sanskars swaragini -8- (swasan and ragsan)

Swaras pov

Ohh this sanky bhi Na???
Why is there a need of going to Belgium??

We all were at the airport,
This laksh is coming near me
Ohh god now I should bare him also

Out of all places… Why Belgium??

I dnt know ask your brother, it was he who decided…. I said looking into his evil eyes….

He is coming closer to me….. Its itching me
He hugged me…. Its like the thorns hugging me

‘a big dhamaka is going to happen, swara het ready’ he whispered in my ears touching my waist

Ohh god I want to slap him, but I can’t, he was my best friend

Thinking about him, me and sank stepped into the flight to fly off

What’s laksh panning for?? Dhamaka?? What’s that??
I need to know
“it was out school, me and lucky were best friends,
But he was having some other feelings for me…
But i dint have
I tried to convince him that I’m not the one, but he dint……
He became a obsessed lover more over a psycho majnu…..
Thank god, he did mbbs and I was doing my btech
To my luck, I got a very good job….
Sanskar was my colleague….
I fell in love with him, he did so…..
When I went to his home, I got to know that lucky and sanky were brothers
That was too bad for me
Laksh was v angry on me
He tried get me, but I was so strong….
But he was my bf I can’t leave him like this
He became a doctor an unsuccessful doctor…..

We reached Belgium
I don’t know where were we going
Sanky took me to a house….
It was really big,
He knocked the door,
Some aunty came and opened th door

Sanskar, you here where’s laadoo?? She aske

I was a bit confused, how come she know sankys name??? Who was she??

What are you talking ma?? Ragini?? She isnt with me.. I was in coma from past one year, I got into my senses last month, and this girls family thinks that I’m Sanskar Maheshwari. Tell her that I’m Sanskar Gadodia…
And tell me where’s Ragini???

Ohh no he is feeling tensed, he will fall down now, he need to dri k water

Aunty can u please get me water i asked her…

Seeing sanky falling she rushed and brought a glass of water

By that time i made sanky sit

He drank that water

Now who’s Ragini?? What is she to him??

Sanskar if you are here the that Sanskar with Ragini?? Who is he?? She asked

What there are two sankys?? No way…!! I said

They both ignored me, I thought of shutting my mouth for sometime

Sanky was half conscious, so spoke up

Is he really Sanskar Gadodia aunty??

Yes beta

Ohh now I understood…..
There are two Sanskar with same face…
He is Sanskar Gadodia and the one with your daughter is Sanskar Maheshwari, my husband….
Its unbelievable aunty, two people with same face and name??

Some times we must, btw what’s your name??

I’m swara Maheshwari 🙂

How is it guys????

Ragsan will meet each other in 10th epi so does swasan.

Credit to: priya


    • priya

      That’s because sanky Maheshwari is a small kid, kids love the people who care for them 🙂

  1. Wow my confusion cleared…. Ok but one more epi should go for ragsan meeting ???l wait dear but dont me to wait more priya dear….plsss???

  2. Angel Goldie

    Awsum..update soon bt show more SwaSan Plzzz..waiting eagerly fr the nxt part..continue soon

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