Sanskar maheshwari married his favourite fan……..(Swasan TS)- Shot 2


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Sanskar maheshwari married his favourite fan…….. (swasan Ts) Shot 2

‘I hate Mondays’. One of the popular lines said by the people. But swara loves Mondays as she can meet sanskar only on that day. She has met sanskar only twice, of course she has seen him in his concerts. But standing in a big crowd and seeing him from far and actually talking with him is completely different. Its just……kind of exciting? Don’t know, but she feels happy talking with him. Today is Monday, this is going to be their third meet, their last meet was a memorable one for her, don’t know why, but she felt so happy when he was so close to her, don’t why she felt so shy at the time when he was blowing air near her eyes. Don’t know why she felt like teasing him by giving only a little part of her number. Their first meet was also very memorable after all because of that meet only she came to know that she was his favourite fan, urgh…. Maybe every meet with him is going to be a special one, she thought as she looked through her wardrobe, umm….. nothing seems nice. What should she wear now?
Sanskar was sipping his cold coffee looking at the clock, god! When will it become 6’o’ clock? He liked swara’s company very much. He felt so embarrassing last week when swara who was enjoying the rain felt him staring at her asked him through her eyes what he was doing. But he was so much lost in her that he did’nt even notice her asking him. Swara sighed when he didi’nt answer and went near him and waved her hands in front of him which made him come to sense and then when she asked “what?”. He said, “nothing”. “staring is bad rock star”, he knows that swara said it playfully but still it was so embarrassing but even after that incident, he wanted to meet her. Don’t know why it hurt him when something went into her eyes, don’t know why her voice mesmerised him so much, don’t know why her cute antics made him smile, made him happy. She was a very nice girl, he thought as he finished his coffee. He sighed seeing the clock, for god sake, when will it become 6?
“stop staring sanskar! Don’t get embarrassed again”, that was what running on sanskar’s mind right now seeing swara in a beautiful pink top and a dark blue bottom. She came towards sanskar and wished him a warm good evening, after sometime they became busy in the concert conversation, after it got over, swara waved a bye to him and started going, sanskar also went to his car but was shocked to see a van speeding towards swara and she being unaware about it, he immediately ran towards her and pulled her aside protecting her from an accident, swara was unable to understand anything, it took some time for her to actually understand what happened just now. They were so much close, his hands on her delicate waist and her hands on his broad shoulder. Heat rose up to her cheeks, That feeling called ‘shy’ again came to her.” For god sake swara! You should be happy that you are saved from an accident rather blushing just because he is close to you!” her inner self scolded her and she departed from him unwillingly. Though sanskar also didn’t wanted them to depart, he brushed away those thoughts because he was……. Angry? But why? Because…….
Sanskar: how much careless you are swara? Can’t you see that van?
Swara: I told you, I am very careless. If I cannot take care of small things, how will I take care of myself?
She smiled sheepishly with a pout hoping that it will work, but maybe he was too much angry to not melt in it.
Sanskar: its not funny that you are smiling like this, if I did not come in correct time…….
His voice choked, he can’t even imagine that, it hurts to think that she will go away from him forever and ever, but why? This question does’nt have answer until he decides what she actually means to him. Swara cupped his face when she notices him getting teary, she didn’t wanted him to shed even a single tear. Just two meets…… just two meets and they can’t bear each other’s pain. What was this called? Maybe…… love.
Swara: sanskar I am totally fine. You saved me na. I promise that here after I will take care of myself.
Sanskar: really?
Swara nodded as tears flowed from her eyes, sanskar hands landed on her cheeks for wiping her tears. There they both stood by cupping each other’s face and wiping the tears which they were shedding just because the other one was hurt. They both looked into each other’s eyes trying to read their heart, they could’nt understand what was the relation between each other at least trying to understand from the other one what was their relation, but they both could’nt understand anything and without their knowledge they both had engulfed themselves in a tight embrace giving hope to themselves that the other one was right here, with them, safe and sound. And when they finally broke the hug after what it seemed like eternity, swara said looking down, “thank you. I will leave now”. And she immediately turned to go from there to avoid the awkwardness between them. But she could’nt take a step on her own, it pained so much, it was then when she realised that she got a sprain in her ankle. She tried her best to walk, but after taking few steps she could’nt control her pain and she was about to fall and again it was her favourite singer who saved her. “someone promised that they will take care of themselves”, sanskar said in a taunting way and picked her up and started walking towards his car.

Swara: sanskar where are you going? I can go…..
Sanskar: just stay quiet.
He said in a warning way, and after few seconds
Sanskar: swara you are too heavy!
He said in a playful manner to cheer up her because she seemed uncomfortable or umm……blushing? Swara remained quiet, sanskar got confused. He placed her inside the car and went to the driver seat.
Sanskar: tell me the way to your home.
Still swara remained quiet, sanskar got more confused.
Sanskar: swara? Say something.
Swara: it was you who asked me to stay quiet.
She said with a pout, now sanskar understood everything, so this was the reason that swara didn’t give backanswer to his teasing. He smiled and
Sanskar: ok. Now say the address
Swara: no
Sanskar: why?
Swara: say sorry for saying that I am heavy
Sanskar: you are asking a rock star to apologise
Swara: your favourite fan is asking you.
Sanskar smiled and said, “sorry”. Swara smiled back and said him the way.

Swara got off from the car after reaching the entrance of her home and still walked with difficulty. “swara, can you manage?” sanskar asked with concern, while swara nodded. Sanskar waited for her to go inside the home for his satisfaction that she is safe now. When she almost reached the entrance, sanskar started his car. But swara stopped and turned and called him, “sanskar”. Sanskar stopped the car which he just started and looked toward her. Swara said, “426”. Sanskar looked at her confused but then understood and took his phone and saved it. “you gave only two numbers last time, but now three numbers?” sanskar asked in a teasing way. Swara smiled and said, “one more number for saving me. Thank you, will see you next Monday”. “when will Monday come swara?” sanskar asked in a tired way. Swara was startled by his question but still answered, “after the weekend”. Sanskar said, “then I will wait for the weekend for to end”. Swara chuckled and said, “first you should wait for the weekend to come so that it can end, also you MUST wait for weekend only so that your concert is there, because if there is no concert, we will have nothing to talk”. “I don’t care if there is nothing to talk, I just want to be with you”. He just said them, both don’t know what to say after that. They both were just looking at each other smiling like an idiot. “SWARA!” ragini shouted who saw swara standing at entrance opening the door half and not coming inside but looking back at something. Swara’s smile grew wider hearing her sister’s shout. “bye, all the best for your next performance”. She said and went inside and closed the door. Sanskar sighed and started his car and started going from there………..

Sanskar was pacing around his room restlessly. Why he can’t imagine a life without her? Why he can’t bear her tears? Why he can’t bear her pain? Why he can’t wait to see her? Why he felt so happy with her touch? And now why the thought of being away from her for ONE MONTH is killing him? Yes! He just now received a call from his manager stating that he had to go to US for a whole one month and he can’t deny because it can even affect his career. Sanskar randomly looked towards his shelf which contained her letters. He took one of the letters that swara sent and said lovingly looking at the paper, “you are more than a favourite fan swara”………..
It was 9.00 am. A calling bell was heard. Swara went to the door and opened only to drop the chips that she was holding. She widened her eyes seeing SANSKAR. He chuckled and said, “you look so cute, when you get shocked”. Swara took a deep breathe to control herself and tapped her hands on her chest controlling her heart beats which was beating wildly. She didn’t expect sanskar, of course she missed him and was thinking about him. But he standing here in front of her was……unexpected. Before she could ask him anything, sanskar started
Sanskar: swara I want to say something, its important that’s why I came to your house.
Swara nodded gesturing him to continue.
Sanskar: I have to go to US for one month. Its important. I came here to inform you, so that……….
He stammered and closed his eyes to control his pain.
Sanskar: so that you don’t wait for me next Monday. I don’t even have your number that’s why I came here.
Swara looked at him shocked, suddenly from no where tears came in her eyes, already she was confused about the feeling she had for sanskar and now……..
Swara: you came only to say this
She asked teary eyed. Sanskar said a “yes” and immediately turned to hide his tears which were flowing uncontrollably. Don’t know why he was crying. Maybe because he can’t see her for one month or maybe because she is crying.
Swara: I will miss you sanskar
Sanskar who has gone few steps turns back and sees her looking down at floor, while tears flowed from her eyes. “I will miss you too swara”. Hearing this swara looks up and sees him. Time stopped when their painful tear filled eyes met. Swara walked towards him with difficulty still meeting his eyes, her legs didn’t supported her when she was just a few distance away from him, her legs became numb and when she tried to move, she stumbled, sanskar crossed the gap between then and holded her.
Sanskar: your legs are still paining? Didn’t you apply ointment yesterday?
He asked with concern but swara payed no heed to his question and
Swara: are you leaving today itself?
Sanskar: swara, I asked you something.
Swara: I also asked you something sanskar. Are you leaving today itself?
She asked in a stubborn and broken voice. Sanskar just nodded his head as tears flowed from his eyes. Swara’s hands went to his cheeks to wipe them, sanskar too wiped her tears
Swara: why are you crying?
Sanskar: why are YOU crying
Swara: I….. I don’t know. Maybe because I will miss you
She said kneeling down and cried miserably. Sanskar knelt down, “the same answer”. Swara looked at him. “even I don’t know why I am crying” as soon as he said it, he immediately hugged her. Swara reciprocated the hug. After sometime their loud cries became a whisper sobs because of tiredness. After braking the hug
Sanskar: I have to go swara, I will come back soon
He stood up while swara lifted her face and looked at him. He started going, swara still didin’t look up and because she did not wanted to look at him going away from her. Sanskar went near his car, but suddenly he couldn’t control his over flowing emotions and he immediately ran towards her and took her in a blissful embrace and without breaking the hug
Sanskar: watch my performances and send me long long letters my dear favourite fan
Swara smiled and broke the hug
Swara: all the best for your performances.
Sanskar: don’t cry like this when I am leaving
Swara immediately wiped her tears and said, “ I am not crying sanskar. Take care of yourself”. Sanskar nodded, swara asked, “you will come back after one month?” again sanskar nodded
Swara: when will one month be over?
She asked innocently and sanskar smiled
Sanskar: 4 to 5 weeks
Swara: when will that be over?
Sanskar: 30 days
Swara: when will that be over?
Sanskar: umm……… I am not that much good in maths.
He said scratching his hair and they both laughed still teary eyed. “take care swara” he said and went to his car. Swara stared at him sadly as he went and sat inside the car. Befor starting the car he looked at her and signalled her to smile. Swara got up and wiped her tears completely and smiled at him and waved him bye. Sanskar started the car and went from there. As soon as the car passed the gate of her house. She broke down…..she broke down completely……..
Apne karam kee kar ataayein
Yaaraa, Yaaraa.. yaaraa..

(Bless me with your grace..
O dear.. O dear.. O love..)

Mujh ko iraade de
Kasmein de, vaade de
Meri duaaon ke ishaaron ko sahaare de
Dil ko thikaaney de
Naye bahaaney de
Khwaabon ki baarishon ko
Mausam ke paimaane de
Apne karam ki kar ataayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein

(Give me intentions..
Give me promises, guarantees,
Support the signs of my prayers..
Give shelter to the heart..
Give some new excuses,
Give the peg of weathers
to the rains of dreams..
Bless me with your grace..
Look this way too..)

Sun rahaa hai naa tu
Ro rahi hoon main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro rahi hoon main

(You’re listening, right?
I am crying here..
You’re listening to me right..
Why I am crying here..)
Tears flowed from her eyes as she finished the song as her ragu requested her to sing a song . It was Monday and she misses him a lot today, everyday she misses him, but today, her pain is uncontrollable, even she started using the popular line, ‘I hate Mondays’. Its just one week since sanskar left, but it pains, it hurts. Its impossible for her to be with him. She regret for not giving him her number, at least she could have heard his voice. She sadly said, “are you listening sanskar? I am crying”.
Sanskar who was searching for some important contact on the letter ‘S’, his eyes fell on the contact ‘SWARA’ which was saved with only half number ‘99426’. A smile appeared on his face remembering how swara gave him this number, he remembers her antics, her innocence. Everything makes his smile wider but also brings tears on his face, he sees towards the calendar and whispers, “when will this one month be over swara?”……….
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