sanskars swaragini -16- (swasan and ragsan)

hyy guys

priya here

sanskars know about each others doings because they both are inter linked and in this epi they will search for laksh to solve their problem (they faint when they come near)

and sanchmani – I never saw that film, I’m sorry that its like that film.

here we go to the 16th epi

“aunty, we are going to hospital” ragini said

“why so early?? you take rest.. we will call doctor here itself” ap said

“no no aunty, its urgent, and we took appointment..”

“ok but come fast beta”

ragsan left the place..


“sanskar.. how did you know about swara and sankys romance??” she asked him while driving.

“ragini, you dint heard what swara said in the room??, my brain and maheshwaris brain got interlinked, and we get to know what we both did”

“ohh… is it??”

“yess it is”

“ok call them, we reached the place”

“yeah ok”

he called sanky

“hello..!!” sm

“hello where are you??” sg

“we are coming, on the way” sm

“ok come fast” sg “and give us luckys no. we will trace him”

“yeah its 98989898” sm

“ok I will msg you the address after tracing his no. dont come to the place decided before” sg

“okk mere bhai” sm

@the old house

“laksh, please eat something.., you dint ate anything from a day”

“I’m not hungry kavitha”

“but I’m hungry lucky”

“then you eat”

“how can I leave you and eat”

“then don’t eat” Lucky shouts in anger

kavitha cries

“ok ok please kavitha don’t cry, come we will eat together”

kavitha still crying

“now stop crying” he comes near her and wipes off her tears

“lucky mere paas ek idea hai”


“why don’t we operate them once again and make everything normal”

“I don’t think its possible”

“why lucky??”

“because its really very difficult, first we must make them unconscious and then we must do the operation……. adn when they come close to each other they will feel uneasy, they will feel immense pain”

“theres no other chance??”

“there is kavitha”

“killing one, but its correct, ok now eat kavitha”

both eat

@ swasan

“sanskar, see this address, do you know??”

“wait let me see…” he reads that out

“no no i dnt knw”

“hmmm yeah!! online maps”

“thats a good idea, and tell sanky not to come there”


she calls and tells

swasan reach the place

(sanky mahe was wearing a red shirt and black jeans, swara – salwar suit, ragini – saree sg – black shirt and blck pant)

ragini was standing out side the house

“thank god you came, come fast we should go inside ad search for him, he is still here” ragini

“yeah!! and where is sg??” sm

“he is there” she shows a car far away….

sanskar opens the door..

ragini and swara follow him slowly.

“sanskar….” swara called him

“haa swara are you ok”

“yes sanskar but ragini.. I’m not able to find her… its too dark”

ragini swtch ons the flash light in her phne

she turns to see swasan

no was there behind her, she was checking the rooms.

she finally comes to the room where kavitha and laksh were there.


“ragini tum yahan??” lucky

“please do something lucky my sanky, he is not well” saying this she calls sm

“I’m really sorry ragini, but now everything is lost….. please forgive me”

“laksh….!! please I love him, I cant live without him… I know only sanksar will be on this earth after the operation you have done to them”

“what..??? how do you know?? I never wanted to kill my bhai..!! but it all happened because my obsessed love”

“laksh please think some idea” kavitha

“ragini….. how do you know that only one sanky will be alive”

“I’m Dr Ragini Gadodia laksh, you enquired only about sanskar not about me”

laksh and kavitha were shocked to listen that

“then you must be having solution ragini” kavitha

“yeah! I have but its very risky”

when she was saying this swasan enter the room

end of the epi

hope u all liked it

I’m telling you gys again that sm and sgs brains are interconnected and they get to know about each other

ragini is a doctor.. she will be the saviour of her sg.

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