Sanskar: Ragini will you marry me?? Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will ((: Episode 4


Sanskar: Ragini will you marry me?? Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will ((: Episode 4
Hey guys sorry for the delay but Nusz is back and I am honestly so happy with the comments. I love you guys so much… But anyways let’s just start with episode three… I also write a Fan Fiction called Destiny Vs love, I started a new one called “Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehaa” Now let’s start. (Also sorry for the delay and late posting) aha
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Let’s start
At the wedding
Ragini and Sanskar enter the wedding hall…. Ragini tells Sanskar something….
Ragini: The people here look evil…
Sanskar: Ms. Gadodia are you a bride?
Ragini: No why?
Sanskar: Then why are you wearing clothes that brides were?

Ragini: Wait what?
Sanskar: Um you should look at your dress code
Ragini: Excuse me sir, but you shouldn’t forget
Sanskar: Forget what?
Ragini: That you’re the one who gave me these clothes to wear
Sanskar: Well you should have checked before wearing it
Ragini: Um you rushed me into the washroom
Sanskar: Look before more people see this… Let’s change your clothes….
Ragini: Um I don’t have any traditional clothes with me
Sanskar: Come with me

Outside the wedding hall/ washroom
Sanskar and Ragini rush back outside and he pulls out another sari that he wanted to gift his mother… But he had no other choice but give it to Ragini…..
Ragini: You want me to wear this?
Sanskar: No I want you to eat it
Ragini: You don’t have to be so rude
Sanskar: You and your nonsense is pissing me off right now
Ragini: Then you shouldn’t have brought me along with you
Sanskar: Look Ms. Gadodia please go and change

Ragini: Fine (making an angry face at him)
Sanskar: This girl is driving me insane with her stupid lectures
After ten minutes Ragini comes out wearing a beautiful black sari…. She actually looks beautiful aha… Sanskar looks at her… But then he looks away….
Sanskar: Why does it take you forever?
Ragini: I am not wearing pajamas… We’re at a wedding and I had to look nice…
Sanskar: Ugh whatever… Can we go inside now? Or we have to wait another hour
Ragini: No let’s go (making an angry face at him)
Sanskar: Oh god what trouble did you trap me in

Inside The Wedding Hall
Ragini and Sanskar enter the wedding wall… Sanskar tells her something…
Sanskar: Ms. Gadodia we need to be careful… I already told my people to reach this place soon….
Ragini: I am being careful
Sanskar: No I mean it
Ragini: I will don’t worry….
Sanskar: Okay let’s go
At The Music School
Someone comes in clapping after they finished their song….
Ravi: I must say you guys are getting better nowadays
Swara: What are you doing here?

Laksh: I called him here
Swara: What?? Why did you call him here?
Laksh: Because I need to talk to him
Swara: What the hell Laksh I told you not to talk to him
Laksh: Look Swara it’s important that’s why I called him
Swara: Laksh don’t you understand…
Laksh: I do Swara but I can’t let him play games with you
Swara: You’re making it worse
Ravi: Oh come on guys… quit fighting
Swara: Ravi don’t speak between our conversation
Laksh: Swara listen to me
Swara: I am not in the mood to listen anymore (She was about to leave)
Ravi: Oh come on Swara… why are you leaving already

Swara: Ravi don’t even try again
Ravi: I am not trying anything…
Swara: Yea right (She finally leaves the place)
Laksh runs after her but Ravi stops him.
Ravi: What are you trying to do?
Laksh: Look I only called you here to give the music album to Swara… Not to start problems all over again
Ravi: Oh please you think I am going to give you that
Laksh: Get your hand off my shoulder… Or I swear to god… I beat the hell out of you….
Ravi: Geez someone is so aggressive today
Laksh: Watch your mouth… you’re the one who is already causing problems between us and our music
Ravi: Well you see music is also my passion too
Laksh: If it is… Then stay out of out matters and do your own music….
Ravi: And if I don’t

Laksh: Then you will see my bad side… just watch (He leaves in anger)
Ravi: Aw I feel so pity for you Laksh…. This Swara won’t get away with this very long (He smirks)
At the wedding
A lady comes up to Ragsan and asks them something…
Lady: Oh hello there are you guys here for the dance performance?
Ragini: Yes Auntie we’re here for the dance performance
Lady: Oh that’s wonderful… It will be starting soon
Ragini: Oh thank you for telling us… because we didn’t know where to go
Sanskar was looking around the place and he spots one of goons and tries to go there but Ragini stops him….
Sanskar: God dammit, what’s wrong with you?

Ragini: Look we have to go do a dance performance
Sanskar: Are you out of your mind?
Ragini: No I am not… but if you want to find who the goons are…. We need to dance…
Sanskar: What do I look like a dancer at a club?
Ragini: Can you stop acting like this
Sanskar: I am not dancing
Lady: So are you guys coming or what?
Ragini: Yes just a minute…
Lady: What happened? Your husband is not listening to you
Ragini: No his not my (Before she can finished… the lady cuts her off)
Lady: its okay I understand… fights like this always happens
Sanskar: Wait what?
Lady: You’re not a very nice husband… you should be listening to your wife
Sanskar: Wait whose wife?? And what husband?
Lady: Isn’t this your wife?
Lady: Oh I understand fights like this happens

Sanskar: Look Ma’am I am not in the mood to start fighting… She’s not my wife
Ragini (In mind): This guy love causing problems
Lady: So are you guys coming or what?
Sanskar: Excuse me Ma’am we haven’t finished talking about the husband-wife topic
Lady: Look you guys are wasting time here
Sanskar: First answer my question
Ragini: Can you stop it
Sanskar: No first she needs to answer my question
Ragini: Stop it
Sanskar: Don’t dare to stop me
Ragini gets angry and pulls him inside…
Lady (In mind): I guess they haven’t fallen in love yet… But really soon they will love each other so much…
Inside the wedding place
Sanskar pushes Ragini’s hand away….

Sanskar: What is your problem?
Ragini: Why do you have to make everything into a problem?
Sanskar: Because I hate when people talk about these things….
Ragini: Why does it matter? She doesn’t even know us….

Sanskar: It does matter to me
Ragini: Look let’s not talk about this anymore… The goons are coming this way…
Sanskar pulls Ragini towards the stage…
Sanskar: Now watch me
Ragini: What are you doing?
Sanskar: Just wait and see
Ragini (in mind): I wonder what he is going to do now. (Feeling confused)
Outside the music school/Laksh’s car
Laksh: Swara listen to me
Swara: Laksh leave me alone
Laksh: Swara I said listen to me

Swara: Laksh I told you to leave me alone
Laksh starts laughing and Swara turns around
Swara: Why are you laughing?
Laksh: I love how we both are repeating the same sentences
Swara: And you think that’s funny
Laksh: Everything you do is funny
Swara: What do you mean?
Laksh: There is tomato sauce on your face
Swara: Excuse me?
Laksh: I am not lying
Swara: Oh so you think this funny?
Laksh: Hey quit screaming at me
Swara: Because this is your fault
Laksh: What is my fault?? That I called Ravi here?
Swara: Everything you do is a fault
Laksh: Hey that’s an insult
Swara: Good for you… Now let me go

Laksh pulls Swara and by accident she trips on a rock and he catches her…
Laksh: I think you should watch where you’re stepping
Swara: Excuse me you’re the one who pulled me back
Laksh: Because you’re not listening to me
Swara: And I don’t want to listen to you
Laksh: Okay Baba I am so sorry… I won’t call him again
Swara: I don’t want to talk about it…
Laksh: Where are you going?
Swara: Home
Laksh: I will drop you off
Swara: No thank you
Laksh: Wait Swara… let me drop you off
Laksh: What the hell…
At the wedding

Ragini and Sanskar are on the stage…. The other dancers come there too…
. The lights go off and place is looking beautiful…
Ragini: What are you doing?
Sanskar: It’s time to dance because I need to get the goons…
Ragini: But you said you didn’t want to dance
Sanskar: Sadly I have to dance with you….
Ragini: Like I want to dance with you?
Sanskar: Oh you will enjoy dancing with me because at least I can dance…
Ragini: Yea right (She goes to the other side)
Yeh Ladka Hai Allah plays from the movie (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham)

Tune plays
Background people
Ki mehndi kya kehna
Ka joda kya kehna

Lage hai phoolon ka gehna
Ki aankhen kajrari
Lage sabse pyaari
Pe jaaon main vaari vaari
Ragini is standing there in anger… Sanskar comes and sings….
Sanskar: Ho ho.. o.. ho..
Tune plays
Sanskar starts dancing while looking at the goons…
Sanskar: Banno ki saheli..
Resham ki dori
Chhup chhup ke sharmaaye
Dekhe chori chori (Repeat once)
He pulls Ragini closer and hugs her from the back… He spins her around after…
Sanskar: Yeh maane ya na maane main toh ispe mar gaya
Yeh ladki hai Allah, hai hai re Allah
Yeh ladki hai Allah, hai hai re Allah
He pushes Ragini and dances…Ragini gets angry and ties her hair… She comes with the girls…
Ragini: Babul ki galiyaan..

Na chad ke jaana
Paagal deewana..
Isko samjhana (Repeat once)
Ragini pushes Sanskar and he gets angry…
Ragini: Dekho ji dekho yeh to mere peeche pad gaya
Yeh ladka hai Allah, hai hai re Allah
Yeh ladka hai Allah, hai hai re Allah
Ragini starts dancing with the background while Sanskar pulls her hand… They both start dancing…
Tune plays
Sanskar and Ragini both start dancing together now…
Sanskar: Lab kahe na kahe
Bolti hai nazar
Pyaar nahin chupta..
Yaar chhupaane se
Background people: (Pyaar nahin chupta..
Yaar chhupaane se)
Ragini: Aa..roop ghoonghat mein ho
Toh suhana lage
Baat nahin banti yaar bataane se
Sanskar: Yeh dil ki baatein dil hi jaane ya jaane khuda Yeh ladki hai Allah, hai hai re Allah
Ragini: Yeh ladka hai Allah, hai hai re Allah
Tune plays
While the tune plays Ragini trips and Sanskar catches her… They both share an eye lock… Then he hold her waist and spins her away from him…
Ragini: Mangne se kabhi
Haath milta nahin
Jodiyaan banti hai..

Pehle se sabki
Background people: (Jodiyaan banti hai..
Pehle se sabki)
Sanskar: Ho..leke baaraat ghar
Tere aaonga main
Meri nahin yeh toh
Marzi hai rab ki
Ragini: Arey ja re ja yun
Jhooti muthi baatein na bana
Yeh ladki hai Allah, hai hai re Allah
Yeh ladki hai Allah, hai hai re Allah
Sanskar: Banno ki saheli..
Resham ki dori
Chhup chhup ke sharmaaye
Dekhe chori chori
Ragini: Babul ki galiyaan..
Na chad ke jaana

Paagal deewana..
Isko samjhana
Sanskar: Yeh maane ya na maane main toh ispe mar gaya
Yeh ladki.. Yeh ladki hai Allah, hai hai re Allah
Ragini: Yeh ladka hai Allah, hai hai re AllahYe.. yeh ladki hai Allah, hai hai re Allah
Everyone starts dancing even more… The goons see the police and Sanskar points at them… The goons notice that Ragini and Sanskar are not dancers… They both go on the stage…. But Sanskar pulls Ragini’s hand and they both run out the backdoor… The goons start shooting at the police… Some goons escape from there and run after Ragsan… Most of them get arrested by the police…
At Gadodia’s house

Sumi: Oh finally you’re home Swara
Swara didn’t hear what her mother said she still was walking…
Sumi: Swara?? Are you okay?
Swara then finally heard her mother…
Swara: Oh sorry Ma I was thinking about something
Sumi: Is everything fine?
Swara: Yea where’s Ragini and Baba?
Sumi: Your Baba went to meet your grandmother…
Swara: Aw no fair… but how about Ragini?

Sumi: She isn’t home yet….
Swara: What do you mean yet? It’s already 9pm
Sumi: I don’t I tried calling her but her phone is switched off….
Swara: But Ma…
Sumi: She will be back soon… She told me…
Swara: But it’s already 9pm
Sumi: Don’t Swara go and fresh up and come for dinner…
Swara (in mind): Didn’t Ragini leave the job… Now I am very confused…
DP: How can my plan fail…? I was so close to get Laksh kicked out of that music school
AP (in mind): Thank god I noticed what he did… or he would have ruined my son’s life…
All of a sudden Laksh enters the house…
DP: Laksh where were you?
Laksh: Outside
DP: Where outside?
Laksh: Why do you need to know everything?
DP: Because I am your dad
Laksh: You’re basically stalking me…
AP: His saying the right thing
DP: What do you mean?
AP: Whatever Laksh does isn’t wrong
Laksh: Thanks Ma
DP: You’re always taking his side…
AP: Because I trust my son…

DP: Forget it (He leaves in anger)
Laksh: Thanks my lovely Ma (hugging her)
AP: Always want you smiling my son
Laksh: Wait you should be smiling also
AP: I am… if you’re
Laksh: You’re the best mother
AP: Well guess what?
Laksh: What?
AP: I made Kheer today your favorite sweet dish right?
Laksh: Yes Ma… Thank you so much
AP: Now go get ready
Laksh: Okay I will be right back…
The woods
Ragsan are running very fast… Sanskar sees the goons and runs even faster… They both see the woods… They run through the woods… The goons follow them too…. Ragsan both hide behind the bushes…
Sanskar: This is your entire fault…
Ragini: How is it my fault?
Sanskar: Why did you have to break the dance thing up?
Ragini: Because that was the best way to catch the goons
Sanskar: And the best way to get trapped
Ragini: Why are you yelling at me?
Sanskar: I swear to god if anything happens to me…
Ragini: You’re so selfish… Instead of helping each other… you’re screaming at me…
Sanskar: Shut up Ragini
Ragini: Wow now you’re treating me like crap
Sanskar: Thank you… that would be awesome…
Ragini leaves the place and starts walking through the woods alone…
(Ragini’s Point Of View)

I feel like sometimes no one trusts me…. I always wanted to become something big to make my family happy… But instead I am someone who always causes problems… I already had one marriage broken… But every time I want my family happy they always get hurt… I am a cursed girl… Now I am trapped in this problem…. Why does this always happen to me… Why can’t I ever do anything right… What’s wrong with me….? I just hate myself so much… I am the biggest problem in this world… I don’t know what to do right now…
While Ragini was walking through the woods the goons find her… She gets shocked…
Behind the bushes Sanskar is sitting down and thinking….

(Sanskar’s Point Of View)
I have always wanted something… I am so rude nowadays… I loved a girl who left me… But now I don’t know what to do anymore… But what can I do… but past still bothers me… Just like Laksh and his family betrayed my Ma and I…. I always wanted to take revenge from them… But I promised Ma I wouldn’t something like that… So I can’t break it… But I hate them so much because they treated me like a puppet in the past… Then I finally found out it was all planned my so called brother Laksh… Thanks to him my life was almost ruined… Oh god I almost forgot I let Ms. Gadodia go… Now I am becoming so selfish if those goons find her… They will kill her… Now I need to find her…
Sanskar starts running and looks for Ragini while the goons point a gun at Ragini… She gets scared…. Sanskar starts calling her name….
Episode Ends….

Moral- “Mostly if you fall with that person… you will smile but not always when you don’t see it….”
Recap: AP fails DP’s plan… AP goes to meet Sujata and tells her everything… Sujata wants Sanskar home but doesn’t show up… The girl’s family leaves… Swara and Laksh perform to Zehnaseeb… Sanskar finds Ragini and beats the goons up… They hide in a abandon house… Ragini and Sanskar reach the highway and see the police car… They finally expose the goons… Ragini tries to find out why Sanskar is always sad… Laksh and Ravi get into a fight while Swara tells Laksh something important… Lastly Sanskar finds out something shocking… (Next episode will be a Maha episode)
Mini Spoilers: Laksh and Sanskar to meet soon aha….

Remember it’s not proof read aha.

Well guys this was the very second episode of Swaragini’s Fan Fiction…. I will be happy by seeing positive comments… If you guys do express your idea then I will post episode 4 soon aha. Well anyways if you would love to read other fan fictions by me aha….
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(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)

Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Saturday May 21st 2016 or Sunday May 22nd 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

Credit to: Nusz(T!B!H)

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