sanskars swaragini -17- (swasan and ragsan)

hyy guys priya here

4 epis more i will end this and start a new raglak

@old house

“sanskar come fast ly down on the bed” ragini said while arranging two beds

“what..?? ragini are you ok??” sm asked

“bhai…” lucky

“lucky..??” sm

“bhai plz forgive me, what ever I did wasn’t intentionally done, give me what ever punishment you want” lucky

“lucky please dont cry, and be strong, we must do this opration as fast as we can” ragini

“whats all this?? can you please explain??” sm asked

“we don’t have time sm, and swara go call sg now…” ragini said

swara went out of the room and called him

“hello…” sg

“sg come fast to this house”

“why what happened?? ragini is fine right??”

“yes she is alright, you come fast” swara said

“okk i’m coming”

“sanskar ly down on the bed, fast” ragini shouted

sm was numb, he dint know what to say, he did what she said

ragini gave an injection to sm.

he closed his eyes.

“lucky, you be here adn arrange all the things necessary for this operation”

ragini came out and saw sg.

“ragini, you are ok right??, and why am i feeling dizzy?? and the pain of injection??”

“sankskar, stop talking”

she gives him the same injection.

“I’m sorry sanskar” she said to her self and with the help of wheel chair she takes sg inside.

“ragini, do you think its correct??”

“I dnt knw lucky, but we should do this operation as fast as possible other wise we will loose one sanskar…”

“but now also we don’t have 100 clarity that both of them will be saved” kavitha said

“swara, can you please leave the room?” ragini

she goes out

“ok now listen, you both will operate sg and I will operate sm” ragini

“ok..” kavitha said

all of them wore their doctor coats and masks….

“no I cant do this” lucky

“lucky you must please…….” ragini

she some how managed to do the operation with the help of laksh and kavitha

“I hope everything is ok..!!” ragini said

“no not everything, not both” kavitha said

“kavitha….?? what happened” ragini

“voh..!! sanskars heart beat is rising ragini…”

“what?? no it cant be possible” ragini

“ragini…” lucky

ragini was crying and wiped them off

“sanskar you cant leave me alone” she came near him.

“kavitha, sm is all good please take out all the connections” ragini

“ragini…. sanskars heart beat stopped now” she said in a low tone

“noo……” saying this she comes near his bed.


“its 9pm where are they??” ap said

“I will call them jiji” sujata

sujata called sanky

swara lifted the phone

“hello..!!” sujata

“hello ma..”

“where are you??”

“ma ragini is also with us, you dont worry we will come home safely”

“when will you come??”

“after 2-3 hrs”


“maa we are watching muvi”

“muvi?? sanky is not well and you..”

“maa sanky only asked”

“ok ok”

she cuts the call

end of the epi

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