Sanskar: Ragini will you marry me?? Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will ((: Intro of episode 1


Sanskar: Ragini will you marry me?? Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will ((: Intro of episode 1
Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice meeting you guys aha. I am honestly happy that many people loved my one shot for Ragsan!!! Thank you so much… I am honestly proud because of this… Well after all you guys wanted me to write a Fan Fiction on Ragsan and Swalak and I will try my best aha. I also write a Fan Fiction called Destiny Vs love, might start a new one called “Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehaa” But anyways I will start with my introduction for the first episode!!! Also I will give you an intro about myself below aha, please do not hate on me because this is my first Swaragini Fan-Fiction…. Also I will do this Fan-fiction if you guys want me to continue with it… Aha… Now let’s start

Characters intro
Ragini Gadodia (24 years old) – She’s a sweet always caring for others… She made an orphanage for little kids and loves them a lot… She dresses very traditional… She always wanted to become a business woman… She loves her family a lot… Ragini and her sister are very close and they always share their secrets with each other…
Swara Gadodia (22 years old) – She loves dancing and singing it’s her favorite thing… She is always helping her sister… She loves her family a lot… She wears short dresses, pants, t-shirts but never forgets her traditional clothes… She’s staying her last year in University… She’s close with Laksh who always flirts with every girl aha… But overall Swara loves her sister Ragini a lot….
Laksh Maheshwari (24 years old) – He a flirt who making every girl love him… He makes everyone laugh when they’re sad… Swara is his best friend… They both always play music together… He loves his brother Sanskar a lot… But he left the family when he was really small because many things happened… Laksh is a guy who loves his mother a lot but is scared of his father… But loves him too….
Sanskar Maheshwari (26 years old) – His a really big business man… He lives with his mother only… He hates Maheshwari family because they kicked him out… He thinks this was all Laksh’s fault… He can do anything for his mother’s happiness… Sanskar always brings gifts for his mother to make her happy… But overall his really sweet but can get angry at points when something bad happens to his family…
Sujata Maheshwari- She loves her son Sanskar a lot… Sujata left the MM because she thinks her son is right… She believes that her son can never do anything wrong with anyone… Sujata wants Sanskar to get married soon too… She loves Sanskar a lot…
Annapurna Maheshwari- She is Laksh’s mother and loves him a lot… She is always helping him out with his music without his father knowing… She would always want Sanskar and Laksh to talk but fails to do so… She’s an idol mother for Laksh.
Shekhar Gadodia- Shekhar is the best father of Swara and Ragini… He loves them both equally… Shekhar can do anything for his daughter’s happiness….
Durga Prasad Maheshwari- His a very strict father but loves Laksh a lot… He wants Laksh to join the business but finds out Laksh loves music…. DP always wants his kids happy…
Sharmishtha Shekhar Gadodia- A loving mother, wife and daughter-in-law … who wants their daughters to achieve their goals… She always supports her daughters even though they’re doing something wrong… But overall she loves them a lot…
Parvati Deendayal Gadodia- A loving grandmother of Swara and Ragini… She treats them both equally and she loves her daughter-in-law (Nothing compared to the real one in Swaragini)
The rest are additional Characters that will be added in my Fan Fictions later on, but anyways let’s start the introduction for the first episode aha

First episode Introduction
Scene 1#
A beautiful girl named wearing a red salwar kameez… She starts running down the stairs and goes into the kitchen and starts making food for everyone before leaving to the temple…
Ragini: Prefect now I am done making food for everyone… Oh god it’s already 7am… I need to hurry up before anyone wakes up in the house…
She takes her bike and starts bicycling through the beautiful city named Delhi… She looks at the beautiful sun while riding… Ragini loved smiling a lot…
Ten minutes later Ragini reaches the temple… She leaves her bike their and rushes upstairs… She goes in front of god and starts praying…
Ragini: God today is a very important day for me… I will be going to my very first interview for the biggest business known… I really want you to accept my wishes… I also want my family to always stay happy together… My family is the path my happiness… I just hope you will always fulfill my dreams like always….
While Ragini finished praying she looks at the time and it’s 8am
Ragini: Oh my god it’s already 8am… I need to reach home on time…
Ragini thinks of buying some sweets her family… She leaves her bike by the temple… and sees the sweet shop… She tries to run through the streets but almost got hit by a car… A handsome boy saves her on time…. They both have an eye lock… (The guy was Sanskar)
While they both are having an eye lock the song Rootha kyun plays from (1920 London)
Rootha kyun mujhse itna khafa na hona itna tu
Saansein bhi tere bina main na loon
Jaane kyun bewajah
O ho.. rehne de
Teri mohabbaton mein rehne de
Tere khwabon mein mujhe behne de
Aisa hona de tu zara
Main toh tere shab ki subah hoon na
Hathon ki lakeeron mein likha hoon na (x2)
Rehta hai mere honthon pe tere honthon ka nishaan
Hota hai tanha raaton mein tere hone ka gumaan
Mujhe mehsoos hua hai aisa laga hai
Tumne chhua hai na
Main toh tere shab ki subah hoon na
Hathon ki lakeeron mein likha hoon na (x2)
Hmm.. ho..
Laazim hai, jaise saanson ke liye laazim hai hawa
Waise hi mere liye zaroori hai hona tera
Tere mere pyar ka rista sadiyon rahega
Sadiyon raha hai na
Main toh tere shab ki subah hoon na
Hathon ki lakeeron mein likhi hoon na
Main toh tere shab ki subah hoon na
Hathon ki lakeeron mein likha hoon na

He family let’s her go….
Sanskar: Can’t you see where you’re going??
Ragini: I am sorry I was crossing the streets to get some sweets and I was rushing very fast…
Sanskar: You shouldn’t be crossing the streets very fast and if you can’t cross the streets properly then why are you going outside?
Ragini: Excuse me Mr. I know how to cross the streets properly… I think you should mind your own business (She leaves)
Sanskar: What a rude girl… instead of saying thank you to me… She started making me listen to her lectures… Oh well forget her….
Ragini finally gets the sweets and leaves home with her bike….
(Remember this is half of the scene… Rest will be added on episode 1)
Scene 2#
Ragini will be reaching home and everyone will see her… Ragini tells everyone she went to the temple and made food before leaving… They will all enjoy eating breakfast together… Ragini and Swara start laughing at each other’s jokes….
Scene 3#
Laksh and Swara will be running laps and singing a beautiful song together… They will also start bullying each other for fun…
Scene 3#
Laksh will be talking to his family about the big concert that he will be going to… His father tells him not to do anything related with music… But his mother speaks up for him…
Scene 4#
Sujata will be talking to Sanskar about marriage… Sanskar will deny and says his not ready to get married just yet… She tells him you will meet your dream girl one day… Sanskar thinks about his family and how they blamed him…
Scene 5#
Ragini will leave her house by telling everyone about the interview… They all praise her and smile… Everyone in her family give her blessings… Swara gives Ragini a lucky charm bracelet… Ragini hugs Swara…
Scene 6#
Ragini be walking through the streets… by the Maheshwari Mansion and there Sanskar was by his window and sees her… He remembers it was the same girl he met at the temple… She starts looking around the place and sees him staring at her… They both have an eye lock… He leaves the place… Ragini thinks that guy is creepy….
Scene 7#
Sanskar office…. Ragini reaches the place and waits for her named to be called… After twenty minutes later Sanskar reaches the place… Ragini doesn’t see him…. He enters his cabin and tells someone to tell Ragini to come in.
Scene 8#
Ragini is scared to enter his cabin… Then she remembers Swara’s lucky charm… She thinks god is with her and so are Swara and my family… She finally enters the cabin… Sanskar turns around his chair and is shocked to see Ragini standing there….
The scenes end with Ragini and Sanskar’s shocked faces….

Well guys this was the introduction of my Fan Fiction…. I will be happy by seeing positive comments… If you guys do express your idea then I will post episode 1 soon aha. Well anyways if you would love to read other fan fictions by me aha….

Here’s the links
Also I am starting on a new called
Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha (Based on Qubool Hai (Asya) and Beintehha (Zaya)
Well I hope you enjoyed the intro
About myself
Well hi guys my name is Nusz!! I am happy to meet you all aha. Well I am not from Asia… But my family is… I am England…. Anyways I am sixteen years old… Aha that’s my intro about myself
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the first episode maybe Monday May 2nd or Friday May 6th 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

Credit to: Nusz(T!B!H)

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