sanskars swaragini -14- (swasan and ragsan)

I’m glad that al your confusion cleared

here we go to the 13th epi

this ones is short! please forgive me..! 🙂

maheshwaris and gadodias were in mm.

“swara, show sanskar and ragini their room” sujata

“ha ma”

swara took them to guest room

“ragini, if you want something ask me. think that its your house” swara smiled

ragini smiled back

swara left that place

swasan was there in their room


“haan sanskar” swara said while arranging clothes

“I need to talk something”

“yeah! say sanskar”

“I’ts about lucky”

swara dropped the clothes and eyed him seriously

“sanskar, I said you I don’t want to talk about him”

“I’ts serious, swara”

“okay, go ahead”

“I’ts all because of him”

“what?? what is all because of him??”

“vo.. voo…” he was scared to tell about lucky to swara

“what sanskar be clear” she said this holding his hand

“sanskar, please share it with me, you wil feel good”

“ok… swara then listen…..”

he told everything, what he heard from lucky

swara was shocked to listen this.

“thats why he is not at home, I thought he went for doctors camp”

“what?? he is not at home??”

saying this sanskar kisses her lips unwillingly, like he was forced to do so

he breaks the kiss

“swara, I dont know what happened, I just kissed you, I dint wanted to”

“its ok sanskar, who else will kiss me” she was becoming romantic

sanskar was still feeling like kissing her, he was controlling him.

Ragsans room

ragini calls her mom

“mom, are you good??”

“yes ragini, so many meetings, soory laadoo”

“its ok ma” she hangs up the call

sanskar pulls ragini towards him with his hands on her shoulder

“ragni…” he kissed her on her shoulder.

“sanskar…..” she turns around.

she keeps her hands on sankys shoulder (her elbows on his shoulder)

ragini was wearing a white shirt and a blue jeans.

he keeps his hands on her waist, under the shirt.

sanksar somes near ragini and kisses her on her cheek.

ragini was about to kiss him on his cheek, he turns a bit. their lips get captured.

they both had a long kiss.

his hands were now on raginis back (outside the shirt)

ragini breaks the kiss

“what happened ragini??”

“you are not well Mr sanskar Gadodia, you should not do all this” she said taking his hand from her back.

“ragini…” he asked with a cute face

“hmm let me think, but no sanskar, you should wait for that”

“acha thik hai” he said while leaving the room

“sanskar stop”

“yeah!! say” he turned to her with so much of excitment

“nothing you go”

end of this epi

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  1. wow nyc epi Di…..ragsan r adorable…. tq di….

  2. nice

  3. They were behaving weird in last episode but how they are all right in this one.

    1. because they are some rooms apart from each other amna and in the last episode they were few feet away

  4. Y u r ignoring swara?

    1. I’m not at all ignoring her anu

  5. ragsan scenes are nice

  6. Nice epi

  7. so cute….. but make it longer 🙂

  8. Awesome 😀 ragsan are so cute

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