sanskars swaragini -10- (swasan and ragsan)


Thanks everyone!!
Today, its totally ragsans

Hospital, Hyderabad

Raginis pov

Me and Sanskar were going out to the nearby park………
I dropped our flat keys on the middle of road,
I saw that and went to pick them up
I was about to pick them up
Sanskar pushed me aside….

And suddenly, a lorry came and hit my sanky
He was lying on the road with blood all over him

I tried to wake him up
I called the ambulance

Sanky please open your eyes… You can’t leave me like this….. I cried hugging him

Ragini, im not going to leave you alone…… He said with a low tone, he dint sound like a child anymore……

Me and the compounder lifted sanky up and took hum to the hospital

They said they wanted o- blood, but it wasn’t there…..

My mum called me

I told her what all happened

Suddenly a guy on the phone said
I’m o-

The only hope was that guy, sanky was fighting for his life…

My mum with a girl and boy……

I was shocked to see him…. He was looking like my sanky… And that girl ?? was crying seeing my sanky on the bed

I dint had much time to think about them

I asked my mum about the blood

The look a like of sanky rushed and gave his blood

Thank god sanky was saved,

Now I asked my mum who was that guy

She told me everything, that he was Sanskar Gadodia and the sanky with me was Sanskar Maheshwari

I was having tears in my eyes…..

I walked slowly to the room where Sanskar Gadodia was resting

He was on the bed with his eyes closed

I sat in the chair near by him

I took his hand……

And cried

I’m sorry Sanskar i couldn’t recognize you… I missed you a lot….
I was not able to do anything without you
I was just a life less body with out you
Now you came, we both complete each other Sanskar
I couldn’t resist you going away from me
It hurts me when ever you are away
I dint loose hope, We searched for you
And finally we got you
But it wasn’t you
Hopefully, you came back into my life again
I love you sanky
I love you so much

I wiped off my tears saying so

I love you too ? Ragini I was expecting this reply from sanky

To my shock

I love you too swara he said this

Why is he taking swaras name??
Is he Sanskar Maheshwari??
Then why was he saying he is Sanskar Gadodia??

Tears fell off listening that

I was about to take off my hands

Ragini wait he said

I was overwhelmed to listen my name.after so long from him

I love you too Ragini

He hugged me

I was happy and sad at the same time

Why did he took her name??

Was it his lame joke????

I got confused

Credit to: priya

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  1. nice and confused also

    1. Thanks 🙂

  2. not only ragini but i am also confused…..

    1. Even me akshata 😉 🙂

  3. Wow that’s so emotional but I m confused di…..I love u swara!!! N then I love u ragini….. Kya hua sanky ko ….use swara se pyar to nahi hogaya…. Oh pls no di….u said u l update next part on 23 I should wait for it….. m gonna miss u n ur ff a lot….n sry actually I thought u r of my age n said u by name…… N ur last epi I came to know that u r elder to me…

    1. But ya happy for one thing that’s full epi on my ragsan….tq….actually when ragsan frnshp started I l think that y can’t we get one full epi of ragsan….but CVS spoilt it fully but happy in this epi u fulfilled it….

    2. Thanks priya, and you can call you by my name.
      Badi ho ya choti kya farakh padtha hai..??
      Sanky ko swara se pyar nahi hua hai 😉 🙂
      Must wait for the suspense to be revealed

  4. Super but little bit confused

    1. Thanks 🙂 sanchmani

  5. again suspense
    now really cant wait to read the next part
    not only ragini even readers r confuse too lol

    u should write for serial
    because u very well know dear
    how to leave your audience curious lol

    1. Thanks sonya
      I’m glad that I’m making you people curious for the suspense
      And taunt me if you find the suspense nonsense and all. 😀
      Serials..?? Should try if they will get me 😉 😛

    2. And please don’t taunt me if you guys find the suspense is nonsense after revealing it** typos

      1. i didnt mean to offend u dear
        take as a compliment
        u r really a great writer
        i really wish i should adapt something from u

  6. Now i am also confused

    1. Its my job to make my readers confused lol ?

  7. Superb…too much suspense…jst awsm

    1. Still confusions coming on their way, wait for them 😉

  8. again suspense, both are in love with our cute ragu hahah

    1. Both 😛
      It will make you more curious to know about the suspense after 11th epi
      Please get ready to get more shocks… 😀

  9. Awesome epi…plz I hope it’s a joke

    1. Hopefully not I think so 🙂 😉

  10. Awesome epi…plz I hope it’s a joke SG did..

    1. Thakz lila 🙂

  11. Nice
    But bad jike by sanky

    1. Thanks
      Hopefully he isn’t joking 😛

  12. I think he is not joking SG really loves swara and now SM will love rags that s is new twist maybe

    1. Nope kaya he isn’t jokin 😛 and your guess it’s wrong dear 🙂

    1. I will definitely double your confusion in 11 epi 😛

  13. I never got confused by your ff till now but on reading this epi i got confused ;-(

    1. Thanks of readin emz 🙂
      Suspence revelation epi in d way 🙂

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