Hi friends divya is back..?Nov 18th one surprise for u all keep waiting..??

Swara comes near d bowl took prasada and eat off… kavitha feels happy OMG atlast di eated..tat time her father comes and asks kavitha did u give prasada to her she said s pa I have given she ate already k where is she,,? she is inside..he goes inside swara asks y pa u come so early u don’t have job today, he says no today mla sanskar sir coming to our village so v both have to go.swara asks y….?? you go y me moreover wat d need of going thier…?? swara v both shd go because v r going to ask to make ur job permanent so I told my friend to recommend sanskar sir so now v r going tats it he hold her hand she says pa leave me then they go off..

Sanskar mansion

Ma bless me he bend down ap bless him sanskar where u going ma I. M going to mysore has election is coming near so I arrange janata darshan I want to hear each pupil sorrow I will work for them so I. M going ma..k sanskar like ur father u also doing good job my wish my prayer always with u my son all d best sanskar thanks ma..then he goes..

If u do ashirvad or show any fake love also if sanskar came to know ur husband matter sorry my brother matter do u know wat he will think…stop it kaveri how can u blackmail ur own brother a voice came from upstairs u stop dis nonsense tat is past matter don’t bring it now,,, how can u forget easily bro to forget tat marry my daughter to ur son I mean marry sanskar to kavya…???
If u marry I won’t talk dis matter I forget dis topic only ..c kaveri marriage is made in heaven I don’t like ur daughter v want poor girl u really care for my son..not kavya u better stop dis then dp ap goes..? Kaveri gets angry….???

Temple ?
Mysore is known for sculpture beauty of various temple in tat a very famous temple is lord parushurama temple morever sanskar donates money to built dis temple as he is mla of tat area ofcourse his contribution will be thier but inside d temple famous heroine sujata is thier sanskar also comes thier his guards stop him sorry sir ma’am is inside u shd wait pari says excuse sanskar stops her and says k, she comes hello sujata ji… I. M….??.”””sujata says SANSKAR MAHESHWARI dis place Mla he says thank u when I. M in small age I used to c ur films it’s nice to c u here hope u comes often tats not required to me it’s required to u SANSKAR MAHESHWARI, what u mean sujata it’s means parineeta, she just stunned…? Hope u understand soon■■■ then she left..sanskar doesn’t mind they left..

Jannata Darshan( it means any VIP or any leader keep one day for pupils sake to ask thier prb and give solution recommendation for thier work or any help or treatment or money for them..lots of pupil will come they shd have appointment if not they shd wait till d end)

All pupil standing in big que swara and his father comes swara says pa wats dis I can’t stand in dis que morever I don’t need any government job I m happy with private job i don’t want to beg anyone ” sir v r poor I want job with big heart please make my job permanent”….leave pa it’s irritating me..shh swara with so much difficulty i take appointment from ramprasad he is very close to sanskar sir..he will tell him to get u job I. M searching him u keep quite till v come outside..he saw rp hey rp I. M searching for you only man..where is sir .Sir is inside u wait I will c and come he goes and calls them swara irritatedly go inside sanskar talking to one man swara bp more increases..rp says namskar sir he is shekhar our village postman very humble man she is her daughter swara shekhar..sanskar says namaskar shekhar says swara to do namskar.?? At instant swara falls down sanskar thought she is taking ashirvad he says no need it’s k..swara takes pen cap and says first of all ” I’m not taking any ashirvad in ur leg side a pen cap is thier as a teacher is my duty to take so I took it..first of all i don’t need any recommendation I m happy with my job for my father force I came here I don’t need any mercy then she moves angrily..his father says sorry and he also moves..rp also asks sorry he also moves.?????‍♂

Precap: sanskar comes to swara school..swara bold attitude,real face of San opens.swara in jail.swara behaviour changes by sanskar words..###.real story starts now…?????

Friends really it’s very beautiful story till today I never missed one single episode of MAHANADHI tat hero acting my God superb then heroine my God her poor love her sister she is best her encouragement guidance her challenge to marry her sister to mla it’s extra ordinary then when sanskar real face open his creativity his idea his selfishness his love his carrier in all in one he is killer of tat show…?? Its very difficult story moreover it’s very difficult to translate kannada to English please bear tc bye..

Sorry for any mistakes.?

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  1. Nice one. Waiting for the episode full of their tashan.

    1. Divyashankar

      Can I finish has os tel me it’s very difficult concept so I will end has a os moreover no one liking it Dr..I. m writing other fiction too I. E payal mera pyari beti please try to read it

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  3. nice..continue

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