Sanskar : The Star Of Indian Cricket (Season 1) (Episode 2)

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Episode 2

Episode starts with Sanskar waiting for the selection.

Just then Sanskar’s phone Rang.He picked it up immediately.

Sanskar : Hello.

Man : Is It Sanskar ?

Sanskar : Yes I am Sanskar Maheshwari speaking.

Man : I am Anil Kumble speaking you have been selected as Captian of U-19 team
for the World Cup.

Sanskar jumped excitedly as he got selected & who gave him news was Anil Kumble himself.

Sanskar : ANil Kumble Sir ThankYou so much sir & Its special talking to you as well Sir.

Kumble : Congratulations Young Man.

He disconnected the phone.

Sanskar came to the hall & told the news to Sujata & Ap who were at home at the time.

Sanskar : Ma, Mom I got selected as the Captian of U-19 team I am so happy today.

Sujata : Shabash Beta keep it up I am with you always.

AP : Be happy & always Make India Proud.

Sanskar : I am leaving to my friends house Mom.

Sanskar goes out & took his Bike and left for his friends house.

AP : Will he let him go Sujata ?

Sujata : Jiji I know my Son he will surely go there.

Malhotra Residence (Raj Sanskar’s Friends Residence)

Sanskar entered Raj’s Room & told him about his selection.

Raj : Congrats Man Lets Party.

Sanskar : Ok call our Gang as well I will met them as I am leaving after 2 days.

Raj : YOu want to meet Gang or Only her.

Sanskar Blushed.

Raj : Oh God you are Blushing.

Sanskar : Stop teasing me & call them at Mcd in 30 minutes we will reach there.

Raj called his gang which included Raj,Kavita,Kavya,Kartik,Krishna & SwaSan.
(Couples are Kavita-Kartik,Kavya-Krishna & you all know )

They reach Mcd after 30 minutes.


SanRaj got inside & found the Gang sitting everyone except Swara.

Sanskar : Hi guys.

Gang : Hi Sanskar & Congrats.

Sanskar : Guys where is Swara ?

Kavya : Someone is very desperate for meeting Swara.

Sanskar : Stop i Kavya don’t tease me & tell me where is she ?

Kavita : She has not reached yet.

Just the a girl entered the Mcd wearing a T-shirt & a jeans.She moved towards them all.

Girl : Hi guys.

All : Hi Swara.

Krishna : Where were you Swara someone was waiting for you so impatiently.

Swara looked towards Sanskar who was glaring at her.

Swara hugged him & said sorry.

Swara : Sorry Sanskar there was traffic on the way.

Sanskar melted looking at her cute face.

Sanskar : Ok sorry accepted & he hugged her back.

Swara : By the way congrats Sanskar.

Sanskar : Thanks.

All : Now stop it lovebirds.

Swasan seperated & both were shy.

They enjoyed a lot & then everyone left except SwaSan.

Sanskar took Swara to a Park.


SwaSan were sitting on a bench.Swara kept her head on Sanskar’s Shoulder.

Sanskar : Swara I am leaving for Banglore after 2 days the I won’t be able to meet you for
3 months I will miss you a lot.

Swara : I too will miss you but I know my Sanskar will make India proud.

They talked a little & then Sanskar left Swara at her home.

@Gadodia Mansion

SWaSan reached there they were on backside door so no one can see them.

Swara was going when Sanskar pulled her towards himself.

Swara : What are you doing Sanskar ?

Sanskar : Give me my best of luck atleast.

Saying this he leaned towards her Pink Rosy lips & Swara closed her eyes giving him
a positive signal.Soon Sanskar placed his Rough lips on her rosy lips for a soft kiss
but soon it turned a passionate one as Sanskar deepens the kiss.They got seperated when
they were out of breath.

Swara hugged Sanskar tightly as she was shy.Sanskar wrapped his arms around her.Soon they
seperated & Sanskar left for MM to face a new challange.

Precap : Sanskar leaves MM.

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P.S : Here is the full team.

Sanskar Maheshwari(C)-Batsman
Abhinav Maheshwari (Vc)-All Rounder(Off Spin)
Anirudh Agrawal-Bowler(Fast)
Rohit Sharma-Batsman
Mihir Jangid-All Rounder(Fast)
Swapnil Singh-All Rounder(Medium Fast)
Shubham Sharma-Bowler(Medium Fast)
Akshay Jain-Batsman
Tanmay Taneja-Batsman
Veer Singh-Bowler(Off Spin)
Salman Sheikh-Bowler(Leg Spin)
Harry Ahuja- Bowler(Left Arm Fast)
Adit Bhootra-Batsman
Shivam Rathi-Batsman
Akshat Mathur-Bowler(Medium Fast)

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Credit to: MSD


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