Sanskar : My Ray Of Hope (SwaSan TS) Chapter 2


SANSKAR : My Ray Of Hope :-

Hello everyoneūüėä So I am back with another chapter of my TS, a big thank u for all your support… Happy reading!

Precap : Sanskar joins GadodiaGroup, SwaSan admire each other, a new side of Swara revealed…

[Gadodia Mansion]

‚ÄúR-r-o-h-i-t!!¬†Plzz¬†have some mercy!Plzz¬†what do you want??¬†Plzz¬†leavemee‚Ķ‚ÄĚ ‚ÄstSwara‚Äôs¬†helpless voice faltered a murmur as the guy laughed madly.

He came nearer and touched her heated cheeks lustily making her hiss in pain more…

‚ÄúYou know well baby, what I want?? Don‚Äôt you?‚ÄĚ ‚Äď he winked at her making her shocked as usual as her cries increased‚Ķ

Swara¬†(in a broken voice) ‚Äď L-l-e-a-a-v-v-e !¬†Leave me¬†Rohit, I¬†I¬†p-p-r-o-m-i-s-e¬†I w-w-o-n-t c-c-o-m-e

l-l-a-te hereafter!

‚ÄúTch!¬†Tch!‚ÄĚ ‚Äď came the animal‚Äôs hissing reply as he dragged her by pulling her hair with full forcetowards the door of the room which was on the aisle of the large drawing area. ‚ÄúPlzz¬†Plzz¬†leave¬†meRohitttt!!!¬†For heaven‚Äôs sake l-l-eaveee!!!‚Ä̬†‚ÄstSwara¬†shouted still crying and holding her hairs trying to make her head out of the animal‚Äôs grip but he was¬†strong tobe overpowered by her, or rather say her strength was broken enough for him to overpower her‚Ķ

He entered the room which had lights dimly on and next moment, she was freed from his grip in a go making her slide a few inches on the floor. She sobbed vigorously as her whole body shook. She waslooking down, fearing to meet the dirty gaze of the animal who by tremendous bad luck happened to be her fiancee, Oh God! How much she hated this fact and even the sight of him! His filthy smile, lusty gaze and drunk voice, every thingevery thing broke her to the core!

‚ÄúLook up!‚ÄĚ ‚Äď came his demanding voice making her head snap up immediately. There he sat on the couch right in front of her with that dreadful laugh booming in the room.¬†His gaze met hers and next moment she felt a burning sensation on her cheeks yet again. But now, no sound came from her, she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth! This was her daily routine, next she knew what was going to happen‚Ķ. Her eyes fell on the cane that was on his other hand!

Rohit¬†(in a low dangerous tone) ‚Äď 5Lakhs! 5¬†Lakhs¬†were to be given to me today morning‚Ķ¬†Haina¬†Darling??

Swara looked down closing her eyes tightly.

Rohit¬†(In a slow manner) ‚Äď Then how dare the accountant say he didn‚Äôt get your order MissGadodia???

Swara was still silent. She always was weak in front of his constant monetary demands and today yet again 5 lakhs, just another amount that even reaches to 25 lakhs per day! She well knew what all this animal did with the hard earned money, but still circumstances didn’t allow her to speak up.

Suddenly he slashed the cane on the floor making her shake a bit in fear once again…

Rohit¬†(howling) ‚Äď Tell me¬†Swara!!!

‚ÄúW-w-o-h W-w-o-h‚Ķ‚ÄĚ ‚Äď she stammered in a voice which was barely audible. She was curling up into herself in the fear of the filthy creature.

Rohit¬†(hissing) ‚ÄstWoh¬†MadamGadodiya¬†was so¬†so¬†busy in her new found¬†aashiq¬†that she forgot her duties!¬†Haina¬†Shona???

Swara looked up at him in surprise and saw him smirking. He suddenly sat down in front of him andcupped her injured cheek making her shocked even more. She shriveled in fear, today cane was not working, she was astonished.

Rohit¬†(sweetly) ‚ÄstKya¬†Swara??¬†We are¬†bestfriends¬†from school¬†naShona!¬†Why didn‚Äôt you say me that you like that new recruit!¬†Achi¬†dostinibhayi¬†tumne¬†Swara‚Ķ

Swara was shocked!!! Her mind was not registering the words this man was saying…

Rohit¬†(sweetly) ‚ÄstArre¬†baby why are you so shocked??? Come on¬†Shona, I know you like him,¬†chhodne¬†ayatha¬†na¬†tumhe??? Say¬†na‚Ķ

Swara nodded in a fearing yes as keeping mum would bring more dangerous consequences.

Rohit¬†(calmly touched her cheeks) ‚ÄďKahan¬†chhua¬†ussne¬†tumhe??Yahaan???¬†(he¬†traced his fingers lustily towards grazing fingers all over cheeks towards her neck)Yahaan??¬†(He again grazed up towards her lips)¬†Ya¬†yahan??

Swara just hated this! His dirty touch just disgusted her, she wanted to run away from here at this moment but she knew she couldn’t… She had to sit right here falling prey to this dirty creature’s actions…

Swara¬†(in a weak voice) ‚ÄstRohit‚ĶAisa¬†kuch¬†nahin¬†hai‚Ķ

Rohit¬†‚ÄstSshh¬†Swara!!!¬†Mazaa¬†aya???Mazaa¬†toh¬†aya¬†hoga¬†when he kissed you‚Ķ.¬†And you also might have enjoyed a¬†lott!!¬†Haina??

Swara¬†(closing her eyes in disgust) ‚ÄstPlzz¬†leave me‚Ķ¬†Plzz¬†for heaven‚Äôs sake.

‚ÄúOh Baby!¬†Its¬†just the starting of the night‚Ķ. Let me also make you enjoy!!¬†Wssay?‚Ä̬†‚ÄstRohit¬†winked shamelessly slapping her again on the cheeks, making¬†Swara¬†wince in pain and curl up more!¬†Every night, every night he comes with his lustful intensions to satisfy his desire, somehow she is saved every night by closing her room‚Äôs door tightly! But today, it seemed impossible‚Ķ

Rohit¬†laughed out loud! ‚ÄúLook at you Baby!¬†Tum¬†toh¬†darr¬†gayi,‚Ķ¬†Whyyaar?? Am I that bad?? You should know to satisfy¬†your¬†would be life partner‚Ķ‚ÄĚ ‚ÄstRohit¬†threw her on the bed pulling her up on the floor!

‚ÄėLife Partner‚Äô ‚Äď the thought of having him as her life partner made her die all over once again. She always thought why¬†was she¬†living this useless life! And today, she was about to lose her everything!!! She moved to one corner of her bed in fear! But suddenly the animal‚Äôs phone rang‚Ķ

‚ÄúYa¬†,¬†Ha¬†yaar‚Ķ¬†Okk.,¬†am just coming!‚ÄĚ ‚Ästhe¬†shouted on the phone in his drunk voice. He came near her and whispered ‚Äď ‚ÄúAj¬†tohtum¬†bach¬†gayi¬†Swara! But tomorrow! Be prepared‚Ķ And get ready, your Romeo will also not be spared!¬†Dkhti¬†jao!!!‚Ä̬†‚Ästhe¬†hissed in anger and stormed out of the room.

Swara¬†somehow got up with trembling feet and closed the door tightly, so that he¬†cant¬†come over again. She fell on the bed crying thinking about her entire life which was to be spent in this hell! She just couldn‚Äôt do anything‚Ķ Next moment her thoughts struck!¬†‚ÄúSanskarr!!!‚Ä̬†‚Äďshe¬†murmured! No that demon will harm him, she just¬†cant¬†afford to ruin his life at any cost!

Yet again, life was playing a game with her! ‚ÄėHOPE‚Äô which just seemed to peek from right around the corner again disappeared! This was her life!


[Next Evening]


Sanskar was busy in his files. He had to complete these pending works before he could the attendthe party that was to be held on the account of the accomplishment of a big project that the company hadgrabbed. The party had already started in the banquet that was in the office complex itself. The whole office was empty… All had gone ,and he was winding up a few last moment works.

He had deep frown on his forehead, but no this was not because of work pressure! This was because ofSwara’s changed behavior from the morning! He just couldn’t get anything, how come she was so sochanged!!! He still just couldn’t believe that she actually said those words!



‚ÄúMr.Raheja!!!¬†If you wish to stay here, you better concentrate on your work¬†rather than personal talks!!!‚ÄĚ ‚ÄďSwara‚Äôs¬†voice echoed in her chamber as¬†Sanskar¬†stood their baffled and surprised. He had never seen¬†Swara¬†angry like this‚Ķ.¬†He was really very¬†very¬†shocked!

It was just that¬†Sanskar¬†noted her burnt knuckles and was really concerned about her‚Ķ ‚ÄúIs everything alright¬†Swara?? How did you hurt yourself this badly??‚ÄĚ ‚Ästhehad asked caringly blurting her name out, forgetting everything! All he cared for was¬†Swara¬†and her safety!

And in turn what he got those harsh words as gift making him astonished. He was surprised hearing Swara’s words…

Swara¬†(in a strong angry tone) ‚Äď Did you¬†listen¬†Mr.Raheja‚Ķ And I am your boss (she gritted her teeth) so stop calling me by my first name! I would prefer¬†Mam¬†rather!!!

Her anger was evident! Sanskarwas confused!! Was this the sameSwara who was giggling like a small kid for a bike ride!!! She was so sodifferent…

Swara¬†(angrily) ‚Äď Now¬†plzz¬†leaveMr.Raheja! I have other important works rather than wasting time on you!!!

‚ÄúOkk¬†Maam!‚ÄĚ ‚Äď he emphasized on the last word with a hurt voice and stormed out, without even noticing her fists which were clenched under the table and the tears which slipped from the corner of her eyes as he left‚Ķ

This was necessary for his well being, she just couldn’t risk his life!


Sanskar¬†was thinking maybe of the unwanted sudden proximity between them last night, she felt awkward and angry. ‚ÄúDamn unprofessional!‚ÄĚ ‚Ästhe¬†cursed himself closing the file harshly. Finally all work was done. He glanced at his wrist watch and sighed! It was already 7:30. He hadreach¬†the venue fast or else he would be unable to meet the delegates‚Ķ

He got up hurriedly and headed towards the washroom to freshen up a bit. He came out and went back to gather his belongings. He packed his briefcase and put on his blazer, suddenly his attention was drawn by the clicking of door of MD’s cabin. He immediately turned his head and next moment he forgot to breath. His eyes widened and he just could not move, just froze on his spot.

She was looking just divine! Yes, no other word could match her beauty.The long knee length black gown she was wearing was perfectly complimenting her figure, it was full sleeved covering her long slender hands, her body was fully and beautifully wrapped in the fabric of the outfit. (Only if he knew that this outfit was to hide the signs of devilish tortures she was going through every second of her life) .Her long black shiny hair was as if mingling with the color of her dress hanging on her shoulder. Her face, her large doe eyes were seeming to be the most beautiful eyes on the earth as those met his…

She couldn’t move an inch feeling his gaze on hers. Both stood at their place drinking each other through their eyes for what seemed like ages. She was helpless and he could clearly see the sadness, the magic that her eyes had weremissing. Her fingers were nervously fidgeting her dress as she lookeddown realizing the situation.

She started taking longer steps so as to leave the place as fast as possible. She knew the more she stayed there, there will be more chances of the truth coming out! She could see clearly that he could read her eyes. But, yet again fate had another plans and within a fraction of second she was in his arms, he strongly gripping her by her waist as she tripped and was about to fall.

She slowly opened her closed eyes to find him looking at her, no words were spoken by him. She could clearly see how much he was hurt ,this time the pairs of eyes were just refusing to leave each other. She was falling weak, just refusing to not to glance at his intense gaze.But this gaze was something she never felt in her life, It was comforting! First time in her life, she found a man who could comfort her!

[BG Song] [Conc On the Lyrics, Ho sake toh download it, it’s a beautiful song]

Tujhe Chaha Rab Se Bhi Zyada PhirBhi Na Tujhe Pa Sake

Rehe Tere Dil Mein Magar TeriDhadkan Tak Na Ja Sake

Jud Ke Vi Tuti Rahe Ishqein Di DorWeh

Kisko Sunaye Jake Toote Dil KaShor Ve

Mahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiya Ne

Mangda Naseeban Kuch aur Hai

Seriously, fate always played with her. Whenever she thought to find the support of love and care in her life, it was always snatched… First by her father Mr.Shekhar Gadodiyaand he did not leave her life even after leaving this world, he gave her to that Rohit, Rohit Mittal who had taken the charge of her so called father to torture her!!! Her eyes were filled with tears thinking about her helplessness.


Kismat De Maare Ase Ki Karea

Kismat De Maare Ase Ki Karea

Kismat Pe Kiske Zor Hai

Mahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiya Ne

Mangda Naseeban Kuch aur Hai

‚ÄúI am sorry¬†Mam!‚ÄĚ ‚Ästhis¬†soft yet hurt voice broke her concentration on his eyes which was showing his true love and care. They were still in the same position, but to her surprise there was nothing uncomfortable about his touch. It was so¬†so¬†different, which she never felt in her life!

Swara¬†(a bit confused unknowingly) ‚Äď Come Again‚Ķ.

She had forgotten about her behavior in the morning for a few seconds. He had that capability to make her forget her world. He had done it before also, he was doing it again.

Sanskar¬†(in a calm voice) ‚Äď I am sorry¬†‚ÄėMam‚Äô (he emphasized yet again)¬†for¬†coming close to you again. I know you are disturbed by our sudden proximity¬†and yet again it happened! I am sorry¬†its¬†not intentional‚Ķ I really am sorry.

He immediately made her steady and looked down avoiding eye contact. She could clearly sense that she had hurt her very badly. He was broken…

‚ÄúWoh¬†Sanskar‚Ķ Umm¬†Mr.Raheja‚Ķ‚ÄĚ ‚Äď before she could even completeSanskar¬†marched out from there taking his briefcase. No, he could not show her his vulnerable state! He would have broken down then and there if he would have stayed there for even a second.

Swara was shocked by his actions. She knew she was doing wrong to him but she was helplessly. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she sat down on the floor with a thud! Her cries increased as she hid her face in her palms…

‚ÄúI I am sorry S-Sanskar!!! I¬†cant, I just¬†cant!!! I¬†cant¬†put your life at stake‚Ķ That animal will kill you like he does with me every day‚Ķ I¬†cantafford to lose you, if that requires our staying at a distance, fair enough! I will bear that pain too‚Ķ. For me you are most importantSanskar!!!! I¬†cant¬†see you in pain‚Ķ I Love You¬†Sanskarr!!! I Love You and that animal will snatch everyone from me whom I love! You have to stay away‚Ķ¬†Its¬†for your own good!‚ÄĚ ‚ÄstSwara‚Äôs¬†broken voice echoed in the empty office as she broke down finally confessing her feelings all alone to herself.

Little did she knew that a pair of eyes were watching her with a smirk on its owner’s face.


Sanskar was standing at a corner. All his friends were enjoying, needless to say he was not at allinterested . His eyes were searching for her but she was no where to be seen. He frowned a bit thinking about how could she miss such an important event. She was very particular about work…

‚ÄúMam¬†wont¬†be here today, she told she was not feeling well‚Ķ. So she left for home!‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Tanya,¬†Swara‚Äôs¬†P.A said to someone which¬†Sanskaroverheard.

‚ÄėNot¬†Well‚Äô- these words were enough for him.¬†Tension immediately took over his face. Was she alright???¬†His feet immediately moved towards the exit but her words rang in his ears.

‚ÄúMr.Raheja!!!¬†If you wish to stay here, you better concentrate on your work rather than personal talks!!!‚ÄĚ ‚Äďhe¬†closed her eyes tightly fisting his palm. No, he¬†wont¬†ever look at her! No matter what happened. He returned to his old place and stood looking aimlessly at the place where all were enjoying. He was only waiting for her, if even he denied but she was only not there. Her sight was enough to comfort the storm in his heart, but no, it seems she was not at all willing to meet him. He sighed and decided to leave the party!

He was about to exit when he suddenly clashed with Nikhil. The guy was with his ever smiling face!

Nikhil ‚ÄstWooh¬†Bro! Why are you in a hurry?? Any problem‚Ķ

Sanskar¬†(expressionless) ‚Äď No nothing, getting bored‚Ķ¬†So thought to go home.

Nikhil (sadly) ‚ÄstTu¬†ghar¬†ja¬†raha¬†haiand¬†mujhe¬†Gadodia¬†Mansion¬†janahoga¬†who Mehta Construction ka file lane‚Ķ¬†Uff!!¬†Kaam¬†toh¬†peecha¬†hinahin¬†chhodta!

‚ÄúMain¬†chala¬†jata¬†hoon‚Ķ¬†Tu¬†enjoykar!‚ÄĚ ‚ÄstSanskar¬†also didn‚Äôt know what made him say so. The mention of¬†Swara‚Äôs¬†house made him want to go¬†their¬†to¬†see heratleast¬†once! Deep in his heart he also wanted to see her¬†once ,¬†to know about her health.

Nikhil was more than happy by his offer. He immediately hugged him.‚ÄúTu¬†mera¬†Vai¬†hai!‚Ä̬†‚Ästhe¬†said gleefully making¬†Sanskar¬†smile a bit at his childish behavior‚Ķ He bid him goodbye and went towards the parking area to take his bike‚Ķ

He had to meet her at any cost or this restlessness in his heart would never leave. He started the bike…

[Gadodia Mansion]

‚ÄúVaiya, Main office se¬†aya¬†hoon‚Ķ I have to take a few files.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄstSanskarsaid to the guard. The guard nodded and allowed him in. Little did he knew,¬†the biggest shock of his life awaited him‚Ķ

As he approached the flung open main door, he could hear the sound of loud music and colorful lights blurred his vision. There was huge noise of people chattering and other sort of sounds also. Was some sort of party going on??

‚ÄúBut she is unwell‚Ķ‚ÄĚ ‚Äď he murmured as he stood in front of the large entrance.

His eyes widened with shock looking in front. He just could not believe his eyes, his mind was not ready to accept the vision he was viewing! It shocked him to the core! He could not think of anything else but shout!


Precap : I Love You Swara Gadodia, above everything and everyone I Just Love You…

So done with another part.¬†Hope you like it, please do leave a comment ūüėä!

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