Sanskar: I love you Swara. Swara: I love you too (Episode 7) (SwaSan date part 2)

Recap: Swara’s diary. Sanskaar asking for a date. She agrees. He gives her a dress to wear.

The episode starts with car. They’re alone. They can feel the cold breathe because they’re in a jeep. (You can refer the cover picture for seeing her dress). The environment is cool! The sun hasn’t set yet, very less portion of sun can be seen.

“Was everything fine?” He asks her.

“Yes, why?” She asks him.

“Because of yesterday’s drama and all,” He says a bit nervously.

“Oh, no.. There’s nothing to worry,” Swara says while smiling a bit.

“We’re here!” He exclaims.

They get out of the jeep, Swara was almost shocked! Because the place was beautifully decorated with flower petals, bouquet, and carpet on the floor. She looked at Sanskaar in amazement.

“You did these preparitions?” She asks surprisingly.

“Yeah… Did not like it?” He asks.

“No,” She says shocking Sanskaar.

“I meant I loved it,” She says.

He sighs. “Thank God! I thought that you didn’t liked it,”

“That can never happen.. You can even make me happy without even trying,” She says while smiling and walking.

He smiles. “I know you love me a lot,”

They walk inside. She gets mesmerized by the beauty. There is carpet all the way long on the floor. They finally reach inside.
By their side, there is a pool! It is perfect environment for a date!

“Will you dance with me?” He asks while forwarding his hand. She gives her hand in his. They both dance on the song ‘Sanam Re’ . He keeps his hands on her waist. He makes keep her hand on his shoulders. They feel a current pass through them coz it’s their first time. Why would it not happen? They’re dancing with their love, that might happen to you too! She feels butterflies in her stomach.

During the dance, he makes his and her face come closer. Their forehead and nose are joined together. Swara gets shy so she closes her eyes and smiles.

“I love you,” He whisphers in her ears.

“I love you too,” She whisphers back.

Precap: Continuation of date.

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