sanskars swaragini -19- (swasan and ragsan)

@mm 6:30

Swasan, Ragsan and kavsh reached home.

“areh! You came this early, you could have stayed there for some more time….” Ap said sarcastically

“maa……” Sm said cutely

“stop this Sanskar..!! You know how much we all were tensed??”

“maa can we come inside”laksh

“ha..ha…” She said with angr

“kavitha….?? Tum??”

“she is my friend, you know Na ma” laksh

“ok ok come inside, kavitha come with me I will show you the guest room”

Sujata said coming into the hall.

“ma.. She will be a permanent guest from now” laksh


“I like her”

“what lucky is this true???” Sujata

“you better ask your dad laksh” ap

Saying this she left the place.

“you are so lucky kavitha….” Sujata

She also left the place.

“kavitha come with me, I will show you the room” swara

They all go to their respective rooms.


“I think we must leave now” sg

“yes sanky” Ragini “I will book tickets”

“ok my wife” he said hugging her from back

“Sanskar, I think we should bath and go down stairs”

“we” he smiled romantically keeping his hand on her shoulder

“no….no.. Not we only me”

He kept his hand on her waist

“Sanskar you are not well”

“so what…..??”

He lifted her up and took her to washroom.

He removed his shirt Ragini as still in her saree.

“Sanskar you go I will bath and come”

“today we both will bath together” saying this he removed her saree

And said “ok you bath, and come fast”

He went outside the bathroom.

@guest room

“pata Nahi swara ne yeh saree kyun di??” Kavitha said to herself.
The door was half open

“can I come in”


But he came in

It was laksh

Kavitha was wrapping the saree around her.

“laksh you??”

“can’t you see im changing”

“yeah that’s why I came here, to help you”

Saying this he took the saree.

And helped her in wearing that.

“laksh how do you??”

“I know everything, kavitha”

He was about to leave

His bracelet got struck to her sarees pallu

And they both fell on the floor

(lakshs hands were on kavithas waist and he was on kavitha)

“laksh, get up”

“how can I, you are on my hands kavitha”

“ok we both will get up together”

Lucky tried to get up from her.

But he directly landed on her lips ? now

Laksh moved his face

“that time you were not in your senses and now you are” kavitha

“but it’s accidental”

Laksh now with his will placed His lips on hers.

After sometime they both went down.

Everyone was there

“laksh, after 3 months, you are going to marry ” dp

“what?? Papa but I like some one else”

“ok as you wish, and I also thought that kavitha isn’t a good choice”

“what kavitha……?? She is the better choice I have now”

Everyone laughed.

“priest said that there is a date after 3 months, and call kavithas parents, we will talk to them” ap said

“thanks thank you so much ma….” He said hugging her

“i was wrong, she came into my life and changed all my bad deeds into good…… I’m nothing without her, she came in the last minute to change my fate…. Thanks Ragini” he said to his heart

End of the episode

Hope you all liked it

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