sanskar’s love by janavee


Hi friends… This is janavee here.. I want to write a romantic fiction.. It will be on Swaragini..

Pls suggest me pairs..
1) Swasan
To say I like both equally.. Yea laksh will be there but paired against kanchi Singh..
This will be love story with parents will.. Little jealousy..little anger..more love..
To say I want write fiction on both pairs.. I thought ill write same story on both pairs..
Sanskar I just love this Varun ??? He is prince charming.. His smile.. I just fall in love with him everytime.. Yea it doesn’t mean I don’t like Laksh..i like him but my all time favourite is Sanskar ..i just love his smile..? I know he is not single but what to do..he is soo handsome..sooo cute.. ??

Okay okay..let me my talks.. Please suggest me pairs.. Else tell me whether I should write same story for both… Choice is yours..
Love you all..take care ? ? ? ? ?

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  1. ragsan pleaseeeee

  2. Swasan

  3. Ragsan pls ..
    There are many swasan..

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  5. Vyshu10


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