Sanskar maheshwari married his favourite fan……..(Swasan TS)- Shot 1


“ I was not able to watch your performance yesterday, will soon see it in net and will tell you how was it. Well I know, it would always be superb……..”
From swara.
Probably The most smallest letter ever sent by his favourite fan, sanskar thought as he folded the paper neatly and placed it in his shelf and went to his soft fluffy office chair and sat on it and sighed. SWARA! God! She was a mystery, don’t know who she is but she was his favourite fan. He is a rock star and from his very first performance that is before three years till now, she sends letters after an exact one day of all his performances. In a millions of letters, he search only for her one letter, because she was truthful to him. He was frustrated reading those cheesy same lines again and again……..
“you are my biggest crush”
“I love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much”
God! Its not that he hate them, but he wanted people to admire his talent not his charm. He had met many of his fans, who had asked for selfies with him. He took selfies with them but the very next hour it would be posted on the internet with a caption “selfie with my love”. Damn! It irritated him so much. But SWARA, she was different. She writes about each and every line he sang, appreciating his talent to such an extent, that he became a fan to her writings. Yes! She would note his each and every word in his song, his every note, his every rhythm, his every step. She would even note his mistakes which everyone failed to. At his very first performance, he heard many appreciations, all were positive comments. He was shocked reading her letter for the first time, because he expected those cheesy lines from her too. But it contained all the mistakes he did in the song in a very polite way. It hurt his ego first, but then when he himself listened to his song carefully focusing on the places she has mentioned in the letter, it shocked him. There were indeed mistakes! Maybe she was a singer that she didn’t fail to notice even the small mistakes. He worked on them and his second performance came very well and that time, he was eagerly waiting for her letter, don’t know how that simple letter impressed him so much and he do received her letter.
“How are you? I don’t know how you corrected your mistakes, by my letter or some other thing. But I loved the fact that you corrected them. The people who don’t know singing might have appreciated you, but the people who know singing has bashed about your singing and the mistakes you did in last time on face book. I really felt hurt because you were extremely good, but just few small mistakes. Don’t think that just by reading their comments I wrote that letter to you. I do listened your song and after finding the mistakes only, I sent you the letter. I don’t want even a single person to bash you, everyone should love your songs. I wish this as your well wisher and your fan”.
From swara.
This girl showed him the reality. He visited face book and there were indeed people who were bashing him. A big fight itself was going on there, some were saying that he sang nicely while few disagreed with them. He had received only good comments and now, this hurt him when people bashed him, but he was overwhelmed reading swara’s letter when she said that she was hurt by their comments and felt bad for him. Till date, this had been her smallest letter, as after that every letter he received was a minimum of four pages, talking only about his singing, only about his talent which he loved a lot. Her second letter was the smallest, but this letter was too small which he finished just within a minute, he was surprised and why not? He has almost spent one hour for reading her every single long letter, but the thing which he liked was she regularly sends him letter. Every Saturday were his concerts and Monday evening, he would receive her letters. This was the first time that she missed his concert as he has been receiving regular letters from her about his every single performance for the past three years. She was the one never commented about his charm. She was the only one who wished him all the best if he is going to sing for some movies. She was the only one who asked about his health. She was the only one who didn’t say those cheesy lines. Of course she had said, that she was his fan and he was her favourite singer.
Yes! He was her favourite singer and she was his favourite fan.
“Shona! If you have a crush on him to such an extent, why don’t you just write it in the letters you send him every damn Monday?” Ragini asked frustrated seeing her sister writing a letter for the past half an hour. “I don’t even know the meaning of crush. I just love his songs too much, I admire his dance, song, the way he plays guitar, umm…… everything.” Swara completed only to earn a glare from her sis. “ok tell me, have he ever came in your dreams?” ragini asked. “of course” swara answered instantly. His songs, god! She can even give her life to those songs. “every day I dream about him playing a guitar, rocking on the stage. Especially that song which he sang before two months, that’s my most favourite among his songs. You know that music……” “ok ok. Please stop, I just asked you one question, whether he come in your dreams but you are going on and on”. Ragini said folding her arms, swara smiled sheepishly. “and by the way, I never knew that you have the habit of day dreaming” ragini said coming near her and sat beside her. “what do you mean?” swara asked confusingly. “you said na, you dream about him every DAY, so there should be only two chances. Whether you should sleep at day time which I know you won’t do. So obviously you are day dreaming about him.” Swara nodded unbelievably looking at her and then focused on the letter she was writing. “its not Monday today, why are you writing it so soon. Spend some time with your sister who has came from Mumbai just to see you”. Ragini said with a pout. Swara smiled and said, “I am going to finish it. I will come now”. “but today is not Monday okay? ITS NOT MONDAY” ragini said irritated. Swara smiled and said, “I know dear, but actually I missed his performance on last Saturday. So I wrote on Monday that I would see it in net and will then say how was it. So I am doing that only right now, I saw his performance. So now writing how was it.” Ragini looked at her with wide eyes, “seriously swara you send him a letter, stating that you missed his performance and will tell afterwards how was it?” “I think so” swara said uncomfortably looking ragini this much shocked. What was there to get shocked in it? “swara you……. Ok! Lets come back to the topic. You said he come in your dreams. Do you imagine in your dreams like you are also with him?” of course. She loves singing so much. She always imagines like they both are singing together. “you know ragu……” swara started but was cut by ragini “just say yes or no”. swara pouted seeing ragini getting serious for such a small matter and then said, “yes” ragini asked, “do you think he is handsome?” swara said, “yes” she told the truth he was indeed very handsome and dashing. ragini squealed in joy, “god! That means you have a crush on him. You love him. You know if you imagine someone this much, like giving you rose, proposing you in a dream land, saying those romantic lines. Then it obviously means you have a crush on them or you love them.” “one second! When did I say that I get dreams like this……..” but ragini paid no attention and was saying loudly, “my sis is in love” “ragini!” swara said trying to stop her but she just went out of the room jumping, dancing and singing loudly, “my sis is in love. My sis is in love. My sis is in love”. Swara slapped her forehead seeing her and ran behind her saying loudly, “ragini. Its not like that”. Ragini stopped and turned, “then tell me, why are you sending him those useless letters?” “useless?” swara said slowly almost on the verge of crying. Ragini regretted for saying like that and immediately went near her and cupped her cheeks, “swara! Sorry to say, but….” Ragini closed her eyes and took a deep breathe and opened them and then continued, “swara, he is a celebrity. He won’t read all the letters you are sending him. He has many other works. He will be too busy, he won’t read them “. “really?” swara asked teary eyed. “yes” ragini answered. “he would’nt have read the letters I’m sending him for the past three years?” she asked innocently. Ragini sighed and nodded no. swara looked down sadly. Ragini felt bad for her, so she said, “I know swara, you are habituated of writing letters to him. And I know you love him truly…” swara glared at her, “ok ok! As a fan, you are his true fan. What if he is not reading them? You send it for your satisfaction.” “but what will be the use, if he is not reading them? But you are right, I am habituated of writing letters to him. How do I stop it?” swara said feeling hurt. ragini thought for some time and then said, “you do one thing, hereafter don’t send long letters, make it a little small, keep on reducing your number of pages by the passing time. You will soon stop it”. “you think I can?” swara asked. Ragini nodded and gave her a hug and then tried to lighten her mood which she spoiled, “swara, I miss your hand made food. Please make something for me” ragini said cutely. Swara smiled and went to kitchen to prepare something delicious for her ragu………
Swara was walking on the road with the letter she has wrote for her favourite singer. She was going to post it. She felt very bad when ragu said that sanskar will not read her letters. She was completely lost in that when she suddenly slipped because of carelessness. She thought she was going to fall but she never thought that she would be saved that that too by the person in whom thoughts she was lost. SANSKAR! God, that was… that was just…… just too cool, just too amazing. Swara slapped her head for two to three times continuously. Sanskar was bewildered seeing her, he stopped her from beating her and asked, “have you gone mad?” “may be!” swara said still shocked, while sanskar looked confusingly at her. “because you look like the rock star sanskar to me” swara completed while sanskar frowned. He said, “ I am sanskar only” “really?” swara said squealing with joy, “you know, I am your very big fan”. “oh really?” sanskar said uninterested, he was in no mood to meet his one more fan who had crush on him. Swara became sad seeing him showing no interest, may be her sis was absolutely right. She said sadly, “I was going to post this letter for you only, now that I had met you, I will give it to you”. She gave the letter to him and started going. Sanskar was shocked, this was the first time that his one fan met him and did not ask his autograph or selfie. Confused, he opened the letter, his eyes popped out of his sockets seeing the name ‘SWARA’. He quickly examined the paper and realised it was just like the way swara wrote. A long one talking only about his song and a apologise note for missing his concert. He turned swiftly and saw that she has not gone so far. He ran behind her like a mad and turned her around swiftly that swara actually got afraid. “you are swara?” he asked breathing heavily, while swara nodded confusingly. Sanskar said excitedly, “you are my favourite fan?” “huh?” swara asked. Sanskar was embarrassed, it was then when he realised how close he was holding her. He immediately left her, it was then when swara too noticed that how close they were. They both stood there awkard for some time. After some time sanskar cleared his throat and started, “thank you for your motivation you had given me till today from my very first performance”. Swara was shocked, “you read my letters?” “I do! why are you so shocked?” sanskar asked surprised. “because I thought you don’t read them” swara murmured under her breathe. “what?” sanskar asked who understood that she said something but don’t know what it was. “nothing” swara said nodding her head in a no. “you seriously write everything about my song, I love the way you go deep inside my every word of the song and describes it, you are my most favourite fan”. Swara blushed and said, “thank you. You have read all of my letters?” she again asked the same question to him making him confused, “yes, but why are you asking it again and again? Any problem?” “nothing” swara said looking down. “tell the truth” sanskar asked fixing his gaze on her. Swara looked up at him. This day was so much unexpected, she never thought she will meet him, will talk to him. She wanted to squeal, shout and what not. She controlled herself and said, “I thought you will be busy, and will not get time to read my letters”. Sanskar smiled at her and said, “I do read all of your letters and I am surprised seeing that this letter is a bit small. How is it possible?” “it will be long from next time” swara said smiling at him. Sanskar asked, “letters? Now that I have met you, why don’t you meet me every Monday and directly say how was my performance?” swara was not even able to say anything. This day is just too awesome. Your favourite singer for whose songs you are crazy is asking you to meet you every Monday! Isn’t that great?……….. isn’t that just great?……… Swara just nodded and could’nt stop herself from smiling like an idiot. “ok. We will meet here itself next Monday, because I don’t think media will come here”. Sanskar said looking around finding it to be a nice, peaceful and a lonely place. Swara nodded and started going from there. Sanskar called her and she turned, “can I get your number?” swara was shocked and immediately said ‘NO’ but then she regretted. What if he felt bad? What if she has hurted her ego? But sanskar smiled genuinely and said, “no problem, next Monday, same place, same time. Ok?” swara again just nodded. May be she was still not comfortable with him. She don’t know whether she was doing right by agreeing to the things he is saying. Sanskar understood through her expressions that something was bothering her, maybe he was forcing her. He immediately said, “you don’t have to if you don’t want to”. He don’t wanted to force his fan, that too his favourite fan. Swara pressed her lips into a thin line and said after sometime, “I don’t know what I should say.. umm….. I have to think”. Sanskar nodded and said, “no problem, next Monday I will wait for you here for ten minutes. If you did’nt come, I will take it as a no”. swara smiled at him. “I have to leave. It was nice meeting you” she said and was about to go when sanskar said, “I am surprised”. “For what?” swara asked. “that you did’nt ask my autograph or selfie” sanskar said while swara smiled sheepishly and said, “my reasons will be so lame”. “I would love to hear your lame reasons” sanskar sounded like a kid who was so much interested in a story. Swara laughed a little. A hearty laugh. She was getting more comfortable with him as their conversation lead. “I am very careless about things, I will definitely loose that piece of paper which contains your precious autograph and about selfie. Let me make you clear, that already my sis is always chanting the mantra, ‘you have a crush on sanskar’ if she sees this selfie, then she will definitely chant this mantra to the whole world”. Sanskar smiled, “so, I am not your crush?” don’t know how those words escaped his lips, but he just asked them. Swara answered, “I really don’t know if I should call that as crush”.
Sanskar: you have always said about your true feelings for my songs, then why you did’nt tell me in the letters that you don’t know whether you have a crush on me.
Swara was confused, she don’t know what she should say. Sanskar understood that he made her embarrass and said,
Sanskar: hey! I was just joking.
Swara: its ok. I would have did that. But its wrong to send letters like that na? I thought you will get angry.
Sanskar chuckled. Poor girl! She don’t have any idea what all kind of letters he has received from his fans. Suddenly his phone rang.
Sanskar: swara. Its an important call. Will meet you next Monday. It was really very nice meeting you. I loved your company.
He started going, swara was staring at his retreating figure. Don’t know why he suddenly turned and said those words but he just said that turning to her, “and I mean it”.
Swara was standing in front of the mirror perfectly dressed in a white anarkali. It took two hours for her to get ready. She has never taken this much time to get ready. But don’t know why she did like that. When sanskar met her last Monday, she was in her casuals.’ For God sake! Swara he had already seen you, why are you getting this much nervous and taking this much of time to get ready? He said he will wait for only ten minutes. Go fast’ her inner voice scolded her and she immediately left to meet him. She was so nervous. Damn! It was so easy writing it in a paper.
“hi, how are you?” sanskar greeted her warmly. Swara smiled and asked about him. After some time, they both sat on a bench and swara told about his concert. She started it nervously but when sanskar replied for the few things she said, it became interesting. Don’t know how much time they spent with each other talking about his concert the previous week. Suddenly, something went in swara’s eyes, and sanskar unintentionally went close to her and blow air near her eyes which actually shivered her. Her heart fell into her stomach and she could feel the whole zoo in her stomach. After sometime sanskar moved away from her and asked with concern, “are you okay?” swara nodded. He was unaware of the feelings he created in her just now. Sanskar asked, “do you know singing? You observe many things about my song, how do you do that?” swara said, “I do know singing, a little”. “I want to listen it. Sing some song” sanskar demanded. Swara widened her eyes, “no, no sanskar it will be horrible. Please no” she said trying to deny him but he was so stubborn that she had to sing.
Na Kuch Poocha, Na Kuch Manga
Tune Dil Se Diya Jo Diya
Na Kuch Bola, Na Kuch Tola
Muskura Ke Diya Jo Diya
Tu Hi Dhoop, Tu Hi Chau
Tu Hi Apna Paraya
Aur Kuch Na Janu, Bas Itna Hi Janu
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Sajde Sar Jhukta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Rab Ne.. Bana Di Jodii…..
Sanskar was mesmerised by her voice and said, “swara you sing very well. You should be a rock star”. Swara blushed and said, “thank you. Its getting late, I will leave now. Bye!” and started going but she suddenly turned and said, “99”. Sanskar looked at her confused, swara looked at his confused face and said, “my number?” “oh!”sanskar took his mobile and typed ‘99’ after that he waited for her to say, but she did’nt say anything and he looked up at her from the phone only to find her smirking at him. Swara said, “I got only little comfortable with you, so only little number. I will keep on giving you little little numbers as I get more comfortable. Ok? Bye”. She waved at him and started going from there. Sanskar looked at her shocked. While swara was jumping and running like mad. A rock star said that she sings well! She was so happy. She found an empty plastic bottle, she jumped on it making a loud noise and then kicked it. She again started running and jumping happily. Sanskar just smiled at her antics, she was a kid. Yes! Sanskar’s impression on swara was ‘kid’.
Soon rain started, swara opened her arms welcoming the rain. The month of December, the month of rain, the month of love and already a love story has started blooming here. Swara was getting drenched completely with her white anarkali. She looked so breath taking, so gorgeous, her beauty can’t be described. Sanskar was staring at her not even caring that he was also getting wet. Now sanskar’s impression changed. Right now, sanskar’s impression on his favourite fan was ‘BEAUTIFUL’……….

hi friends. its Raina. i am back after completing a thrilling and boring adventure that is my exams. pray for it guys and do comment. sorry for the mistakes

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    I was litterally smiling the whole reading time, my heart jumping in place like Swara did at the end, dreaming like a teenage the I am Swara and I met him (or I was the mad fan i used to be for someone else and i meet him like that!!! *slap my forehead to stop dreaming*
    Raina, my sweet little sister, this was a beautiful story… so impossible, but soooo realistic, so possible for everyone… *slap again!*
    Keep going dear, it’s just wonderful and i’m eager to know what will happened next monday^^

    1. Raina

      thank you didi. please don’t slap yourself

  2. G.Chandu

    OMG!!! It’s damn good…!!! Loved it sooo much….!!! Post next part soon…!!

    1. Raina

      thanks chandu

  3. Sweeta

    Wonderful nd outstanding episode dear…….sooo amazing nd beautiful. …….it’s really make me sooo happy ???? i seriously loved it. …….now its my fav ff???? fantastic

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