sanskars swaragini -12- (swasan and ragsan)

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Here we go to the 12 th epi πŸ™‚

Sanskar Gadodias pov

I don’t know what was happening to me, my heart beat raised. I was feeling restless

What’s happening, I almost closed my eyes
I was so weak that my legs could bare my weight.
Now I was on the floor lying on it
With all my strength together

“Ragini.” I called her

She turned to me, with her eyes ? shocked

“doctor…! She screamed…”

She with the help of a nurse took me to the near by room and made me Ly on the bed

I was ok now

The second I stepped out of the room I was feeling all ok

Doctor checked me

“its just that he is weak, make him eat something, like fruits and juices” he told amd went away

My Ragini brought some fruits

I ate them without complaining, now I was peacefully sleeping

Raginis pov

What happened to sanksar..?? I told him to eat but he, he always refuss to eat healthy food

I made hum sleep ?

Now I went to swara who was sitting beside Maheshwari

“swara…” I called her by putting my hand on her shoulder

“yeah! Who” she saw me

“oh Ragini you?? Say how is your Sanskar?”
She asked me

“he is good, he is sleeping now”

“we are leaving to Belgium tomorrow, I came here to bid bye…” I told her

“what?? No way you must stay at least for 5 days Ragini” someone told while entering into the room

“Ohh mom..!! You came?? Meet her she is Ragini” swara said

So she is swaras mom..!!

“hello Ragini, im sanskars mum” she told

“hy aunty” i greeted her with a smile on my face

“hy Ragini, how are you? And thanks for taking care of my brother, I’m laksh Maheshwari. Hope you remember me” he said without even waiting for my reply

He is the same guy, laksh, who was in the ice cream parlour. Recognizing him I asked for his forgiveness…..

“no no that’s ok Ragini” he said smiling at me

And passed on the same smile to him

at last they convinced me to stay in their Maheshwari mansion……

We all came out leaving laksh and Mr Maheshwari alone in the room

Lakshs pov

Everyone’s out of the room, now me and Bhai are alone in the room,

“Bhai, im really, because of me you are suffering… I don’t know being in love made me this cruel man, like monster, I even came to destroy my own brothers life, please forgive me Bhai,…… When I was travelling to different cities I saw him, Sanskar Gadodia, and thought of doing this.. Doing that would make me and my love one. But everything went in vain. Now I realise how cruel my mind was… I must have not done that” I revealed half truth to my Bhai who was sleeping peacefully on the bed

I wasn’t able to reveal the whole truth, I was scared, I was moreover feeling bad for my causes.

Sanskar maheshwaris pov

What is it?? Lakshmi this???

He is thinking that I’m sleeping but I’m not. I need to find out the truth, its not about only me, but it’s about me and Sanskar Gadodia.
It might create a problem to me and him.
I need to sort ot out. My brother laksh, i can’t make him culprit for what all happened to me.

End of 12th epi

Hope you liked it
Thanks everyone!! πŸ™‚
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  1. Is laksh turning into positive?

    1. Yes khusybu πŸ™‚

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  4. Awesome but plz make it long

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  5. What is this yaar?? Its totally confusing !!!

    1. Sorry anu I hope your confusion gets cleared in the next epi πŸ™‚

  6. Hey sorry to say that but today episode was seriously short nd no clearity in words plz nxt time clr the dialogue nd really sorry if u fel bad i didn’t meant to hurt u but its my thought hope u understand

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  7. this update is too short.
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  8. Nice but I’m confused plz clear the confusion… is SG falling for Swara and SM falling for Ragini

    1. Nope Lila Sm isn’t falling for Ragini and same with sg

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    1. Nope there’s nothing like that dear!

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