Sanskar : My Ray Of Hope Part 3 (C) (Last Part)

Sanskar – My Ray Of Hope :-

Chapter 3 (C) :- (Last Chapter)

Hello Gyz!!! Ya Ya I know long long time back I gave the previous chapter, kya karoon am just getting lazier and lazier day by day (Waah kya excuse hai! Well done!!!) Haha! Okk lets jump onto today’s chapter , the last chapter of TS! A big thank u to each and every person who supported and commented, this is a very hard hitting issue of today’s society and I just tried to show my take on it, thanks #Goldie madam for the awesome concept you wanted me to write on! So Happy Reading all of you!!!

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Precap : SwaSan confession, Sanskar asks Swara to punish Rohit….

[Gadodiya House]

“Because I have promised someone that I will never harm that man!!! I cant even put a scratch on Rohit! I have been bound by a promise Goddammit! I cant break it!!!” – she blurted out at her highest pitch making Sanskar shocked!!!

Swara buried her face on her knees, her body shaking with her sobs… “I cant Sanskar! I just cant!!!” – she murmured. Sanskar slowly sat down in front of her unsure of how to react, she was highly vulnerable at this point of time and there was something she was hiding…

He slowly placed his trembling hand on her hairs caressing them unsure of how she would react. Swara slowly opened her eyes, but did not look up. This touch, ya this was very very different! No there was no shivers down the spine or electrifying her, but this touch was warm, something that gave her a sense of security, a sense of protectiveness and above all LOVE, yes this touch was a loved touch! Something that she experienced from the touch of the person to whom she had promised something that was stopping her from punishing that animal! Her mother! Yes, her Ma, Sharmishtha Gadodia who was her sole reason of existence, after her demise she was living just for the promise she made to her…

She heard footsteps and slowly looked up to find Sanskar moving towards the door with his head hung down.

“I promised Maa I would never harm Rohit!” – her voice rang through the room making Sanskar’s feet freeze suddenly. He turned around to find Swara looking at the ceiling…

“ I Swara Gadodiya , everyone said I was born with a silver spoon in mouth… You all know I am the able and successful daughter of The Shekhar Gadodiya, but no one knows the fact that Dad never wanted a daughter! All he wanted was a son, an able son who would run his established empire and would bring more glory to his name… Ma always tried to fill the vaccum he created in my life, she never let me know that my father disliked me…”

Swara let out a deep breath and looked at Sanskar who was now sitting in front of her holding her hand. There were questions in his warm eyes which made her impatient to pour her heart out to this man, she knew only he could understand her pain, that she had gone through her entire life.

[Swara’s POV]

Ma always accompanied me to the PTAs in school , all my friends came with both parents and I would looked at them surprised at how the dad’s used to call their daughter ‘Princess’ I never heard that word from him, I used to long that when my Dad would hug me happily like when I got medals or trophies but that day never came!

[Third person POV]

She wiped the corner of her eyes and looked at Sanskar whose glassy eyes reflected how hard it was for him to control his tears.

[Swara’s POV ]

Then one day Dad came with a little l boy and said he would live with us, he was Khurana Uncle’s son, Khurana Uncle was dad’s best friend … He loved me a lot and used to pamper me! But I was shocked to hear that he was no more, Khurana Uncle and Aunty had died in a plane crash and Rohit their son was to stay with us. I was really sad and cried a lot , but then decided to be his best friend! We bonded well and went to the same school, he was two classes senior to me. I was a little jealous of him as Dad always loved him and pampered him a lot , but then Ma always filled me with so much love that I used to forget about all these.

Then came the day of my 18th birthday, the day that changed our fate forever. Dad announced my engagement with Rohit, I did not know how to react, but Rohit was really happy! Though I didn’t love him, he was my best friend… So I agreed for his happiness. We got engaged, Ma seemed not to be happy and she tricked Dad to transfer full property to my name, I was shocked but Mom said it was for my own good… Dad was furious when he came to know coz he wanted Rohit to handle his empire not his daughter whom he thought good for nothing! Ma just calmly said if Rohit had to work, he would work under me… And powers would be in my hand.

Then came the most fateful day of my life, it was a month exact after my birthday, I was in college when suddenly my cell rang and next moment I was on the verge of being an orphan! The inspector who called informed that Ma and Dad had to return from London that day, but the flight crashed just an hour before arrival! Everything was blank in and around for me, I rushed to hospital, to find my support system, my Maa fighting with her last breaths… Tears clouded my eyes and She looked at me and gestured me to come near her…

“Promise me Swara that you will be the best companion to Rohit, just like you are a best daughter to us!” – Ma asked me making me shocked as she never liked Rohit that much, but at that moment nothing was more important than my Ma who was struggling with her voice. I immediately nodded vigorously holding her hand, and broke down… I couldn’t utter a word, my voice was at a standstill.

“Y-you must be surprised why am I asking this from you… Haina Shona? But it is your father’s last wish beta! He had muttered Rohit’s name just before leaving us forever! Plz beta, fulfil this wish of his!” – Ma’s voice still rings in my ears Sanskar!!!

And then, she left me left me forever!!! In one moment, I was standing all alone, the person who loved me the most left me in wink of an eye and the person for whose love I had craved forever had placed someone before me even at his last few breathes! I was broken down completely!!!

The thought kills Sanskar! This thought kills me even today…..


Sanskar was blank, he did not know what to say, this lady sitting in front of him had such deep pains that were irrepairable … She was so so different from the Swara Gadodiya he knew! He looked at her, no there was not a single tear in her eyes but a sense of helplessness and pain in those beautiful orbs.

“I can’t harm him Sanskar, I had promised her… I would never harm him!” – she said in a low tone!!!

He smiled lightly squeezing her hand gently. “Close your eyes Swara, you will get answers to all your questions…” – he instructed her and got up to leave.

Swara was a bit surprised at his reactions but she so wanted to follow his words and closed her eyes slowly….

Sanskar turned at her once when he was at the door and smiled wiping a drop of tear that shined at the corner of his eyes.

[15 minutes later]


Nikhil was standing at the centre of the hall with that animal lying on the floor on his knees, his mouth was gagged and hands and feet tied, just like a typical Bollywood movie! Well that was Nikhil, each of his work was always overloaded with drama and this was no exception. Rohit was trying hard to free himself which landed him the umpteenth kick from Nikhil’s hard boots making him wince again… “Chup Chaap Pada Rahe…” – Nikhil growled.

Sanskar was sitting on the sofa gritting his teeth looking mercilessly at Rohit, he just wanted to tear his body apart so that he cries to death but he wanted Swara to punish her culprit, she had to fight her fears. He fisted his palms and looked at the stairs but still there was no sign of hers. He was getting impatient and perplexed. Was he so wrong? Was he unsuccessful???

Nikhil (impatiently) – Yaar where is Swara??? Plzz call her fast or else this dirty creature would be dead by my hands I am warning…

“No need of that Nikhil… I am here!!!” – her strong voice echoed in the hall making all of them turn, there she was standing near the stairs looking at them. Sanskar couldn’t help but smile even in this serious conditions as Swara came down.

Her eyes met his and he could see the tigress in her, which he always wanted to see. He just nodded and she came to sit beside him… “Khol do usse Nikhil!” – Swara ordered in a stern tone making Rohit shiver. Nikhil nodded and followed her words , he gave another kick to the animal and went to sit on another sofa crossing his legs in a full filmy manner!

Rohit immediately sprang up and tried to run out. Swara just sat calmly, “Stop him!” – both the guys shouted at her panicked. She was sitting expressionless. Sanskar was about to run, but she held his hand and looked at him sternly and nodded in a no making him confused and he sat back.

Next moment, another shock came. Rohit ran back in at double the speed he had left and sat back at his original position panting heavily. His left was leg bleeding, Swara just smirked at him and the two other person in the hall were speechless, they both looked at Swara and Rohit vice versa. Sanskar gulped down, he had awaken the tigress and now he himself was finding his throat dried.

“Next time you try to run, your body will be cut in perfect pieces by their canine teeth Mr.Khurana, hope you understand!” – she said coldly looking straight into Rohit’s eyes…

Rohit (hissing) – You will pay for this Swara….

“You Bastard..” – Sanskar shouted rushing towards him, but yet again Swara stopped him and pulled him to sit…

“Well Mr.Rohit, its time for you to pay back for all the bruises that you gave not only on my body, but my soul! Its time for punishment…” – Swara now growled with anger rising in her voice.

There was an accurate three and a half minutes silence, no words were spoken…

“Who among two of you smoke??” – she asked looking at Nikhil, Nikhil was already in fear of her from day one and now her new avatar was shaking him more.

He looked at Sanskar who was in his mode. He signaled him turning his index finger from left to right with widened eyes pleading him not to spill the beans. Nikhil was on the verge of laughing now but controlled…. Swara sensed something and turned around at Sanskar with narrowed eyes to find him smiling nonchalantly.

“I I smoke, Sanskar toh cigarette chhuta vi nahin hai….” – he said in a mock mixed sweet tone drawing Swara’s attention.

Swara – That means you carry cigarettes with you… Give the box and lighter…

Nikhil (stammering)- B-b-u-t… S-s-w-a-r-a-a , I wont smoke promise, don’t do this…

Swara (irritated) – Uff Nikhil, give me the box…

Nikhil obliged with no other options. Swara took it and turned to Rohit whose eyes were clearly showing that he knew what was coming in his way. He immediately crawled towards Swara and folded his hands…

Rohit (pleading) – Plzz plzz Swara , plzz no, don’t do this…

Swara – Tch! Tch! Theses words are too familiar na Rohit, do I need to remind where we heard them??? Same place, same situations, just the tables have turned today, and if you hope that these pleadings will stop me then you know what, I am a way more ruthless than u. Just wait and watch…

She lit a cigarette and held towards Rohit. Sanskar frowned and was not able to understand what was she upto ..,

“Hold this…” – now her voice was very very angry. Rohit held the cigarette with trembling hands, Swara just smirked. “Now press them on your knuckles until the cigarette is fully burnt!”- she completed.

All the men present there was speechless, Rohit was shocked and was at loss of words. “We don’t have whole day Khurana!!!” – Swara shouted at the top of her voice.

Rohit immediately pressed the burning cigarette on his knuckles as a reflex of fear and winced in pain, immediately removing it! “Swara plzzz! Plzz forgive, Aaahhh!!!.” – he was snapped in the middle as the cigarette was pressed again on his knuckles.

Swara was shocked and turned to find Sanskar holding his hands tightly so that he cant move, Sanskar was gritting his teeth angrily! “Scream more you bastard! I want to hear each and every scream of yours, I want you to experience each and every pain and a way more pain than you gave her Rohit, I swear if I had laws in my hand, I would have killed you right here, right now!!!” – Sanskar shouted at his highest pitch making Swara speechless. She had never seen someone so so protective about her after her mother passed away, tears were flooding her eyes…

She was correct, her Ma had showed her the right path! Nothing could go wrong now….


“Follow your heart Shona, forget about all the promises and the words Swara, the man whom I had asked you to take care of is a demon Shona, and never try to fulfill promises that compromises with your dignity! Go punish him Shona, punish him in such a way that no other man would not even dare to do such a devilish act! I love you my daughter, always remember my blessings are with you…” – Swara smiled closing her eyes.

Her heart felt so light as she heard her mother’s voice speaking to her heart! She knew what to do right now… She was about to open her eyes…

“And one more thing Shona, its very hard to get a person who will protect you, care for you and love you till eternity! If you have ever felt that you have found that person, Don’t ever let the person go… You might have understood what I mean, I am really happy for you Swara, finally my Shona has got what she deserves! All the best beta , all the best…” – the voice again rang in her ears making her smile. She immediately knew what to do….

She opened her eyes slowly smiling. Finally, everything was going to be correct…


Her thoughts were broken by Rohit’s screams, as his knuckles were burnt badly. Swara looked at him the cigarette was finished and Sanskar was holding Rohit fisting his hair with cold stoned face. Swara slowly held his arm making him turn at her. She smiled softly and nodded in a no asking him to leave Rohit. Sanskar relaxed his face and left that animal to fall on ground crying loudly in pain.

Swara got up and went to a room across the hall, Sanskar and Nikhil looked at each other with questions in eyes. But it took little time to answer them… She came out with the cane in her hand and looked at Rohit.

The cane which lashed innumerably across her whole body making her the weak person she was a few hours ago was now finally going to vent out its frustration on the person who deserved it.

This was the time for another action…

[An Hour later]

Black and blue marks all over the body, blood trickling from the corner of lips and back full of lash marks of cane, Rohit was lying on the floor shouting in pain. Swara closed her eyes and fisted her palms, this was so not her! She had never expected to hurt someone so badly but now this demon had invited the devil in her and enough was enough!

Tolerance had a limit.

She opened her eyes and hugged Sanskar who was holding her hand firmly, she sobbed as she hid her face in his chest hugging him tightly. “I have changed Sanskar, this man brought the worst side of me!!! I I am so heartless Sanskar…” – she cried slowly and the cane fell off from her hand.

Sanskar patted her back gently consoling her. He slowly broke the hug and cupped her face making her look at him… He smiled at her with the most genuine smile and his eyes froze on hers.

Sanskar (calmly and clearly) – You are the best woman I have ever seen Swara Gadodiya, you just amaze me, each and every act of yours, word of yours and smile of yours make me feel the luckiest in this world… You are the most beautiful lady in the world…

Swara was just drowned in his eyes forgetting the entire situation they were in, each and every word of his just touched her soul, the soul which was bruised and hurt by all the men of her life was finally being healed by this man, she was finally feeling that she was lucky…

“Ahmm ahmm!” – both their trances were broken by Nikhil who was looking at every direction but them. He chuckled and looked at Swara.

Nikhil – Well Swara, if you give permission then the police is here to arrest this bastard.

Swara immediately regained her tough mask and nodded. Inspector came and recorded her statement and Rohit was arrested. He was not in a condition to speak anything and was taken…

Swara let out a deep sigh. She looked around the house, which was finally a safe place for her, after a long long time she could come back home evening devoid of any tension and panic , all thanks to these two men who had made it possible to drag her out of this living hell. She looked at Sanskar and Nikhil who were discussing something, she smiled and went to them.

Swara – Nikhil…

Nikhil turned towards her and was shocked to find her smiling at him… He immediately held his hand out at Sanskar. “Pinch me yaar! The great Swara Gadodiya is smiling at me!!! Oh My God!!!” – he giggled making all three laugh.

Swara (laughing) – Oh God! Such a dramebaaz!!!

Sanskar was just looking at her laughing. He was hearing her carefree laugh for the first time and it was the most beautiful melody to his ears. He promised himself at that instant to secure this laugh of hers forever.

Swara (stopping her laughs) – I didn’t know how brothers are like Nikhil, but today God blessed me with a brother that too a full dramebaaz brother (she chuckled) making me know that brothers can go to any extent to fight for injustice that happened to their sisters! You have helped me a lot Bro, maybe I can never pay you back.

Nikhil was surprised and so was Sanskar. Swara smiled and gave a small side hug to Nikhil making him tearful and emotional.

“And if sisters are so lovely like you, then main toh har ladki ka Vai ban jaaon!” – Nikhil laughed amidst tears hugging her back.

“And I have a work for u” – Swara changed her tone…

Nikhil frowned and suddenly giggled, “See This is my sister whom I know”  – He laughed along with Sanskar…  Swara gave a tooth grin…

Swara (bossily) – You both handover ur cigarette packs to me by the end of the day, no more smoking, it’s an order.

Nikhil laughed hearing and looked at Sanskar, who bit his tongue understanding Swara had caught hold of him…He held his ears pleading sorry making Swara giggle. All three laughed…

“As you wish Boss” – the boys shouted in unison….

Swara smiled and looked at Sanskar… Before she could say anything, Sanskar stopped her.

Sanskar – Enough of talks Swara, now you must rest, I will stay here , you go to sleep… Its already 6AM. Go and rest a bit… Nikhil tub hi ghar jake aaram kar… Kamla Kaki and me will take care of her…

Swara – But…

Sanskar – No ifs, no buts, Swara… Go and sleep… Now!

Swara frowned angrily at his command and marched to her room angrily. “Samajhta kya hai apne ap ko! Mujhe order de raha hai!! Kitni zaroori baat karni thi! Aarghh!!” – she murmured angrily and went to her room.

Sanskar just smiled at her child like innocence. Truly, this lovely Swara was lost somewhere and now he will make sure that she lives her life to the fullest!

“Oh beta! Stop staring at her…” – Nikhil whispered making Sanskar blush. Nikhil giggled.

Nikhil – She needs you Sanskar, never ever leave her! I am sure you are the key to my sister’s happiness..

Sanskar smiled and hugged him. He left after a few more necessary talks regarding office. Sanskar sighed, it was one of the most dreadful night with the most beautiful and peaceful morning.

He settled on the couch in the hall itself. Slowly sleep overpowered his senses.

[2 hours later]

“Sanksaar!!! Sanskar… Get up!!!” – Kamla jerked Sanskar out of his sleep. Sanskar got up rubbing his eyes. He looked at Kamla who looked panic stricken. He immediately sprang up.

Sanskar – Kaki kya hua? Is Swara all right?? Batao na…

Kamla – Sanskar Swara is crying badly, she is just not saying anything…

Before she could complete Sanskar ran upstairs at his highest speed. Small beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he reached her room. He slowly pushed the door nervously and entered and bolted the door.

[In The Room]

He looked around and found the room to be empty. He was already panicked, “Where is she?” – he murmured glancing at each corner of the room, he checked the washroom but to his shock that was also empty. He went towards the door that leaded to the small terrace which was Swara’s favorite corner, he knew. But no she was not there also.

Now, he was sweating profusely and turned back and froze to his spot. There she was sitting on the floor, resting her back on the bed corner, curled up like a cocoon, crying furiously. Her petite frame was shaking vigorously and she had buried her face in her knees. Sanskar immediately ran to her and sat beside her with a thump.

“Swara! Swara… What happened? Kya hua?? Batao mujhe!” – he wrapped his arm around her shoulder slightly. The reaction he got the next moment again shocked him…

Swara just pushed him vigorously making him fall. She crawled a little back as if she was afraid of him and curled herself more. He looked at her face which was all pale and tear streaked, she had lost her charm, her bruises were still fresh. Sanskar just couldn’t see his lady love’s condition, he got up and tried to come near her but she stopped him by raising her hands.

Swara (in a trembling voice) – N-n-o-o, D-d-o-n-t!!!

Sanskar was perplexed now. Just a few hours back, he had managed to bring back self confidence in her but now yet again she was losing herself. He again tried to come near her but yet again she stopped, this time screaming…

Swara – I said no Sanskarr!!! Don’t come near me… I am impure Goddamit! Don’t let your life be ruined just for me… (Her voice was breaking) You will not be able to look at me, I have seen myself just a few moments back, that demon had demolished each and every inch of me Sanskar! He touched me Sanskar (she covered her face with her hands) , he touched me here (she pointed at her face), here (she touched her neck), here (she touched her hands, limbs and started rubbing them vigorously), I tried Sanskar, I tried a lot to remove his filthy touch but cant, see I am still trying (she was still rubbing her full body madly now crying vigorously), I cant Sanskarrrr… Go away!!! I cant!!!!

Sanskar was just at loss of words. Tears flooded his eyes and were flowing , he was crying now looking at her, no he had to stop her from breaking herself. This was not the time to get weak, he had to become her strength.

Swara (continued) – Believe me Sanskar, you don’t have the strength to look at me like this, I don’t want you to regret your decisions later, plzz go away now… I I cant give you what you deserve, Plzz…

Before she could complete, Sanskar had already reached her. He swiftly cupped her face and made her look up at him, Swara was still blabbering looking down.

Sanskar (whispered) – Look at me…

Swara couldn’t but look up into his eyes, she couldn’t speak another word, his eyes just reflected one thing that she related to, his deep ocean like eyes met her hazel once and no other words were spoken except four words…


Just four words were needed to soothe her pain, no other consoling words , pacification nothing… Just pin drop silence and two pairs of eyes looking into each other’s like there was no tomorrow! Sometimes, words are not necessary…

This moment was perfect…. Happy Beginning!!!

[3Years Back Flashback Ends]


[SwaSan bedroom]

Swara looked up from her dairy to her dear husband who was still buried in laptop. Here she had penned down their entire life in her companion, her dairy and hr other companion e was still working…

[Swara’s POV]

“Such a workaholic guy! Huh!” – the usual murmur I always give looking at him… Well sometimes, I genuinely think what did I do to deserve him, though I know he gets angry by this question of mine…

Our story is very different from the other couples whom we see in daily life… We did not have the dreamy proposal or beautiful dates or very grand wedding. Everything was very very simple! Initial days were very very tough, taunts from each and every nook and corner of society was there, his family disowned him , I pleaded him to go back but he was firm on his decision and his hand was strongly holding my hands no matter whatever the situation was.

Now, here we are sitting in our own sweet home, he is now the Sanskar Raheja known as the ‘Software Wizard’ , the owner of Raheja’s , one of the top 4 Software Manufacturing units of the country, and me, am still the Swara Sanskar Raheja, ably managing my Dad’s dream Gadodiya Groups just like before…

And now, we were all set to play a new role , ya you have guessed it right, we are soon to be Mom-Dad, I am two weeks pregnant. Ya initial days after marriage were tough, I still feared to take our relationship forward, the nightmare just haunted me like hell! But I had seen the patient Sanskar in all these while, THREE YEARS, three long years were needed by me to get out of my entire past, and he didn’t complain even a second! And now we are blessed with our gift, our symbol of love…

Oh By the way I just forgot to title our entire journey! Now I got a perfect title….


‘Sanskar- My Ray Of Hope’ – Swara filled the line she had left vacant in the starting of her today’s writing due to absence of a suitable title…

She smiled looking at the title slightly caressing her husband’s name on the page and looked up to find Sanskar staring at her, he immediately buried his face in work as she caught him. She giggled as her cheeks showed a slight pink shade due to blush which was always gifted by him… She touched her belly and smiled.

Life was finally perfect…

So gyz finally done with the TS. Thanks a lot for your support and bearing with my irregularity! Hope to see you in the comment box…..

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