Sanskar: Ragini will you marry me?? Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will ((: episode 1

Sanskar: Ragini will you marry me?? Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will ((: Episode 1
Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice meeting you guys aha. I am honestly happy that many people loved my one shot for Ragsan!!! Thank you so much… I am honestly proud because of this… Well after all you guys wanted me to write a Fan Fiction on Ragsan and Swalak and I will try my best aha. I also write a Fan Fiction called Destiny Vs love, might start a new one called “Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehaa” But anyways I will start with my introduction for the first episode!!! Also I will give you an intro about myself below aha, please do not hate on me because this is my first Swaragini Fan-Fiction…. Also I will do this Fan-fiction if you guys want me to continue with it… Aha… Now let’s start. Aha!!!!
Link for Intro

At Gadodia’s house
A beautiful girl named Ragini Gadodia slowly wakes up from her sleep and sees the time… Ragini realizes it 6:15am am in the morning… She sees Swara sleeping like a cute puppy… Ragini takes the blanket and puts it on her… Ragini goes to her closet and selects a red dress today… She quickly goes to shower and wears the beautiful red Salwar Kameez… She goes in front of the mirror and thinks should she let her hair out today??? She remembers Swara saying something to her yesterday night… If your hair is out you will look beautiful… Ragini thinks Swara is my sister so I will listen to her for today… She lets her hair out and runs to the kitchen and quickly makes food for everyone before leaving… She sees the clock and its 7am she gets shocked…
Ragini: Oh no great it’s already 7pm… I need to reach the temple by 7:15am…
Outside her house/Temple

Ragini runs outside and takes her bicycle and she starts bicycling through the beautiful city called Delhi… She smiles seeing the beautiful sun rising… Ten minutes she reaches the temple and leaves her bicycle outside the temple… She climbs the stairs and prays to god…
Ragini: God today is a very important day for me… I want to achieve my goals by getting this job… I just hope you fulfill my dream… I also want you to always keep my family like always…
Ragini finished praying… She runs down the stairs and sees the time…
Ragini: Wow it’s already 7:35am… Before I leave I want to buy some sweets for family… It’s a really big day for me today… So I want to share the happiness with them…
Ragini waits for the cars to pass by… When she was about to cross a car comes out of nowhere… Sanskar pulls her back…. Ragini trips and they both fall on the ground… But Ragini hold the back of his head so it doesn’t hurt him….
The song Rootha Kyun plays from (1920 London)
Link of the song….

Rootha kyun mujhse itna khafa na hona itna tu
Saansein bhi tere bina main na loon
Jaane kyun bewajah
O ho.. rehne de
Teri mohabbaton mein rehne de

Tere khwabon mein mujhe behne de
Aisa hona de tu zara
Ragini is on top of Sanskar… They both have an eye lock…
Main toh tere shab ki subah hoon na
Hathon ki lakeeron mein likha hoon na (x2)
Rehta hai mere honthon pe tere honthon ka nishaan
Hota hai tanha raaton mein tere hone ka gumaan
Mujhe mehsoos hua hai aisa laga hai
Tumne chhua hai na
Ragini tries to get up but her necklace is stuck to his button of his suit…. The he finally opens it… They both get up… Ragini feels awkward while Sanskar looks at her with an angry face…
Main toh tere shab ki subah hoon na
Hathon ki lakeeron mein likha hoon na (x2)
Hmm.. ho..
Laazim hai, jaise saanson ke liye laazim hai hawa
Waise hi mere liye zaroori hai hona tera
Tere mere pyar ka rista sadiyon rahega
Sadiyon raha hai na
Main toh tere shab ki subah hoon na

Hathon ki lakeeron mein likhi hoon na
Main toh tere shab ki subah hoon na
Hathon ki lakeeron mein likha hoon na
Music ends….
Sanskar: What the hell is wrong with you?? Can’t you see where you were walking??
Ragini: I am sorry I was just going to the sweet shop and a car came out of nowhere
Sanskar: Did I ask you where you were going??
Ragini: No… I just needed to tell you because you seem angry at me…
Sanskar: Yes I am angry at you… because you ruined my clothes and I had an important meeting…
Ragini: Good for you…

Sanskar: Excuse me??
Ragini: You talk to people so rudely, so that’s your problem?
Sanskar: Hey you I saved your life and you should be thankful but instead you’re making me listen to your lectures??
Ragini: Thankful my foot, I don’t say thank you to selfish people like you
Sanskar: Hey you (pointing his finger at her)
Ragini: Hey don’t you dare point a finger at me (Pointing a finger back at him)
Sanskar: You don’t know who I am
Ragini: I don’t want to know who you’re and OH MY GOD IT’S ALREADY 7:50AM BECAUSE OF YOU…
Sanskar: Why are you telling me all this?
Ragini: I don’t have time to talk to you… (She leaves)
Sanskar: What a rude girl… She didn’t even say thank you for saving her life… Ugh who cares…? Now I have to go back home and get changed again… because of this girl….
At Gadodia’s house

Ragini takes her bike and leaves quickly… In ten minutes she reaches home and leaves her bicycle outside her house… She enters the house seeing everyone is awake…
Sharmishtha: Ragini where did you go so early in the morning??
Ragini: I went to the temple….
Sharmishtha: So early in the morning?? Is everything alright Ragini??
Ragini: Of course everything is alright Ma… (Giving her a big hug)
Sharmishtha: Also you made breakfast for everyone before leaving too…. Ragini do you ever take a rest in your entire life…
Ragini: Ma… Ofc I take rest but I need to always make food for everyone before leaving… It’s my habit now…
Swara: Oh thank god you didn’t tie your hair today (waking up from her sleep… carrying toothpaste and toothbrush on her hand)
Ragini: Oh finally you woke early for the first time today
Swara: Well you left the alarm on today….
Ragini: I did… oh I forgot to turn it off….
Swara: It’s okay because I needed to get up early today….
Ragini: Really Swara getting up so early??
Swara: I am going jogging today

Ragini: Oh that’s awesome…
Sharmishtha: Okay Swara hurry up and get ready… breakfast is almost ready…
Swara: I am coming Ma!! Just give me ten minutes to get changed
Shekhar: What’s cooking it smells good??
Sharmishtha: It’s pancakes and pasta today… Your daughter Ragini made it
Shekhar: No wonder it smells so good
Ragini: Good morning Baba (giving him a big hug)
Shekhar: Good morning Ragini Beta
Ragini: Where’s Dadi?
Shekhar: Oh I forgot to tell you… She left to Kolkata for a few days
Ragini: Oh I never knew that
Sharmishtha: Okay guys breakfast is ready
Shekhar: yea and I am starving…
Swara: Okay I am finally here….
Swara comes out wearing a blue jogging suit with earphones in her ears….
Ragini: Swara take of your earphones and eat breakfast
Swara: Don’t worry there isn’t any music on…
Shekhar smiles seeing his daughters and Sharmishtha also smiles too… They all enjoy breakfast together…
Fifteen minutes later
Swara: Okay guys I am off to jogging
Sharmishtha: Okay be home on time

Shekhar: I will see you guys later, I am going to the bank (He leaves)
Ragini: Wait guys before you leave I want to share something
Swara: What is it Ragini??
Ragini: Sweets???
Swara: Why sweets all of a sudden
Sharmishtha: Is there something special today??
Ragini: Yes today is my interview
Swara: REALLY?? (Giving Ragini a big hug)
Ragini: Yes really
Swara: What time??
Ragini: Not yet… After you come back home…
Swara: Okay I am going for jogging and I will see you in a bit
Ragini: Bye Swara
Sharmishtha: I am proud of you Ragini
Ragini: Thank you so much Ma (giving her a big hug)
At the park
Swara reaches the park and starts jogging… Swara stops running because she’s tired and needs to change her music… All of a sudden someone comes from the back and carries her…
Swara: Laksh let me go!!
Laksh: Hey Swara my bestie
Swara: Can you please me go first
Laksh: There happy I let you
Swara: I waited for you exactly fifteen minutes
Laksh: I am sorry… I woke up late today…

Swara: You always wake up late
Laksh: You’re such a hypocrite…
Swara: How??
Laksh: You’re always the one coming late for music class
Swara: Well I am very tired
Laksh: Ha-Ha yea right
Swara: Hey quit making fun of (hitting him)
Laksh: Let’s have a race
Swara: I am going win anyways
Laksh: Let’s see
Swara: Okay let’s do this
Laksh and Swara start running and she wins the race
Laksh: Man I give up
Swara: Ha-Ha I always win
Laksh: I have an idea let’s practice for our song right here
Swara: Oh come on
Laksh: Please just for now!!!
Swara: Fine
Laksh: I also brought my guitar
Swara: I know you will never forget that…
Chahun Main Yaa Na plays from the movie (Aashiqui 2)

Tune plays
Laksh: Tu hi ye mujhko bata de Chahun main ya naa Apne tu dil ka pata de Chahun main ya naa
Swara: Tu hi ye mujhko bata de Chahun main ya naa Apne tu dil ka pata de Chahun main ya naa
Laksh: Itna bata doon tujhko Chaahat pe apni mujhko Yun tto nahi ikhtiyaar Phir bhi yeh socha dil ne Ab jo laga hoon milne Poochhu tujhe ek baar
Laksh and Swara: Tu hi ye mujhko bata de Chahun main ya naa Apne tu dil ka pata de Chahun main ya naa
Tune plays
Laksh: Aisi kabhi pehle hui naa thi khwaahishein O.. kisi se bhi milne ki Naa ki thi koshishein Uljhan meri suljha de Chaahun main ya naa Aankhon aankhon mein jataa de Chaahun main ya naa
Tune plays

Swara: Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain Khwabon mein geet hain Geeton mein zindagi hai Chaahat hai, preet hai Abhi main na dekhoon khwaab woo Jin mein na tu mile Le khole honth maine Ab tak the jo sile Mujhko na jitna mujh pe Utna iss dil ko tujh pe Hone laga aitbaar Tanha lamhon mein apne Bunti hoon tere sapne Tujhse hua mujhko pyaar o o..Poochungi tujhko kabhi naa Chaahun main ya naa Tere khaabon mein ab jeena Chaahun main kyun naa!
Tune plays
Gutiar is played by Laksh while Swara is singing… Laksh sings the last part
Laksh: Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de Chahun main ya naa Apne tu dil ka pata de Chahun main ya naa
The music ends
Everyone claps for them
Laksh: Yes Swara we did and we’re ready for this concert!!!
Swara: Yes we did!!!
Swara and Laksh both start jogging again while Swara tells him she needs to leave…
Twenty minutes later Laksh reaches home…
Laksh: Ma I am so ready for this concert!!!
AP: I am happy for you Beta
Laksh: You have to come and see it
AP: Ofc I will
DP: No one is going anywhere
Laksh: What do you mean dad??
DP: Stop this music nonsense already
Laksh: What’s your problem with music?
DP: I want you to join the company….
Laksh: No dad I don’t want to, music is my life…
DP: Laksh stop with all this music stuff…
AP: No more I support my son and you can’t force him…
DP: Now you’re taking his side??

AP: I was already on his side and always will (She leaves with Laksh)
DP (in mind): I won’t let Laksh do anything with music anymore just watch me.
At Sanskar’s house
Sujata: Sanskar what are you still doing here??
Sanskar: Oh Ma I was here from before because some stupid girl ruined my clothes and I needed to come back home and get changed again…
Sujata: Oh Sanskar why are you so harsh with girls
Sanskar: I wasn’t harsh with anyone… I saved her life from getting hit by a car… She didn’t even saying thank you instead she made me listen to her lectures
Sujata starts laughing
Sanskar: Ma why are you laughing??
Sujata: The way you said it…
Sanskar: What do you mean?
Sujata: It reminds me how Laksh would do it…
Sanskar gets angry…
Sanskar: Ma I told you not to talk about anyone from the MM…
Sujata: I am sorry Sanskar…
Sanskar: No Ma don’t be sorry I know it hurts sometimes to forget your loved ones… But when they don’t trust you and call you liars… That’s when it hurts you a lot…
Sujata: Sanskar I need to tell you something else too (changing the subject)
Sanskar: Yea Ma??
Sujata: I think it’s time for you to get married
Sanskar: Oh not again Ma
Sujata: Come on Sanskar

Sanskar: Every time Ma, I am hungry I will go get breakfast…
Sujata: One day you will agree and get married
Sanskar (in mind): I hate you for hurting my Ma… I will never forgive you guys ever…
At Gadodia’s house
Ragini gets ready and Swara is helping her out…
Ragini: Swara I am scared to go…
Swara: Wait here… I have something for you
Ragini: What is it Swara??
Swara: Here is this lucky charm bracelet (putting it around her arm)
Ragini: Where did you get this from??
Swara: I wanted to gift it to your birthday… But it seems like you need it more today…
Ragini: Thank you so much Swara (giving her a big hug)
Swara: Anytime my sister

Ragini leaves the house by getting blessing from mom and Swara….
Ten minutes later
Ragini starts walking through the streets and sees a big house (which is Sanskar’s house) Sanskar goes near his window and sees Ragini… He remembers it’s the same girl he fought with earlier… She looks around the place and sees Sanskar looking at her… She also remembers it’s the same guy who was annoying her… They both have an eye lock… Sanskar leaves his window and Ragini thinks his a creep….
Ten minutes late Ragini reaches Sanskar’s company…
She waits for her named to be called… Sanskar enters his office twenty minutes later… Ragini doesn’t see him… Finally Ragini is called to his office…
Outside Sanskar’s cabin
Ragini: Oh god please be with me… Today I need to get this job… Thank you Swara for this lucky charm bracelet
She enters his cabin
Ragini: Good afternoon sir, may I come in
Sanskar: Yes you may come in
Ragini: Sorry I was waiting for a long time… But you didn’t show up
Sanskar: Well you see a girl ruined my suit today (He turns around his chair and smiles)
Ragini is shocked to see the guy…
Ragini: You’re my boss??
Sanskar: Indeed I am (smiling)
Guy: Sir a girl name Ragini Gadodia is here for her interview??
Sanskar: Let her in

Guy: Here’s her file…
Sanskar sees the picture of the girl and remembers it was Ragini…
Sanskar: So this is Ragini Gadodia… The girl who ruined my suit and insulted me in front of everyone… Well it will be fun working with her…
Sir: So do I send her in??
Sanskar: Ofc!!
Flashback ends
Ragini: No I can’t sign a contract with you…
Sanskar: You already have Ragini Gadodia
Ragini: I can’t work with someone like you…
Sanskar: Welcome to my company Ragini Gadodia, my name is Sanskar Maheshwari… (He smiles and gets up)
Ragini is shocked and Sanskar smiles at her…
Episode ends
Moral- “Follow your footsteps and you will see the right path… with a smile on your face”
Recap: Sanskar starts bothering Ragini with a lot of work… Swara and Laksh both attend the music class and gets shocked to see someone… Ragini starts painting something… The paint bucket falls on Sanskar and he is colored in white… Everyone in the office starts laughing… Ragini was about to fall off the ladder but Sanskar catches her on time… Sanskar gets mad and throws paint of her too…Ragini and Sanskar both start fighting with each other again… DP calls up someone and tells them about his plan and AP hears everything… Lastly Sujata calls a family who can come see Sanskar aha…
Mini spoilers: Laksh and Sanskar to meet soon…
Well guys this was the very first episode of Swaragini’s Fan Fiction…. I will be happy by seeing positive comments… If you guys do express your idea then I will post episode 1 soon aha. Well anyways if you would love to read other fan fictions by me aha….
Here’s the links

Also I am starting on a new called
Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha (Based on Qubool Hai (Asya) and Beintehha (Zaya)
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Friday 6th or Saturday May 7th 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

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