sanskars swaragini -9- (swasan and ragsan)


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Raj apartments, Hyderabad

Raginis pov

Who was that guy??
What was his name?? Laksh Maheshwari…??
Why was he saying he saw sanky somewhere else??
And yeh sanky, his face lights up when ever he hears that surname “Maheshwari”

Ragini come here sanky called me

Haa sanky coming….

Come fast we will play hide and seek……

Coming sanky I went to him and smiled at him

So now will find me, count upto hmm
Hmm 10 ok..?!!

Yeah! Sure…… Now go sanky go hide

Ol wait if you find me, you will give me a silk and if you don’t, you will get me ice cream

Ok…. I started counting

Wait wait, what sanky come here, what’s point over here?? I must give you, whether I found you or not..?? I gave him a sharp look

Ha hahahaha…!! You are so dumb raagu..! You got it this late…. Saying so he went to hide

Really I become so dumb in front of him

I counted upto 10 and was searching for him
I know the only place he could hide was in his room.

But to make him happy I went to kitchen

Sanky sanky, where are you??

I took a long walk in my house…

And finally, I stepped into his room……

He was hiding behind the curtain

Sanky come out, I know you are here

No I’m not here im in the kitchen go there… He said it v cutely

Ohh you are in kitchen ok I’m coming. I was about to go

He came in front of him…

Hehehe you lost, now get me ice-cream…..
He laughed like a cute baby..

Aww he is looking so cute…..

It was night……….

I was making dinner

He sat on the dining table

Ragini what are you making for dinner??

Roti’s and Loki Ki sabzi

Yuk no I don’t want that sabzi, I want bhindi now

Ok my dear sanky I can’t say no to him

I will cut bhindis, you get down and sit on the chair

Ok raagu he sat on the chair

I took out the knife and cutting board….
I was cutting them, and suddenly…
The sharp knife ? , it collided with my thumb….
My thumb was bleeding
Sanky saw that, he was crying ?
And he took my hand, he pulled me and took me to the wash basin
He washed it with water and tied a piece of cloth,

Ragini Tum thik ho Na??

I wasn’t listening to him, i was lost In His eyes. His concern for me, his pain when i get hurt nothing changed……

Ragini he shakes me

Ha sanky im ok

Ok..?? Hmm then you sit I will make bhindi you just tell me the process

What you?? No sanky im ok…. I will make
I almost cutter the bhindis, and made rotis Na

No no Ragini please.. His cute smile was driving crazy

Ok then do sanky…

He made it… And showed it to me

Hmm it smells good, sanky come let’s eat

No..!! I will feed you today Ragini…… Please every day you feed me now my turn

He don’t wait for my reply, and started feeding me

We both ate and slept.
He was sleeping in his room and I was sleeping in the same room on the opposite bed

I was in deep sleep….. My phone rang
It was 3am

Mum calling

I saw that and lifted

Haa ma bolo..

Ragini it’s very important, its about sanky

About sanky what…?? I got up


What ma tell clearly???

That the Sanskar with you is not our sanky….

What ma?? Why are you joking this morning??

No laado, listen carefully, there are two sankys with same name and face……. Our sanky got exchanged with the other….

What two sankys?? I’m really confused ?

Hello.. Its Me Sanskar….. Some guy said

What Sanskar?? Sanky os with me right now…..

We are coming to Hyderabad today 5pm
Again my mum said

Ok maa I will pick u

No no we will come directly to our flat……

They cut the phone, i was really confused ? two sankys?? What’s this nonsense????

Ragini sleep na sanky said in his half sleep

Ok ok sanky….

Sanskar Gadodias pov

We called Ragini
She dint recognize me???
What’s happening??
I think she’s confused
What ever she will know the truth in few hours
I can’t wait to see her,
We three went to airport……

Thank god now this swara will mot hug me or say that I’m Maheshwari…..

Sanskar, help me with this luggage she called me

Ok coming, I helped her…….

Secs are passing like years…..

When will i reach Hyderabad???

Ahhh at last we reached,

I asked janki ma to call Ragini

Ma maa sanky us in hospital she cried while talking
I can’t see her crying

We are coming…. Which hospital?? Ma asked her

Mas it’s some Xyz hospital ma he has lost so much of blood…. No ones having his blood group o- maa she cried even more

O-ve?? I’m o-ve i said……

We rushed to the hospital…..

We reached the icu……

Ragini, she was in the pool of blood of that sanky
She was crying v badly…..
She hugged ma

Ma o-ve blood..?? Where will we get that??

Listening this swara also started crying, as he was Sanskar Maheshwari…….
Both swaragini, were crying v badly

I can’t see her like this
She dint even noticed me
I thought it’s not correct time

I went and gave my blood to Sanskar Maheshwari……..

How’s it guys.????
Hope you liked it….

And coming to my new ff
I want to fly
I made it ragsan

Amd will write a raglak ff after completion of this ff
Thanks everyone!!

Credit to: priya

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  3. Hey at last ragsan is going to meet…. I m so happy… Can’t wait for that epi priya……..and ya I think ragsan meeting is going to be emotional…. ☺☺i m waiting…

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      I promise it will be more emotional and will post it soon πŸ™‚

  4. Sorry I won’t bt able to post the ff tomorrow and day after tomorrow.
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  8. Now everything get clear
    Thanks for clearing the confusion
    But I have a doubt
    did laksh do something
    That’s y sanskaar in the hospital
    Now n before also ???
    Can’t wait to ragsan reuniting
    All the very best for ur exam dear
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  9. So all this problem bcoz of this laksh obsessed love towards swara.. that’s Wat making laksh to do this al & again he attacked sanskar was not fair.. but I didn’t liked swara for y she not stopped laksh while he close to her r touching I know that she irritated & considering him frnd being quite that too not much fair.. Is that mr.maheshwari knew about laksh obsession that’s y laksh is attacking him r with jealous r obsession he doing this, whatever clear it.. more than al this again u made some confusion thr mr.godadia was very clear about ragini but y not this ragini cnt recognise her husband voice also & if anybody same face also sometime parent may b fail to identify but not a wife then how can she b numb.. Mr.maheshwari wow he was so cute being with ragini how caring he was with her really it shows kids love but ragini is seeing her husband in it.. I want the next episode & All the best for ur exam do well & am to living in Bangalore..

    1. Swara was quite because she knew lucky v well, if she does something he might attack sanky and no one in her family ? can listen against laksh
      Ragini couldn’t recognize him because she was confused and tensed as sanky was on hospital bed, she was j thinking about sanky and his over flowd blood

      Do read, you will get more surprises and shocks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Thanks rasha πŸ™‚

    2. Laksh is j jealous of sank Maheshwari, sanky dint knew about his obsession towards swara

      1. Oh so laksh this much mad in swara to harm r kill his own brother & the own family is afraid of him.. I like laksh but ur showing that him more villain pls for next to continue stop his crime..

    3. i too like him rasha but in this ff he is villian, but will change in the ending πŸ™‚

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  10. nice one….
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  11. Ragsan and Swalak

    Too good

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  13. ye kya hai????swasan and ragsan as well????image hi kharab kr dia sanskar ka….how bad

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