sanskars swaragini -11- (swasan and ragsan)


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Sanskar Maheshwaris POV

I was lying on the bed,

I remembered Ragini, who took care of me these days, she was so good and understanding

she treated me like a small kid, ofcourse I lost my mental balance and behaved as a kid.

There I saw swara, my wife.

She and a women came to me and sat next to the bed

swara was crying very badly, I saw her

she saw with a smile on her cute face.

“swara…’ I called her and was getting up

“no no sanskar you lye down’ she said with a caring nature

I did so, and

“swara, I’m really sorry”

“you need to”

“yes, swara I left you alone, even I wasn’t able to remember anything”

“I understand sanskar” saying so she dropped a tear from her eyes.

“swara, please don’t cry, and where is Ragini??, she helped me alot”

“she is with sanskar” she said

“what sanskar?? I’m here only na..?? wheres she??”

“sanskar, you are sanskar maheshwari and she is with sanskar gadodia”

“what??” I asked with a question marks on my face.

“you will not understand, you must see him” saying so she turned

“no no swara let it be, I will talk to her after some time”

“ok sanskar”

“you know swara, how much I missed you and our family members, the time with out you was like hell swara. I waited so much to see you and our family. how are all?? badi ma, bade papa, mom, dad, and laksh?? where are they? did you inform them about me??”

“yes sanskar, I did and they are coming, they must reach now, traffic!! yeah traffic the roads are filled with vehicles, they must be there….”

pin drop silence

“sanskar……. I thought you will never come back, but you did……. I lost my all hopes on God, but seeing you after months, I again started believing in God, and now you……”

“aata kaise nahi?? we took seven vows together ra… swara” I smiled why was I saying ragini??

when I tried to remember our marriage rituals, I was only getting flashes of Ragini..?? why? I know swara is my wife.. but why Ragini??

I was thinking all these, then I heard some one was trying to open the door

I felt heavy, My heart beat raised…. I was feeling restless, My head was aching….. God I can’t bear this….

Swara opened the door, I was expecting my family, but it was Ragini

she smiled looking at me, I too tried smile, but I wasn’t able to.. why?? what happened to me??

My eyes were shutting off

It never happened to me, but why now??

Behind Ragini there was some one else also

I saw him with my eyes half closed, it was me, no he was a look a like of me..!!

I can feel, he is also feeling the same way I did, but why???

thank you everyone!! 🙂
hope you liked it
and some of you may understand the concept also, I think* 🙂 <3

Credit to: priya

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  1. I Dnt no exact word to say that, they r twins some Wat both feel the same of one who hurt it pains other by the way one who felt to talk the words utter by other but I think it will clear once maheshwari say both sanskar.. I still feel more but just waiting for ur next update..

  2. this confusion is killing me yaar.u keep your suspense no problem but can u keep flashback story of swasanlak.

  3. I am now more confused

  4. show some mercy and stop confusing me.
    i am so confused. what is going on ?

  5. Superb…i think maheswari has fallen in love with rags nd gadodia with swara….don’t know what’s happening…too much suspense….waiting eagerly 4 the next…..jst update it asap plzzz

  6. Yaar it is really confusing

  7. Im getting confused…. is SG falling for Swara and SM falling for Ragini??? Plz don’t do this

  8. Dr y u r confusing us like tis….

  9. Oops dii I m really confused….. SG is saying I love u swara n now sm is saying ragini…. N when ragini is cmng his heart beat raising….di pls dont confuse me a lot actually mera rslt aanewala may 25 I was become restless thinking abt it….u r making me restless by confusing me?????anyways i came to know u r planning something big in this ff…. U do I know u r gng to rock…. Pls do pray for my rslts di…

  10. Hey why are you killing me with your suspence ;-( i am really confused
    and what is this both sm and sg are in love with both girls ;-(

  11. i think sanskar meheswari has fallen in love with ragini and sanskar gaddodia with swara! btw nice ff, its really nice! pls continue

  12. Y both d sankar have to love ragini… Sanskar gadodia also said he loves ragini n nw evn sanskar maheshwari… Wat z it yar… So confusing…. Jus temme 1 thing… Does ny 1 of d 2 love swara?? Or both love ragini?? Plz juz 1 ans…

    1. Yup sanky Maheshwari loves swara

      1. Bt thn y was he going to say ragini instead of swara??

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