sanskars swaragini -13- (swasan and ragsan)

Im extremely sorry everyone for disappointing you guys
I make sure I will clear your confusion today itself
Laksh is turning into positive
Sm – swara and sg – Ragini there’s no swapping of pairs

Laksh after coming from from the hospital goes to a old house

He enters into a room, in which there were lots of body parts kept in glass bottles’

And some beds

It was all dark over there.

He came in and sat on the floor

“what did I do with my brother, because of my selfish love…….”

Saying this loudly he took a knife and was about to cut him hand with that,
He was stopped by a girl


“what are you upto lucky, why are you even holding this knife??”

“its all because of me kavitha, my brother is on the hospital beds, and a stranger is also suffering because of me kavitha”

“don’t say it’s all because of you lucky, I was there in every bad deed of

“no kavitha it was all my idea to do that, you must have stopped me from
doing that”

He remembers his doings……


Sanky and swara with garlands in their hands stepped into the house

Lucky came down and was shocked to see swara with sanky

Swara was equally shocked to see him in mm

“who is he??” She asked in a low tone to Sanskar

“he is my brother lucky”

She gave a shocking expression

“what…?? You never told me that he is your brother??”

“swara mum is coming” he said with out listening to swaras words

Lucky with his anger went out of the mm.

“how could you do this to me swara? I loved you.. You chose my brother
over me. I thought you will accept me, now I’m not going to leave you,
never ever”

He thought

Days passed away.. He tried to be normal, he was not joyful like before.

One day, kavitha proposed him, but he rejected her proposal saying that he loved some one else

“its ok lucky, but I still love you” she said

When sanky and swara went to Mumbai lucky and kavitha followed them.

To their surprise, they saw another Sanskar coming to Mumbai.

“what is this lucky?? Two sanskars???

“its for me kavitha, I will show her how it feels when the loved ones get far away from us, kavitha are you with me??”

“what are you doing?? I think it’s not correct lucky”

“you think then please leave me”

“ok I will be with you lucky, I can’t leave you alone”

In kavitha and lucky room

“kavitha see this what I got”

Kavitha sees his laptop with a question mark on her face

“what’s this lucky im not able to understand”

“let me explain, we have got two sanskars, one is Maheshwari and other one is gadodis, i enquired about sg, he is having a wife named Ragini, this operation, will erase ones memory, and their brains will get inter linked, both will fall for Ragini,swara will be all alone. I will go and get her back.”

“lucky it’s very risky, it will be our first operation, and i don’t think making this you will get your love”

“i dnt want to listen anything, you get Maheshwari and I will get Gadodia”

Kavitha was scared but at the same time she wanted to listen what her love said, without even thinking they brought both the sankys to their

(sorry, i dnt knw even this operation exists or not, it was j my idea)

They both completed their operation on both the sankys,

“now it is successful kavitha” he hugged her

She hugged back

“i know we are doing it wrong, but i never saw you this happy in these days laksh” she thought

Both kept sankys in their respective rooms

“they only remembr Ragini and her family now, when Bhai gets up he goes to Belgium so as Gadodia”

He smiled cruelly

Both sanskars were thinking that they are Sanskar Gadodias.

Sg was having a meeting so he got up and it was same with Sm

Both left their rooms respectively, both took their cars to the meeting spot.

In the middle of roads, both Sanskars were coming nearer to each other, they were feeling low , dizzy, they drove with their eyes half closed.

Their cars collided, both the sankys were in the pool of blood.

Some people took them to the hospital.

Swara came.running to the hospital.

She was crying v badly

“Sanskar….??” She ran towards Sanskar Gadodia who was in coma and thought he is her sanky

On the other hand sanky Maheshwari got his memory back as his head got severe pains and lost his mental balance,

Swara dint saw the sanky who was behaving like a kid, she thought sg was her husband and took him to Hyderabad.

Lucky was still in Mumbai, he was drinking, intact enjoying his victory of separatin two lovers, husband and wife

He was not in his senses, he saw kavitha coming out of the room wearing short dress.

He saw her and remembered swara

He went near her and hugged her

“i love you..” He said thnking her to be swara

“i love you too laksh” she said in joy

His lips were v near to her lips

“is this right time?” She asked

“yes it is”

Saying this he kissed her

Both were happy as they thought their love is becoming theirs now

Laksh lifted kavitha up and place her on the bed.

He felt dizzy because of to many drinks and fell on her.

They both slept on the bed

Next day, morning

“yh maine kya kiya?? Kavitha ke sath?? Oh no, aine kuch bhi acha nahi kiya, kaise batau use ab?? Me abhi bi swara se pyar kartha hu 🙁 ”
He told to himself

Kavitha listened this and tearz fell from her eyes

She left that place

Lucky felt bad for kissing ? her, but he forgot

He brought sanky Maheshwari to hyd along with him and joined in the mental asylum….”

End of his past

“how do you know that I’m here kavitha??” He asked

“i was always with you lucky, im happy that you understood”

” but i did very bad things, im not here to Live kavitha please let me leave this earth forever” he again took that knife

“no please don’t do that to me, i dnt want to lose you, you are changed now.. Lucky we will sort things together now”

“you are so good kavitha , i never loved you but you are always ready to help me”

“yes that’s because i love you lucky”

Lucky felt bad, as he understood meaning of love.

Lucky hugs her

I hope you understood this epi

Sry for typing mistakes.

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