sanskars swaragini -15- (swasan and ragsan)

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amna swasan and ragsan are in different rooms which are far away from each other and in the hospital they were just few feet away.

here we go to 15th epi


“if you are completed, can i go to ragini and give her a saree”

“why saree swara??”

“voh actually, she told she isn’t having any indian dresses. Ma likes Indian traditions na thats why I’m giving it to her”

“ok ok I will also come, and should also say about lucky”

“ok come sanky”

they both leave.

near the door sm was feeling low,

“oh no it started again, whats happening, it means when we both get closer, we feel this thing… oh no!! we must stay far away from each other”

“what are you saying sanky? is everything ok with you??”

“swara you go and tell them about lucky”

she entered the room without knocking the door,

here it was same condition as sm

sg was on the ground and ragini was trying to get him up.


“haan swara”

“hows sg”

“I’m good” he said

she saw out side the room sm was not there

“ohh toh yeh baat hai”

“swara come in what are you doing out??”

“ragini I brought this saree for you”

“ohh thanks swara”

she took that

“swara…., I dont know how to wear it”

“ok i ll teach, and I have something important to tell”

“yeah say”

swara tells them everything sanky told

“I don’t think lucky is like that” ragini said

“you don’t know ragini he is, but he is changed now” swara said

swaras phone was ringing

*sanky calling*

she lifted the call

“hello swara bata dia??”

“yes sanskar I told them everything, and also you both”


“that only, when you both come near you both feel uneasy”

“thanks swara, and I have a plan to find lucky, speaker on karo”

“yeah sanky”

she keeps on loud speaker …..

“swara, ragini and sanskar listen………..

our family should not get to know about our plan, we are leaving after 2 hrs after having lunch ok..?? and I will stay in my room swara get me food”

he tells his plan and cuts the call.

swara teaches ragini wearing a saree while sanskar was standing out of the room.

Uttara comes to him.

“bhai.. app kya kar rahe ho..??”


“wait wait, you are not my brother right sorry sorry”

“no no you can call me bhai… btw whats your name??”

“uttara…. bhai”

“ohh uttara..!! what are you doing??”

“I’m talking to you bhai” sh laughed

“I mean are you studying??”

“yes bhai!!! I’m 10th class”

“ohh toh studies kaise chal rahe hai??”

“nahi chal rahe..”


“waiting for results bhai”

“ok ok all the best uttara”

“thnks bhai, ok I will leave, maa ne aapko bulaya hai”


“to eat”

“ok we will come”

just then swara comes out of the room.

“sanskar ji go see your wife, she is looking v pretty… and uttara tune pareshan kiya kya unhe??”

“noooo, bhabhi come we will go”

they both leave

sanskar goes into the room

“really swara was right”


“that you are looking like a ghost in this saree”

“ohh is it??, then I will change dont worry”

“no no dear, you are looking vvvv beautiful”

“I know”


“come we will go down stairs”


everyone was present in the dining hall except sm

“where is sanskar” ap asked

“ma he is not feeling well I will take food upstairs”

“ok only today swara”

“ok maa” she said

“ragini sanky come sit” sujata said

“haa aunty” ragini said

they all sit and start eating while swara went to sms room.

“sanky, come eat fast”

“why faST??”

“sanky dont you remember? our plan??”


she accidentally pour some water on her lap

“ohh noo sanky you eat, I will change”

saying this she closes the door

“swara..?? are you going to change here it self??”

“haa mere pati dev”

sanskar was just seeing her

she removed her saree first, she was now in her blouse and the skirt.

sanskar was seeing her and couldnt control him self.

he washed his hands

and went near swara who was struggling to take her blouse.

he comes and takes out the knots of her blouse.

he then touches her waist romantically…….

on the other hand

sg was feeling restless, his feelings got v high…

“whats happening?? Is this all because of that operation?? that sanskar must be doing something with her wife….” thinking this he calls swara

“hello, swara give it to sanky”

she gives

“helo.. Mr gadodia??”

“Hello Mr Maheshwari, stop your romance and eat fastly, we must go out” he said in a very low tone

they composed themselves from their romantic pose

“how do you know??”

“I dnt knw”

“ok you and ragini leave we will come in 5 mins, as we both can’t come near”


end of the epi

hope you liked it

precap – searching for laksh

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  1. Very nice

  2. Why is this happening with both sanskar?how can sg know what is sm doing with his wife?i am again confused.

  3. I can’t understand anything. totally confused.

  4. I think both r knowing about each others doing bcs of that operation…right ??

  5. hey this seems same as jackie chan movie twin dragons

  6. I think they can feel each others doing bcs of that operation…right ??

  7. Awesome di….but how can SG knows sm is with His wife…. And y sm feels something when he goes near ragini????…..

    1. thats because of operation done to them priya..!!
      sm never felt for ragini, in the hospital sg was behind ragini, and because of sg sms heart beat rised

  8. Superb 😀

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