocked to see sindhoor in her forehead and mangalsootra on her neck. .
“swara why you are wearing this? we divorced na? ”
swara smiled at him. Randhir comes near her and hold her shoulders. .
Randhir: sanskar now she is your bhabhi.. my wife.. so respect her like your elder sister. .

sanskar frowned by this. . his heart pains like hell.. tears flow from hjs eyes. . he felt more pain now. hus mental pain was more than his physical pain.. he only saw pity in swara’s eyes..

flashback ends..

sanskar have tears in his eyes while thinking about it.. he loss his wife, happiness and his life because of his sin.. he cheated his wife and go to other women. . and he is paying for the entire life.. doctors said he can’t live a married life and can’t became a father. (because of goons attack) he have to live this life alone. sanskar heard the giggling of swara . through the window he saw randhir and swara teasing each other laughing and romancing each other.. sanskar’s heart bleeds again.. and his pain will last the entire life..

No forgiveness for cheating your wife with other women. . this is the biggest crime you can do to your wife. if you beat her or kill her she may give forgiveness. but if you cheat her with other women she will not give forgiveness in her entire life and you will die each day in pain and guilt.. family life is precious. . no pleasure no happiness nothing can overcome it.. so love your partners and be faithful. .

love you guys. .

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  1. Anniya

    Really it’s awsm….and diff also .
    In mostly betrayal os the girl easily forgive boy. And move on with him. It’s really awsm os .

  2. Pooja26

    u keep a record of sad ending …….. 😉 😉 😉

    joking……. 😉 😉

    amazing ear………

    1. Pooja26


  3. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Loved it jwala….
    Awesome …superb…

  4. Ots rlly awesome..nd its good swara move on her l8fe…nd sanskar payed fr his sins..its rlly true a wife cannot tolerate his husband wth othr woman..he should nt b frgvn..onc our trust is broken it cn nvr b mnd…liked it a lot..nice msg…thanks??

  5. Anisha

    You brought out…

  6. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Haww, di again one shot???Kaise manage karti ho??Hats off to you di✋?I got a lovely and precious message from you.Keep writing di.You nailed it.

  7. Anu

    Wow!! Really loved it alot…spechless…..keep writing di….waiting for your next os….i really luved type of os….but i have one complain… u should have show more pain in sanskar order to lose Swara….its kk but next more emotional swasan os….??????…luv u..keep writing

  8. Kritika

    Loved it jwala..
    What u did was correct..
    In some ffs, swara forgive sanskar.. actually in almost all ffs..
    In My ff also, I gave a lot of pain to swara and then at last, killed swara..and separated swasan..
    ? It

  9. Superb Dr…loved it you r right…can’t forgive him bz he cheated his wife

  10. Tamanna

    Hey it’s awesome…. And really appreciating moral…..

  11. Thamizh magan

    soo heart touching message

  12. Wow jwalu.. (Hope u won’t mind if i call u like this) brilliant os.. ? Hats off dear. I’ m very hppy that swara married his own brother.. Now he has to see them together in every day.. He deserves that. ?

  13. I’m a big swasan fan but I’m happy that Swara married Randhir because she deserved someone better than Sanskar… (in this os)

  14. Wow super… if u ended it with swasan… it ll be seems unrealistic…. but u give justify…. u give swaras wt she deserved who be with her honest ly… and love s and cares for unlike womanise.. nice msg… loved it

  15. Ridhima

    Awesome……smething truthful….loved it

  16. RUPA

    Nice. wonderful message.

  17. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. You portrayed a good message

  18. Jwala, super os…. Somewhat similar kind of story happened in neighborhood. Girl moved on but not by marrying someone… She is single mother happily living with her child!

  19. Awsome os….u r just superb ??

  20. amazing episode…

  21. Abirsha

    Awesome jwala…. Its very nice…. Its good that swara left Sanskar…. Loved it

  22. Divyanshri

    jwalu Di as usual awsome…. but I wanna add a thing that forgiveness is there for cheating it doesn’t matter if that person is a man or a women……
    U justify his punishment di…. hats off to u…. love u…… ?

  23. Awsome…loved the ending

  24. Very nice love it

  25. awesome..!!

  26. very true…

  27. Really nice msg…gd job..superb

  28. You gave a really nice msg jwala….. I’m glad you showed to move on that too with Sanskar’s own bro….. a woman can forgive anything but not her husband’s betrayal…. men like Sanskar deserve this and glad you showed Swara to move on the than others FFs that she forgives him

  29. It was awesome dear…loved it… ????

  30. Soujanya


  31. Chalo ant bhala to sab bhala..sanskar deserves it ?…its superb

  32. Chalo ant bhala toh sb bhala ..sanskar deserves it..its superb dear

  33. Ur Principal ji

    Wow it’s just outstanding every girl shd be independent she shd show her empowerment if she again go to sanskar means it’s quite natural things but u show in different way it’s excellent but still u can give more punishment to sanskar it’s simple dis type of men only all rape cases increases..

  34. Arunika

    Awesome… always Jwala di!!!!

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