Sanskar: I love you Swara. Swara: I love you too (Episode 5) & SwaRagini (Kismat Connection) Episode 23


Hey guys! I’m back with another update, but this time I’ll be uploading both Kismat Connection and Sanskar: I love you Swara. Swara : I love you too at the same time.
So I’ll be starting with Sanskar: I love you Swara………….

So, their engagement is over. Sanskar goes to AP and asks her something.

“Mom.. Can I talk with Swara.. Now, if you agree?” He asks AP.

“Oh, yes Sanskar. Of course… But once seek permission from Shekhar and Sharmistha ji.” AP says.

“Okay mom..Where will she be?” He asks.

“Umm.. Maybe in the hall talking with Sujata and Ram.” She says.

“Okay mom.. Thank you so much.” He says and peeks her cheeks. She smiles.

He goes from there and searches for SheMish. He finally spots them talking with Sujata and Ram.

“Sharmistha maa.. Can I talk to Swara for 5 minutes now?” He asks.

“Oh yes of course Sanskar. For that only you asked me? You have the full rights to talk to your future wife.” She says the last sentence in teasing manner.

Sanskar blushes.

“Thank you maa.” He says and goes to talk to Swara.

He takes her to a room.

“What happened Sanskar?” Swara asks.

“Hmm..It seems like someone hasn’t talked to someone who is dying to hear her voice….Right?” He asks while narrowing his eyes.

“No…Nothing like that..I was busy with…….” She says while looking down but he interrupts her.

“I know…But atleast you should be talked to me na.” He says.

“Uff…You made me come here just to hear lectures from you??” She asks.

“No…Not like that. I wanted to talk to you..” He says.

“What do you wanna talk with me?” She asks him.

“Will you come with me for a date tomorrow?” He asks her.

She gets surprised and confused what to answer..

“Umm..Yeah..I’ll come..” She agrees while smiling.

“Thank you Swara!” He says and peeks her cheeks.

She gets surprised by his behaviour. She widens her eyes.

“What did you do?” She asks while widening her eyes.

“I…I kissed my would be wife..Why? Jealous?” He teases her.

“What? Me and Jealous. ..Never! By the way, I’m only your would be wife.. Mr Maheswari!” She says.

“Really? Then I wanna kiss my would be wife.” Sanskar says.

Swara gets shocked but she knows that anyhow Sanskar will get the kiss from her. So she closes her eyes and nods in a yes. He comes closer…Their lips are only an inch apart and…! Their first kiss! Wow! That turned out to be very soft! Their first kiss which was very soft!! After 10 minutes, they break their kiss and joins their forehead.

“Happy Mr Maheswari?” Swara whispers while breathing heavily.

“Very!” He too whispers while breathing heavily.

Soon, they part their foreheads away.

“So….Be ready tomorrow! Would be Mrs Maheshwari!” He says while smiling.

“Sure!” She too says while smiling.

Precap: SwaSan’s date pakka.

Kismat Connection:

The episode starts with Sanskar lost in his own world. Ragini waves her hand in front of his face so he comes back to sense.

“Where are you lost bhai? Ragini asks him in a teasing tone.

“Me? No way..I’m not lost…” He says while feeling a bit awakend.

“Yes..That can be clearly seen on your face.” She says with a teasing manner.

“Okay Ragu..Bye bye..I’m gonna make preparition. .Bye!” He says and goes out.

“Fine!” She says and sighs.

RagSan and SwaLak arrive at the place. Ragini goes and whispers in Lakshya’s ear that Sanskar is going to propose Swara. He smiles and makes a excuse and goes from there with Ragini. Now SwaSan are alone.

“Swara…I want to tell you something.. Will you deny me?” He asks.

“What Sanskar? What do you wanna ask me?” She asks him clueless.

He sighs and bends on his knees. She is shocked.

“Swara….In childhood, you were one of my best friends. And, that day when you called me…I was on cloud 9..I didn’t know why..But yesterday I realised that I love you..Yes! I LOVE YOU! Will you marry me? Will you join your name with mine?” He asks while closing his eyes.

She gets touched. She immediately bends on her knees and hugs him tightly.

“I love you too Sanskar! I love you too..Yes!! I love you and I’m ready to join my name with yours..” She says while still hugging him. Her eyes are still closed.

He too hugs her back and smiles.

“Really?” He asks while being shocked.

“Yes!!” She says.

“But will our parents accept us?” She asks while being nervous.

He breaks the hug and cups her face.

“If our love is true then no one can even dare to separate us..Don’t worry Swara!” He says and they get up.

Screen shifts to RagLak. They are alone. Suddenly, Lakshya holds Ragini’s hand and they stop.

“What happened Lakshya?” She asks.

“Ragini..I wanna say that I LOVE YOU!! In these 5 days, I began to love you!! Will you marry me Ragini?” He asks while closing his eyes. Ragini is shocked.

Lakshya then opens his eyes and sees Ragini shocked.

“Will you?” He asks.

“Yes! I love you too Lakshya! I love you too!” She says and hugs him.

Precap: SwaSan gets to know about RagLak and family’s decision.

Hey guys!! So..I’m done with this update. I know KC is smaller then other FF as I was really exhausted and I’m reading a ‘Wimpy Kid’ book and that’s too long..So..

By the way, do let me know your views about about the FF’S. Hope you like it.

Love you! โ™กโ™ก

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