Sanskar’s swaragini -5- (swasan and ragsan)

Thanks everyone for taking out your precious time for thus ff, hope your confusion gets clarified in this epi…….
Lila and amna, nice guess 🙂 you were roght about they being look a likes 😉





Here we go…….

Raginis pov

My Sanskar, he is just lying on his bed, I never saw him like that………
He asked me who are you?
This shot of question from him made me half dead in that mental asylum, my ma and papa were busy talking to the doctors about his condition….
Oh god!! What’s happening??
Why is he like this…????
I’m totally in confusion…….
What should I do now..??

Beta ladoo my ma called me

Ha maa

We are talking sanky to the nearby xyz hospital, to cure him……

What…?? Why ma??

Actually laadooo he is a small kid right now, his mental health is damaged….. My papa said keeping his hand on my head…….

Ok papa we will surely go there, but….

But..?? What ladoo??

Papa, will he listen to us…??

Hmm no but we should make him understand that we are his family…….

Sating so papa forcefully took sanky yo the hospital….

In the parking sec……

I heard some one took my name….

It sounds like snakes voice,
But he was just before me…..
He don’t even remember my name…..

We went to the doctor……..

So, Sanskar is not in his senses, you must give him immense love, so that he gets his memory back and be your Sanskar once again……

And all that blah blah…….

I thought we would take sanky to Belgium now itself, but his passport was not there……..

We had to stay there,
As i know sanky doesn’t like to stay in any one of the hotels
We took a flat in the raj apartment,
We three were in that flat…….
Sanky was still in the hospital, playing with doctors and nurses over there…….

We arranged the flat and snakes room

After an hour…..
Adi came with my sanky…….
I don’t know how but they both became really good friends….
At least he is good with someone…..

Hi ?? i said to sanky who was sitting on the dining table



That I scared you….!!

Its ok sanky.. Now get down from the table…….

What….??? You know my name???? Tumhala Nam kya hai????? He said coming to me

Ragini, what will you eat sanky???

Hmmm m lemme think Ragu…….

He is back, he called me Raghu afer so many days wow………

Chilly Ragini, i caller you Ragu,….

Its ok sanky, you can call me what ever you want…..

Hmm toh mukhe parathr, idli, dosa, poha, vada sab much chahiyee can you

Yes sure…… No wonder you are the same sanky like you were

What we met befor???

No no you come I will show your room and adi bhaiyya and papa will bring break fast……

He followed me, his room was arranged with all toys….

He stepped in that room and jumped like a small kid…….
Sanky, He is giving me one more chance to relive my childhood…….. I love him
I must get him back…….
Seeing his pure smile, I showered all my unhappiness in the dustbin, my mum was also don’t the same………

My mum went to kitchen to arrange all the materials, as we were staying in this flat for…..
I don’t know how much time we need to stay here, until we get his passport…….

Hope you all liked it
And sorry for this short one…..!

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  1. Cute epi priya…..but one doubt is sanky is with ragini….. Then who is swara husband… His name is also sanskar na……..if they r humshakals also…. They l have same name.. I m confused…… Pls update one more part …and clear my doubts…… I just love ur story….. This sanky is making me to remember sanskar acting as a memory loss patient in swaragini serial…. Especially that dupata wale dost scenes???

    1. thankx priya..!!
      you still have to wait for the next epis to know how they got that name, and whether they are twins or not 🙂

  2. Confusion… He remember his wife but who swara or ragini????

    1. its ragini sanam… 🙂

  3. Awesum but how sanky family allow to go with rags family

    1. thanks ina you must read few more epis 🙂

    1. thank sindhu 🙂

  4. ok r theit two sanskar the one in hospital talking about his wife is ragini’s sanskar he’s ragini’s husband he remembers his wife and one with ragini is swara’s huband he’s swara’s sanskar still confusion plsz clear that by posting another part today itself plsz its a request

    1. its on the way poonam
      and thanks for comentin 🙂

  5. So double sanskar and they got exchanged now

    1. yes afsa you are right 🙂
      Thanks fo commentin

  6. plz clear the confusion

    1. yup sure lovely 🙂

  7. I think the one with swara is ragini’s sanskar.and swara’s with ragini or i can say that sanskar’s got’s silly guess i know.

    1. yes dhara you are right 🙂

  8. But there is still confusion if ragini’s husband sanskar with swara and he remembers ragini but doesn’t know swara than why did the doctor said that sanskar with swara got temporary memory loss?

    1. oh you got a good qs
      doc also thought that he was sanskar maheshwari and said about temporary memory loss thats it 🙂

  9. oh, so ragini’s sanskar is with swara and swara’s sanskar is with ragini.
    are they twins or look alike ? but still they have same name ie, sanskar…..
    hows that possible? so many questions.

    1. yup they have similar names and they are look alikes dea 🙂 will clear your confusion

  10. good but bit confusing…………….

    1. thank soujanya will clear your confusion early 🙂

    1. thanks 🙂

  11. Very nice epi…I had a feeling there were 2 sanskars…which one lost there mental balance??? Is it Ragini’s sanskar? Also did she get the right sanskar???? If she didn’t plz don’t separate her from her sanskar make her go to the other one…

    1. you were right lila 🙂
      in the following epis, rags sanky himself come to ragini 🙂

    1. thanks anu 🙂

  12. Amazing epi…….Hehehe l m always right in guessing. ??But is there name same too?

    1. Yes amna both r sankyS

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