sanskars swaragini -7- (swasan and ragsan)


Raj apartments, Hyderabad

Raginis pov

It has been a month, Sanskar is back….he isn’t child anymore, he is trying to remember us…. He is developing his mind but he doesn’t remember our past……. He can’t live without me…….. His love for me is back, but now as a new sanky…….

Ragini, Ragini…….. Where are you?? My sanky called me

Yeah sanky.. I’m coming I ran towards him………

Much ice cream ? chahiye….??

What now ice cream?? You are a grown up kid sanky, you must go out and buy it………

Yes I know im grown up, and brave but….

But you can’t face the people around you right sanky..?? I know they still think you are a small kid, but you know that you are now a grown up child…….

But what if they…..

Nothing sanky you take money, and go to the nearest parlour and take your fav flavour ok…??
I said cutting his words

I gave him money, and pushed him out of the door…….

Ma and papa went to Belgium, there’s some important meeting……… They knew I can handle my sanky alone now…….

Sanky was taking ice cream and a person came to him

I rushed to the parlour, because sanky can’t talk to new people, he only treats me, ma and papa as his family and no one else…..

Thank god I reached there……..

Sanky hugged me……

It was all my fault, I wanted him to be Independent….. I must have gave him some more time……

My poor sanky, was not even leaving me…………

Some how, I got released from that hug…

Who are you…??? What do you want..?? I asked that person

I’m laksh Maheshwari……. He said with proud tone to which I got irritated…….

I thought I know him, that’s why came to him, by the way what happened to him??
He continued

Its none of tour business Mr Maheshwari……..

But I could see a light in snakes whenever he hears Maheshwari
What’s this..??

I took sanky ro our flat, that Maheshwari was still standing at the parlour…….

Maheshwari Mansion

Sanskar Gadodias pov

Whenever I shout or feel tensed, I fall unconscious …… But today I decided to be with calm mind it’s almost a month and my Ragini will be waiting for me…….. I decided to go to the Belgium to prove myself that I was always right about being Sanskar Gadodia.

Do you need any thing Sanskar?? Swara asked me

Actually, I need my passport, and tickets to Belgium……. I said without taking much stress

But why?? She asked

If you truly love ❤ Sanskar Maheshwari then please get them…… It was almost a black mail but I dint felt bad

I love you Sanskar, she came to hug me, but I stopped

Please get me them

After a while, she came….

Ok Sanskar we are leaving tonight

What we…..??? Are you also coming??

Yes, your health is not good sanky I must come
I some how took permission from mom and dad……. That too only for 2 days

Thank god at least they are allowing me to go….. 🙂
Qt last I can meet my Ragini, and tell this maheahwaris that I’m not Sanskar Maheshwari, but Sanskar Gadodia…….

Hope you guys liked it…..
And I should clarify your doubts
Janki doesn’t know anyone of the maheshwaris
You will get to know about the suspense in lakshs pov
He is the key role for all this happenings,
I have not yet decided, that both the sankys are twin bros or not……

Here’s the last part

Credit to: priya

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  3. please next part update soon

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  4. Confusion is cleared dear……ragini is thinking childish sanky as her sanskar I mean sanskar gadodia….. Thank god sanskar gadodia remembers ragini.
    ..waiting for upcoming epis….

    1. Thanks for commenting priya!! 🙂

    2. And yeah how can sanky forget Ragini 🙂

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  8. I thought that they r twins in childhood r some in teenage they got separated by that sanskar forgot about his maheshwari & changed to godadia so by that without his sense still maybe he member laksh but after reading this & u saying that laksh is keyrole means laksh knows that two sanskar’s r thr & mr.godadia visiting to India he meet laksh by that time through laksh this two sanskar got in trouble & exchanged.. Dnt know anything just guessed may b more than all this u r thinking different.. waiting for next update but it’s going very good..

    1. Thank you so much, rasha
      There was a continuous smile while reading your comment….
      And yes b coz lucky all this happened
      And should wait what laksh did to them 🙂

  9. Amazing….just one request don’t make Sanskar Gadodia fall in love with Swara…plzzz

    1. Never, he still loves Ragini 🙂

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