sanskars swaragini -6- (swasan and ragsan)


Thanks everyone…
I’m very glad that you liked my ff and waiting for the suspense…… thanks to all!! πŸ™‚

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Here we go, to the 6th epi πŸ™‚

Hyderabad, Maheshwari Mansion

Sanskar Gadodias pov

Whats all this??? who are this people taking me to their home?? I kept on saying them that they were not my family……………
But they were not ready to listen ……..

The girl took me to her room………
It was so big and was beautifully decorate………….
She told me to sit, as i was the time to take my medicines….
I took a look in the whole room…
I passed through the photo…….
It was me in the photo and this girl what was she doing with me????
I got tensed, and shouted ‘ragini’ ….
But instead of my wife the girl again cam to me
Arranging the bed comfortably
I don’t know when I slept on that bed
It was almost 3 hours, I was just sleeping on the bed
I stepped out of the room, she again came to me…………….
Infact every one of her family was there, I wanted to clear the misunderstanding…………

‘Ineed to talk to all of you’ I said sitting on her bed

‘yeah! sanskar say na…!! what are you waiting for..??’ the girl said

‘it is a kind of misunderstanding, I’m not that sanskar for whom you were waiting for, I’m Sanskar Gadodia not Sanskar Maheshwari, and my wife is ragini not this girl..!!’ I said with my low tone on

‘whats this nonsense sanskar, I’m your wife, Swara Sanskar Maheshwari and you are Sanskar Maheshwari……’ she exclaimed

‘no not at all, do you all understand?? I’m not your child…… I have my own family and they are waiting for me’ I screamed to the peaks of my voice

‘bhai calm down you must not shout out like this, and you also should not take stress, doctor said this was just a temporary memory loss, you will definitely recognise us, you just need time…’ some guy said

‘no, no laksh’ I again shouted, and and I said his name?? how can I know his name???? I’m seeing him for the first time..!! whats this….

I don’t know when ever I get tensed, I close my eyes, and hapened now also…. I fall asleep on the bed

Raj apartment, Hyderabad

Janaki’s pov

Laadoo is so happy from the moment she saw he sanskar……..
I wish her hapiness never gets fade….
Their cute talks they are awesome ……..
I’m so happy
I don’t now whether shes happy with him or not??? his mental illness I know its just for some days…….
Ragini sab thik kar degi……….

‘Ragini……come here’ Sanky called her

‘what sanky??’ she asked him with her cute smile

I wish this smile never vanishes from her face

‘bahar jana hai… I want to play out plz plz plzzzz’

‘yeah!! sure come we will go out to the near by park……’

‘No not to the park, some where else…….’

‘Oh!! some where else?? where? you only tell me…. sanky’

‘A movie theatre???’

‘A movie?? I should ask my mum’ she said seeing me I signed, its ok take him to the movie……..

I think she was thinking, I know she can’t handle sanky now, he is like a small kid…………

‘Ok raagu I will come with you’ I told her

‘hmmm Ragini, Raginis mum and The great Sanskar Maheshwari are going to watch the new film yayy!!!’ he said with his full of excitment

wait?? what?? Sanskar Maheshwari?? but his name is sanskar Gadodia…??

Ragini was equally shocked to listen this…….

‘No sanskar you are Gadodia not Maheshwari!!” Ragini said him with her sweet voice

‘no no I know I’m sanskar Maheshwari’ He said this and started to cry…..

Ragini took him close to her, and said ‘ok ok sanskar maheshwari, is that ok??’ she hugged him…..

‘yes!! double ok!!’

we were on our car heading to the theatre, suddenly, I heard some one calling ‘Sanskar’

I thought it was my imagination and din’t gave much attention………

We watched that film and now we are at home……..

Sanky was sleeping on his bed……..

Ragini came to me

‘Maa are you feeling bad??’

Why beta?? for that Maheshwari and all?? never ladoo he is just a small kid right now’ I smiled looking at her and smiled back

And gave me bone crushing hug


Hope you all like it
I will definitely clear the suspense in the coming parts
everyone guessed it right that there were two sankys πŸ™‚

Credit to: priya

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  1. Oh superb…. Sanskar gadodia is ragini’s husband and sanskar maheswari is swara’s husband…… But y the sanky with ragini called her ragu at the first time???? Waiting for upcoming parts….

    1. Thanks priya
      And you understood it right πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome….plz make Ragini meet her Sanskar soon…

  3. How did sanskar gadodia recognised lucky

    1. Well you have to wait for that πŸ™‚

  4. superb update

    does ragini’s mom know about maheswari’s
    how does sanskaar know laksh name

    are they brothers
    or just look alike
    cant wait to read the next chapter dear

    1. Nope rains mum doesn’t know about Maheshwaris

    1. Thanks lovely πŸ™‚

  5. This was intresting. So Ragini’s Sanskar has not lost his memory and swara’s Sanskar has bcoz a child. And about him identifying laksh ,he may b long lost son.
    I hope this time too l m right.?

    1. Thanks amna,
      I wish you are right now too…!!

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