Sanskar’s swaragini -2- (swasan and ragsan)


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Hyderabad, Maheshwari Mansion

Swaras Pov

‘whens Sanskar going to come back?? Its really boring without our Sanskar……’ Ma said entering into the mansion
Don’t worry maa he will be back soon’ I exclaimed.
‘ma I will go and cook’ I said going into kitchen with maa
Shona…?? I heard my mom’s voice and turned around,
Days passed we dint eeven spoke to each other. Finally she is here, I went near her and squeezed her in my arms.

Heya Shona what’s up?? My pops asked who was behind my mom

He was even more squeezed than my mom.

After so long I got a reason to smile

Mom pops you sot here I’m cooking, wait for half an hour I will be right back with the most tastiest dishes in the world. I said controlling my happiness

Swara, come help me. Ma called out

I went to the kitchen, making my mom pops sit in the balcony with badi ma and bade papa.
They wer busy in their old age talks…..

Me and mom continued making the dishes when I got a call from the doctor who was treating Sanskar.

‘hello swara, you know it’s a miracle in the medical history, I never saw a person curing this early, you must be really lucky. Sanskar opened his eyes, and he needs some time to talk with u people. You can take him after 2 days.’ Doctor said with exvimetment and happiness.

‘ohh doctor, its really aa very good news I will tell all my family ? members about this good news’ I shouted in the happiness.

I cut the call

I ran to the living room
‘sanskars coming back to make our lives like before, he is coming back’ I shouted to the peaks of my voice…. So that everyone could here that.

Everyone, ma papa mom pops badi ma bade papa lakhs Uttara were floating in the lake of happiness.

We had our lunch, after so many days all the family were together.

I’m so much happy to listen that to see him, I lost the hope but god he cured him, and doctors I must be thankful to them, I can’t wait for that moment when’s he coming.

I lost in my own thoughts………

Belgium, Gadodia Mansion

Shekhars pov

Ragini my child, she loved him to the Core of her heart….but he he broke her heart, he left us. But we dint lose. Our hope. That’s why I asked Aditya to find where’s is he??
We gave him our name…..
“It was 2014 when my lad lo brought to this mansion,
Papa this is Sanskar, I …. She was frightened to say
‘ you love him…’ I said looking into her eyes, to which she kept her eyes down the floor…….
‘yeah!’ She told
‘where are your parents beta?? I know my laddo is always correct in choosing ….. There must be some reason she choose you, I trust her a lot’ I said turning towards Sanskar
‘uncle actually, I’m am orphan……’ He said
Don’t ever say that Sanskar, we all are there for you’ my pretty wife gace him assurance that we are ok with him….
‘Frim now you are our family, you are Sanskar Gadodia, my won is that ok??’ I asked him
‘yea, yea why not??’ My lovely daughter said….

Both Sanskar and Ragini Gadodia took blessings from us….”

They were the real happy moments of our life,
Our small cute family me My wife my ladoo my son in law, were really happy, but everything shattered after that accident in Mumbai, police say that he’s dead…….

My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call from Aditya…..

Hello uncle, how are you??

I’m good how are you Aditya??

Uncle, actually I have a good news and a bad news

What is it, adi??

Good news is that sanskars alive……

What really?? We are coming India to get him….

Uncle there’s a bad news also

Now what is it??

He is not in a position to listen you or talk, he can’t even talk to us…..uncle you aunt and Ragini come to Hyderabad tomorrow, I will be glad if you see him’

I cut the call after listening to him, I booked tickets to Hyderabad………

The bad news was not at all affecting me as the good news was much more happier…..

I went to my ladoo s ro only to see her and her mom cry

We are going to hyderabad, to see our sanskar, he is alive, he is in India. I said to make their cry stop

Ladoo turnrd back, came to me and hugged me….
Papa is this all true???? Is he really in India?? Papa tell me……

Yes my dear, just nowadi called me and said all this….., we are going to India tonight come on and pack your luggage my child…….

He was smiling out of her joy, days passed i never saw her smiling like this thanks to adi…!!

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Credit to: priya

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