Sanskar : The Star Of Indian Cricket (Season 1) (Episode 1)

Episode 1

Hotel Grand,London

The party went till 4 A.M in the morning when Sanskar asked the boys to sleep as they have to leave for India in a few hours.

Everyone went to thier rooms.

Room No.7

Sanskar was laying on the bed but sleep was far away from his eyes he was happy that they won but he was sad due to his family & tear fell fom his eyes.

There was a knock on door.

Sanskar : Enter.

Two handsome guys entered the room they were Sanskar’s bestfriends on the team Abhinav & Anirudh.

Anirudh : Cheer up bro we won.

Abhinav : He will cheer up only when his Hitler badepapa will accept him back in family.

They both laughed but Sanskar was still sad.

Sanskar : It’s not funny guys I miss my family.

Abhinav : It’s Ok bro we are like your family only.

Anirudh : Yaar Sanskar cheer up we won the worldcup.

They talked for sometime & then Abhinav and Anirudh left.

Sanskar starts thinking about his past.

3 Months Back.



Sanskar was sleeping peacefully when his mother screamed his name to wake him up.

Sujata : Sanskar waske up or your badepapa will crete a havoc here.

Sanskar woke up listening badepapa’s name.

He got dressed up and left for breakfast.


DP : What is this Sanskar you are again late ?

Sanskar : Vo badepapa I was watching match till late night so got late in waking up.

DP : Cricket,Cricket & Cricket you don’t think about anything else other than Cricket you got so low marks in yor college 1st year exams how will you handle our business.

Sanskar : But badepapa I don’t want to join business I want to play Cricket for India.

DP : Keep this thing in mind you will join the business if you want to stay in this house & saying this he left.

Sanskar was shocked as were everyone present there.

Sanskar left the table & his elder brother Adarsh followed him.

Adarsh : Sanskar listen to me Papa said it only in anger I am with you always play your game & make India proud.

Sanskar : Bhai only you support me rest all think its waste of time.

A boy of Sanskar’s age interupted.

Boy : I am also with you Bhai.

Sanskar : I know lucky.
Yes he was Laksh.

The brothers shared a hug.

Girl : You forgot me very bad(Pouting).

AdaSanLak : How can we forgot our doll Uttara.

Yes she is Uttara.

They had a group hug.

AP and Sujata were admiring thier bond.

Adarsh(slowly) : Sanskar when is U-19 team getting announced.

Sanskar : Today afternoon bhai.

AdaLakUtt : All The Best.

Sanskar : ThankYou.

Episode ends.

Precap : Sanskar got selected as Captian of the team.

What will DP do now ? Will Sanskar leave MM ?

To know keep reading & if you want to read Prologue type the title in google you will get the Prologue.

Also guys its Swasan and please comment.

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