Sanskar maheshwari married his favourite fan……..(Swasan TS)- Shot 3


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Sanskar maheshwari married his favourite fan…….. (Swasan Ts)- Shot 3
“swara, you love him. But do you think he also loves you?” swara nodded when ragini asked this question to her, ragini sighed, “did he himself said that to you, that you are this much sure”. It may sound rude but she wanted her swara’s happiness only, she was just concerned for her and….. “I know why you are asking ragini, but I have seen in his eyes. I am sure he would have missed me in this one month like I missed him”. Swara said looking down trying hard to control her emotions. Ragini smiled and, “if that is the case, then I am so happy for you”. She said huuging her and said, “I will go and get something for us to eat”. Swara nodded while ragini went to buy some chats from the shop that was present inside the AIRPORT. Yes! They both were in the airport waiting for sanskar as he will return today after a whole one month. Swara sighed, this one month was so difficult for her. First she thought that she loved him but then she thought that their three to four meets were not enough to come in a relationship. She tried hard not to remember him, but it was so difficult. There was not a single minute when she didn’t remember him, when she didn’t regret for not giving him her number and she realised her love the day when she saw sanskar’s interview

Swara was watching sanskar’s interview. It felt so good to see him at least on TV. She looked so pale and tired. Her eyes looked red because of the continuous tears she is shedding from morning for sanskar. Only she knows what turmoil she was facing, the battle which was going inside herself about the feelings she felt for her ‘favourite singer’ has made her very weak. She saw the water on table, she took and drank it. But she spit it the very next moment when she heard what sanskar said. “I have found my lady love and she is my favourite fan, I will introduce her when I go back to India. If she loves me, she would have understood by now that I am talking about her”. She immediately switched off the TV. SANSKAR LOVED HER, but……. It made her happy, don’t know why it gave her immense happiness. She was sure that it was her because he mentioned ‘FAVOURITE FAN’. Hold on! What he said? ‘if she loves me, she would have understood that I am talking about her’. Did she actually loved him? She switched on the TV, she has missed some part of the interview within which he has already described why she was his favourite fan because when she on the tv, the reporter was asking, “sir, only by letters? Have you ever met her? You are loving her only by reading her letters?”
Sanskar: no, I have met her four times. We met continuously three times every Monday and then again I met her before coming to US.
God! He was talking about her! She went near the TV and caressed his face. More than anything else, right now she was just happy for seeing him. On the day he left US, she cried 1000 tears, for each tear she cried, there was a word to be said, no words were enough to stop that pain. She felt extreme pain when he was not with her and felt extreme happiness when he was with her. If this was called love, then………….
Flashback ends
Swara came out of her thoughts when she heard ragu’s voice, “swara, there is a shocking news”. Swara frowned, now what is this news? “the flight is delayed for one hour”. Swara widened her eyes. She stamped her foot and murmured in anger, “stupid flight”. Ragini chuckled, “its not the fault of flight, maybe we came early”. Swara glared at her which made her shut up. Swara sighed and sat on the chair and closed her face with her palms. Ragini sat with her and kept her hand on swara’s shoulder to comfort her. Swara took the palms revealing her face which was filled with tears. “how much I have to wait for him ragini?”…………
Sanskar saw his watch in frustration, the flight should have landed by now. But he was still travelling. He saw the contact ‘SWARA’ in his phone. This was the only thing he had of swara’s. He was excited to see her, also he was scared. He don’t know whether he did the right thing by saying about his love for her in the interview. He said everything about her except her name. He was scared, what if she does’nt feel the same for him. But he had to express her feelings to him, otherwise his mind would burst. He took a deep breathe, right now more than anything else, he just wanted to see her. His thoughts broke when the air hostess offered him drink. He politely denied, she went from there. ‘DRINK’, he smiled that was how he realised his love.
Sanskar is so much lost in swara’s memories that he is unable to concentrate on his career. He didn’t response to his managers and was so much indulged in her. His PA came and informed him that if he does’nt perform well in his concert, it will badly affect his career. Sanskar got furious, he was not able to concentrate in anything. Everywhere he saw only her, and in a fit of rage he consumed the alcohol and was driving rashly. He don’t know what he should do, his heart was filled with the memories of her. As the time increased, the hurt increased, as the hurt increased, he faded more into the misery pit. He was driving fastly, he was about to hit a girl but at the nick of time, he put the brake. The flashes of a van about to hit swara came in front of his eyes. It scared him…….. it scared him to death when that van was about to hit her. He cried for her, he cried while leaving India just because he can’t see her for one month. Even now, he is unable to concentrate on anything because of her. He remembers his time spent with her, it brings a smile on his face. It pains when she is not there, it makes him happy when she is with him, if this is called love, then………
His concert came up very well, he couldn’t control his feelings and he poured them out in the interview.
Flashback ends
Sanskar got irritated, he MUST have reached India by now. He sighed and rested on the seat and closed his eyes, “how much I have to wait to see you swara?”…………
Her heart started beating fast when ragini said that sanskar’s flight arrived. The moment was here……… the moment was finally here for which she waited a whole one month, 4 to 5 weeks, 30 days, after that…… she smiles remembering how sanskar said that he was not good in maths. “swara, we have to go there and wait” as ragini said the information, swara just nodded and followed her. She was going to meet him, talk to him, confess her love to him……… finally!
His voice choked as their eyes met. He was planning to go to her home as soon as he reaches India, but here she was…already waiting for him in the airport. It seemed as if she was walking in a desert because it was too much difficult for her to walk. She walked slowly without taking her gaze away from him. Sanskar’s PA came there and called him to inform that media has gathered outside the airport. Sanskar said that he will come. He was saying this turning back to him because of which his back was facing swara and she thought that he was leaving again. When sanskar turned front after his PA left, he saw swara running towards him, maybe she got strength because she thought that he was leaving her. She ran to him and holded his hands tightly not allowing him to go from her. She touched his cheeks to believe that he was with her. Tears flowed from her eyes uncontrollably and she cried aloud cupping his face and looked into his eyes. Sanskar also cupped her face and tried to calm her
Sanskar: swara calm down! Shhh! Stop crying.
But swara was not ready to listen to him and cried more. She joined her forehead with his and went more close to him and cried. Their face almost touched and their tears and pain mingled with each other. This one month was really a very long one. Both of their hands resting on each other’s cheeks with their foreheads and nose touched and their lips inch away. Their hot breathe on each other’s face giving relief to all their pain. Sanskar moved a little away from her and wiped her tears. Swara looked down and said innocently
Swara: 54321
Sanskar looked at her confused, but then understood and took his phone and saved it. Sanskar pulled her by waist with her hands landing on his chest perfectly
Sanskar: finally! You gave me your full number, that means you are fully comfortable with me now?
Swara didn’t say anything but still weeped silently, sanskar took his one hand from her waist and holded her face while his other hand was still holding her waist tightly, the tears which got dried, again formed in his eyes seeing her teary eyes.
Sanskar: why are you crying swara?
Swara: why are YOU crying?
Sanskar remembered their last meet before leaving to US. That time also they cried, but they don’t know the reason or they didn’t understand the reason. But now as the realisation has already hit them
Sanskar: I will not say that I don’t know the reason this time. I am crying because I…..
Swara: sanskar, I will say first. I…..
Sanskar didn’t let her complete the sentence and immediately captured her lips and flourished it. Swara kissed him back, both of their tears making the other one’s face wet, kissing passionately telling how much they missed each other forgetting the surroundings. After they broke the kiss, swara asked him breathing heavily
Swara: what was that?
Sanskar: I actually stopped our fighting, we both were about to fight on a silly issue. So I just did that, now that you kissed me back, it is proved that we both wanted to say the same thing. So problem solved.
He winked and pulled her more close to him. “sanskar!” swara said unbelievably and playfully slapped his shoulder
Swara: but we both are in an airport!
Sanskar: I don’t care. Now tell me, you are comfortable with me now that you are giving me your number?
Swara: I gave my number to you because I am comfortable with you and I trust you. I am giving myself to you because ‘I LOVE YOU’.
Sanskar smiled, it was one of the lines in his song, not the exact one. It will come something like I gave my……. I am giving myself to you because……..
Sanskar: you will never change your habit of remembering all the words of my song. Will you? My favourite fan.
Swara: I will never change and……
She went near his ear and whispered
Swara: didn’t you notice that I said my feelings through your song
Sanskar realised that she has those three magical words. His happiness knew no bounds.
Sanskar: swara! This is not fair. You said it before me
He said with a pout making her adore him.
“Ahem! Ahem! Don’t you both even realise that you are standing in an airport?” ragini asked teasingly who just came there. It was then when they realised that they were in each other’s embrace, his hands on her waist and her hands on his shoulder. Swara tried to go away from him but he held her firmly. Ragini giggled and said, “Ok! Ok! I am going”. She went from there smilingly.
Swara: sanskar! Why did you do that? You don’t have any idea how much she will tease me after going to home.
Interrupting their conversation, sanskar’s phone rang. Sanskar attended it still holding her in his embrace. After sometime he cut the call.
Swara: who was it?
Sanskar: my manager. He told me to go to Switzer land after three days for an important work.
Swara: don’t you dare leave me
She said pulling his collars, sanskar chuckled and went near her eyes and whispered
Sanskar: why don’t we marry before that and make my career trip as our honeymoon trip?
Swara blushed and tried to divert the topic
Swara: now that you got my number. You should always call me. Ok?
Sanskar nodes.
Swara: you should also attend whenever I call you. Ok?
Sanskar nodes
Like this swara keeps on saying many things while he keeps on nodding. After sometime, swara gets irritated
Swara: sanskar say something
He smiles and says, “I was admiring you, you don’t know how much I missed you”. He joins their foreheads. Swara says in a shivering voice, “I already cried so much, don’t make me cry more”. Tears were threatening to fall from her eyes. Sanskar wiped them before they could come out and embraced her tightly. After they broke the hug swara leaned to kiss him
Sanskar: swara! We both are in airport
Swara: I don’t care
Sanskar smiled and they both again kissed…….
ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin
na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley
main tujhko kitna chaahati hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

(it’s not possible to live without you,
don’t ever keep me distant from you.
how much I love you,
you can’t even think..)
tere liye duniya chhoD di hai
tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake
(I’ve left the world for you,
my breath stops at you only.
How much I love you,
you can’t even think..)
Swara smiled happily as her dreams finally came true, singing with her favourite singer……. A round of applause was heard for this NEWLY WEDDED COUPLE. Swara shied.
Sanskar: I told you, you sing very well.
He said after getting from the stage.
Swara: you know? I always dreamt of singing with you but never thought I will be singing with you as your WIFE.
Her voice and the spark in her eyes reflected how much happy she was telling the word ‘wife’. They both had married with their family’s wish this morning and this was their reception in which they both sang the song. Ragini comes running there and calls swara and takes her from there. Sanskar sighs, for god sake! She was his wife. They both are married, but he didn’t get even a small time with his wife from the morning. Swara turned back and through sanskar’s impressions, she could understand whats the problem, she just smiled at him sheepishly while sanskar stamped his foot and went from there angrily, swara chuckled seeing his expressions.
All the media people are gathered around them, swara was nervous, sanskar holded her hands and squeezed it to assure her that he will always be with her.
Sanskar: ok! So here is my lovable wife swara sanskar mahehwari. And this is our reception, so please don’t disturb us. I will give a brief interview.
One of the reporters: sir please! Ok only three questions. Is it a love marriage? What do you like about her? How will you describe her in two words?
Before sanskar could deny
Swara: ok only these questions. Yes it is a love marriage, and about his likings on me. He once said that I look cute when I get shocked. So I guess he loves my shocked reactions
Sanskar chuckled hearing this while the reporters looked at them confused.
Swara: and about two words, I am his ‘favourite fan’.
Saying this she looked at him and they both looked at each other smilingly. They started going from there.
Another reporter: sir! Sir! Please just say how many years you both were in relation. Sir! Please sir!
Swara stopped back and looked back and said, “we got married after two days I confessed my love to him, so we were in relationship for two days”. And they both went from there leaving the reporters shocked.
Sanskar: you just made them shock by your answers. Now I have a shock for you.
Swara looked at him confused, he left from there while she looked at him leaving from there. Lights went off and the spot light was on her
“first she was my favourite fan, then she became my love and now my wife, my life”. He said coming in the spot light with her. “You all won’t believe that I have still not confessed my love to my wife. Without a word of mine, she understood the love I had for her. But still I want to say those words to her,swara I……..” her heart skipped a beat to listen those words from him. He came close to her and cupped her face. Swara closed her eyes feeling his touch, “I LOVE YOU SWARA” saying this he plants a soft kiss on her forehead. Everyone presented in the clapped their hands for this MADE FOR EACH OTHER couple. Sanskar hugged her and whispered, “I agree that you were the first one to confess love, but you will never forget my confession because…..” “it is so special” swara completed while still not braking the hug and said in a lovable voice, “and I would love to lose to you my rock star hubby”………..
“sanskar! How can they send such letters to you even after knowing that you are married”. Swara widened her eyes reading the letter that her hubby received just now. Sanskar chuckled seeing her, swara glared at him and said, “I know you love it when I get shocked, but for god sake sanskar!” he went to her and got the letter
“OMG! Sanskar you got married *fainting*. How can you do this with me? You don’t even have any idea how you have broken my heart and……”
Swara snatched the paper from him and said, “don’t irritate me by reading it aloud”. Sanskar smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist. “swara these letters are common. Don’t take it seriously, take it in a fun way. I am always yours”. He said and pecked her lips and ran from there as it was getting late for his work, he went till the entrance of his room, but then came back and whispered near her ear in a husky voice, “swara, please do something with this room, its still having the rose fragrance of our first night and it makes me crazy”. Swara blushed hearing it. She immediately pushed him out of the room saying, “get out you shameless idiot”. Sanskar holded the door stopping her from closing it and said, “its just the first day of our marriage. If we celebrated our first night, then we should celebrate this also”. Swara turned into the darkest shade of red and said, “sanskar stop your shameless talks”.
Sanskar: swara this is unfair
Swara: everything is fair in love and war
She said still struggling with the door and finally closed it. Sanskar sighed and went from there, he came out of the house and went towards his car, he was about to open it, he felt a tug on his waist. He turned a little and saw swara hugging him from back. “don’t keep your face this much sad, when you are going for work mr.rock star hubby”. Saying this she kisses on his cheeks and ran inside the house shouting ‘BYE’…….. sanskar smiled and went inside the car.
“MRS. MAHESHWARI, You owe an explanation” sanskar said coming inside the home angrily and showing her a paper. Swara smiled and said, “what explanation sanskar? Its Monday today and your favourite fan has sent you a letter. Whats wrong in it?”
Sanskar: swara! We are married, still you are sending me letters?
Swara: these letters are the reason that you are in my life today. I will never stop writing them.
Sanskar smiled at her answer. Swara came and wrapped her arms around his neck and asked, “by the way, tell me something. Whom do you love more? Your favourite fan or your wife?”
Sanskar looked up and showed a face as if he was thinking and immediately picked her up.
Sanskar: didn’t you see headlines today?
Swara nodded a ‘NO’
Sanskar: then go and see it.
Swara searched for the newspaper and when she finally got it and read the headlines, it brought a smile on her face.
Sanskar: did you got your answer?
Swara smiled and joined their foreheads and said, “no, I still didn’t get”. Sanskar sighed, “uff” he hugged her tightly and said, “I love her more than anything in this world whom I am hugging right now. You tell me whether she is my wife or favourite fan”. Swara said, “both”. She smiled and broke the hug and read the headlines once again, “this headlines is just perfect”, she said. “it indeed is” sanskar said and looked at her lovingly, “I love you”. Swara smiled, “I love you too”.


i have completed my three shot. thank you so so so sooooooooooooooooo much for your support. if there are any silent readers, please comment as it is the last part. once again thank you all

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