sanskar’s love by janavee (Episode 1)


Hi friends….janavee is back.. Thanks a lot for your comments…
Friends in this fiction all characters have same importance.. One more thing friends.. Sanaya will be there but she will join us little late.. Bcz Ananya Kapoor just breaks our Vaishnav Gupta heart so…yea without her knowledge …

Now coming to sanskar’s family…
One new character is added..i wish you like him… He is Karan..he will be our Sanskar small brother..
Maheshwari family…
Durga Prasada: Sanskar and Samruth’s father..Anpurana’s husband..
Anupama: Dp’s wife..sansam’s mom.. She is lovely lady..
Sanskar: Dp’s elder son.. Age 24..handsome guy ?? and prince charming for our Ragini…
Samruth: Dp’s second son.. Age 23.. Handsome and prince charming for our swara…
Ramprasad: Dp’s brother.. And modern man who respects DP and Anupama
Sujatha: RP’s wife.. Traditional lady..talks in traditional manner but she is good at heart..
Laksh: Rp and sujatha’s son..he is 24..he is flirty but respects family members.. He loves his brothers Sansam a lot..
Sanaya: Yea our kushi?? she is Rp and Sujatha daughter..busy with education in US.. Age 22..
Sharma’s family..
Sharmanth: He is father of kushi and Ananya Kapoor ‘s uncle..
Sravanti: She is kushi’s mom and aunt of Ananya Kapoor..
Kushi: (Kanchi Singh) laksh lover and lovely girl..buddy of swara. She is 23..
Ananya Kapoor: Vaishnav love interest.. She is Sravanti sharma’s sister daughter.. Sravanti love her same as kushi..her parents died in accident so she lives with kushi’s family from childhood.. She is 24..
Now coming to Swaragini ‘s brother.. Vaishnav.. Saw cover page happy?
Swaragini age is 23.. And Vaishnav is 24..
Fiction title”My love story with my bestie (RagSan)”

To say its RAGSAN,SWASAM,LAKUSH,VAISAN fiction… Hope you like this pairing..
For now Ananya is not decided..pls let me know your choice..
With love janu?? Love you all???

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  2. Superb…tq fr sarun…fr ananya charector l ll sujest krystal..waitng fr ragsan

  3. AMkideewani

    Awesomely amazing

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  5. Waiting for ragsan story yar, these many couple huff please try to give more importance to ragsan

  6. superb??

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