Sanskar : The Star Of Indian Cricket (Season 1) (Episode 3)


Hi guys I am back with another chapter. I want to clarify this is all is Flashback which started in Chapter 1.

Episode 2 is here : Chapter 2
Episode 3


Episode starts with Sanskar reaching MM. Adarsh,Laksh & Uttara congratulated him.


Everyone was having dinner & Sanskar decided to talk to DP about going to Banglore for
Team Camp.

Sanskar : BadePapa I want to talk to you about something.

Everybody look towards them as they know what he wants to talk about.

DP : Kaho Sanskar what you want to say.

Sanskar : BadePapa I am leaving for Banglore tomorrow & then to London for The U19 WorldCup.

DP (Shouting) : I told you not to participate in this Cricket thing still you dare
to do this.

Sanskar (Furiously) : I am not asking you BadePapa i was informing you about my departure.

Everyone was shocked by Sanskar’s statement.

DP(Shouting) : You have forgotten how to talk to elders & if you want to leave you are never
coming in this house again.

Sujata(Crying) : Bhai sa what are you saying how can you ask him to leave ?(To RP) Kuch to boliye aap.

But RP Kept silent.

DP : If he wants to go he is free to go but forever from this house.

AP : What are you saying ji how will he live without us ?

Sanskar : Ma no need I am leaving.

Saying this he stormed to his room while everyone was pleading DP to stop him
but he didn’t listen to anyone.

Sanskar came with his Suitcase & Kit.He took blessings from Sujata who was crying & Sanskar hugged her.

Sanskar : Mom don’t worry I will return soon & will take you along with me.

Sanskar moved towards his siblings he hugged Adarsh & Laksh who were emotional.He hugged Uttara & told her something.

Sanskar : Take care of Mom Uttara & you take care as well.

Uttara(Crying) : Ok bhai you take care as well.

He left the house but when he was leaving & was on the frontgate someone
stopped him.

He was RP.

RP : Sanskar beta.

Sanskar : Dad I am not changing my decision.

RP : Beta I will not stop you from leaving but take this money it will help you &
he gave him a packet.

Sanskar : But Dad (He was interrupted by RP).

RP : I can’t go against bhai sa but can help you atleast go Son make India & your parents proud.

Sanskar took his blessings & left from there. He goes to Raj’s house & after 2 days he left
for Banglore.


Abhinav knocked on Sanskar’s Room Gate.

Abhinav : Sanskar Bro time to leave come soon at reception.

Sanskar came at reception & the Team left for Airport.They board the Plane & left for India.

Episode ends here.

Precap :-

Present : Indian Team’s welcome at Airport.

Flashback : Sanskar with his team & Coach.

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Guys Adarsh is not married in this FF.

Credit to: MSD

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