Sanskar : My Ray Of Hope (SwaSan TS) Chapter 3(A)


SANSKAR : My Ray Of Hope:-

Chapter-3 (A) :-

Hello peeps! So here I am back with another chapter of my TS! Sorry sorry sorry for the big delay, I was a bit busy so couldn’t manage time for writing! Hope you like this part, see you in comment box!

Precap : Swara confesses her feelings for Sanskar, Sanskar gets the biggest shock of his life…

[Gadodiya Mansion]

“S-W-A-R-R-A-A!!!” – Sanskar’s loud voice echoed through the doorway but got lost amidst the ear blasting sounds of music which was being played in the large hall. His voice was lost, lost amongst nearabout hundred and fifty souls who were dancing madly to the beats of the music. A party was going on…

But this was not what Sanskar cared about! What shocked him to the core was the sight which he could not imagine even in his wildest dreams!

Swara, his Swara, no not his, she herself had rejected him! Swara, the bold and brave Swara was standing bent with a tray of glasses of drinks amongst a bunch of blo*dy rascals who were ogling on her, and one of the bastards was holding her hand, Sanskar could easily see his finger grazing on her palms lustfully! All the others were laughing shamelessly and teasing them in the most abusive language, which he could make out from their expressions.

The thing that shocked him the most was that Swara was standing still amongst all this… Not a single word, her face clearly showed that she was terribly uncomfortable and tears were almost on the verge of flowing down! But she was standing still, being the prey to their lusty sights! No, this just cant be his Swara, ya his, no matter how much both of them denied, she was his! This was the ultimate truth!

But this was not his Swara. His Swara would then and there have kicked those bastards out, but here he was seeing a whole different girl which made him burn in anger from head to toe! He without wasting any time ran through the crowd towards them. Swara couldn’t see him as her back was facing him. His feet froze again by their talks as he was a few meters away from them.

“Baby! One more peg plzz!!!” – the rascal holding her hand said in a husky tone.

Swara immediately obliged like a puppet! “Oh Darling, here your hot and handsome boyfriend is talking to you and you do not seem to be happy! Apne aashiq ki yaad aarahi haina?” – he pulled her with full force making her wince in pain as he touched her face shamelessly, while all the other’s laughed!

“R-rohittt! Plzz leave!” – Swara’s shaken broken voice reached Sanskar’s eyes making him close his eyes and fist his palms in anger!

“Oo… So sad! Calling me by my name, and what do you call that Romeo of yours when he f***s you! Ha! Tell naa.. By what damn name do you address your that Romeo! Jaan , Baby or Darling! Ha say na… Say!!!!” – Rohit hissed gritting his teeth in front of all abusing Swara to the fullest pulling her hairs tightly and coming close to her face! Swara closed her eyes hating herself, wanted to kill herself right there right then!!!

“I tell you man, these girls, give them a bit freedom and they will sleep around with other basta…” – Before the animal could utter another word, a super burning sensational slap landed on his cheeks making him lose his senses! He immediately fell off on the couch unconscious as his filthy blood was dripping from the corner of his lips.

Music had stopped and all were standing shell shocked looking at them. Swara opened her eyes in a go and was shocked to find Sanskar, her Sanskar standing looking at the other drunks with blood shot eyes, they had already stood up by then and were gulping in fear! A light smile appeared on her lips as she could sense the protection she had never felt . She could not think of anything else and ran to him hugging him tight, hiding her face in his chest sobbing vigorously. She hugged him tightly as she felt this was the safest place for her after her mother’s lap!

“San-Sanskkarr!!” – her soft sobs reached his ears making it hard for him to control his emotions. Swara calmed a bit and realized he was not hugging back. She slowly broke the hug and looked up at his face. He was looking at him,their eyes met. But wait, she could see a new emotion in his eyes for her! This was something she had not seen ever before!!


Swara was shocked to see his eyes reflecting anger, uncontrollable anger.. Before she could murmur anything, his voice boomed!

“Ma’am, where are the files??” – he asked in an ice cold voice making Swara shocked!

“Sanskarr!” – Swara exclaimed….

Sanskar (looking straight into her eyes)- Ma’am I just came to pick up the files. And here this guy was misbehaving with you, sorry but I had to teach him a lesson, sorry you should be angry na, I intruded in your personal space….

His hurt taunting made Swara burst out in tears. She fell on the couch crying uncontrollably! Sanskar was standing there, his eyes were showing how much he was hurt. A part of him wanted to run and hug the girl sitting there!! But yet again, he just couldn’t identify the girl, this could never be his Swara…

The Swara he knew was bold, and attitude was her beauty! But this Swara, she couldn’t even take a stand for herself when that filthy blooded bastard was speaking all rubbish! He was heartbroken, he felt so so cheated by the girl whom he thought to be his life. She was so so different, so much in pain, and she didn’t care to share her pain with him even once. Now he could get from where those burnt injuries came, but then also she was rude to him.

Sanskar closed his eyes as tears trickled down the corner. “Nikhil will collect the files tomorrow Ma’am!” – he whispered and ran out making way through the crowd which was watching the entire happenings in a pin drop silence….

Swara looked up, her vision was blurred due to tears as she looked at him going away from her… Yet again, she lost her HOPE!!! She slowly got up and went to her room and slammed the door!

Life is really very very strange…

[Next Day] [Office]

“You Mr.Nikhil, you plzz go through the Mehta Constructions file and make the necessary corrections, make sure its ready by evening. And Mr.Sanskaar you help me out with the presentation…” – Swara ordered in a typical boss like tone to the young man standing in front of her in her chamber….

Nikhil smiled and nodded in a yes and left the chamber. Sanskar was standing as per her orders. He was looking everywhere except Swara while Swara was looking at him with hurt eyes!

Swara (in a weak voice) – Sit Sanskar…

“I would rather prefer Mr.Raheja Ma’am, as you said this is office and being professional is your attitude, right??? ” – Sanskar said in a heated tone. Swara was taken aback. She immediately got up and went near him and held his hand squeezing it gently. Sanskar was looking to the other side closing his eyes tightly.

Swara (in a pleaded tone) – Plzz Sanskarr!!! Don’t talk like that… It hurts a lott! I know I I am.. I was rude, but that was necessary, that Rohit had warned that he would harm you… I couldn’t afford that Sanskar…

“And so you got frightened by that bastard’s threat!!! So you just decided to avoid me… Wow! Miss Swara Gadodia, who wears the mask of one of the most bold women of our society in reality is so weak and vulnerable… You are so so two faced Swara! You couldn’t even come up to me with the problems, you didn’t even trust me a bit… Haina Swara?? Oops sorry Swara Ma’am…” – Sanskar said furiously but in a low tone…

Swara nodded in continous no and held his arms tigtly. “No Sanskar! No its not like that….” – she cried…

In a spin of moment she found herself pinned to the wall with Sanskar overshadowing her. Her eyes widened as she looked at Sanskar’s face red with anger and tears flowing on his cheeks. His grip on her wrists were rock solid as she was shocked seeing such an aggressive Sanskar… His hot breath was fanning her face as their faces were just an inch apart. Swara shivered at his touch and proximity, but this was so so different, she felt safe here…

Sanskar (in a dangerous low tone) – Then what is it like Swara?? Tell na…

Swara (in a weak tone) – I I actually lov-

Sanskar (gritting his teeth) – Oh I should have guessed it right… You love that moron… He is your fiance, ryt?? I am really very sorry for intruding in your personal space.. I really am sorry…

Swara was shocked to get such a statement, how much he misunderstood her… He thought she and that Rohit… Chhiii!

Swara (in an angry voice) – Sanskar… Its not like….

But before she could complete, Sanskar left her and marched out of the chamber. Once again, he was broken by this lady whom he had started loving like anything., yes he loved Swara Gadodiya crazily but she was in love with that blo*dy creature. No, he would not cry, rather he chose to laugh at his own actions.

So so stupid of him to think that a great businessman like Swara Gadodia would ever fall for him… Haina?? He laughed at his own thought as he looked at the glass panes of the window being splashed by raindrops and huge sound of thunder echoed…

Thunderstorm had started, not only outside but also in the hearts of these two, whose love was constantly being the prey of misunderstandings….

[2days later] [Raheja House]

Sanskar was sitting at the window of his room and looking at the cloudy sky. There was an atmospheric depression as a result of which it was continuously raining for past 2 days. Nature also seemed to be in pain seeing his crying heart’s pain!

These two days have been hell! After the chamber incident, Swara tried to talk to him a lot, but he just avoided her. The mere thought of she being someone else’s gave him a heart piercing pain and he just couldn’t face her. He was remembering the last two days where in every meeting, canteen, boardroom, work desk, the only thought that occupied his mind was Swara, Swara and Swara, just like now… But he was just not ready to talk to her at any cost!

Suddenly his thoughts were broken by the ring of phone. He looked at the caller id and sighed…

“Ha Nikhil bol…” – he said in a weak sad voice…

“Whaattttttt!!!” – next moment he sprang up. The cell phone fell from his hands as he stood still not being able to digest the news Nikhil had given… No, this was not the time to think, he had to run, already it was late!!!

He ran out of the house and started his bike. It was raining heavily and his vision blurred, no not with rain drops but tears. He had committed a big mistake, probably the gravest mistake of his life…

[15minutes later]

Sanskar’s feet froze at the door of her room… His eyes were widened with shock and he looked at Swara.

There lied his Swara on the bed. The blanket was being covered on her to hid her torn clothes and the innumerable fresh bruises on her arms and other parts of the body! Sanskar looked at her face, hair was messed up, fingerprints of slaps and bruises were covering her milky cheeks as blood trickled from the corner of her swollen lips! She was looking blankly at the ceiling, just no reaction, full blank…

“Swarraaaaa!” – Sanskar screamed expecting her to look at him.

But no, no reaction, she was still staring aimlessly at the ceiling … His life , his Swara was lying lifeless and the marks on her body were clearly stating what could have happened… Sanskar’s anger knew no bounds!!! His eyes were red with rage.

Kamla Kaki who was sobbing sitting near her stood up and came to him…

“Everything is finished Sanskar!!! Everything is over… That monster snatched the most precious belonging of our Swara which she had protected all this while! Look at her Sanskar, she is a life without soul now…” – Kamla Kaki’s broken voice made Sanskar look at her…

“He will pay for this , that blo*dy man has to pay for this…” – he fisted his palms in anger and looked at Swara…

No, this time she had to protest! Enough was enough!!!!

Precap : SwaSan confession, Sanskar taking care of Swara….

So done with another part… Hope you like it! Meet you all in comment box….

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