Sanskar: I love you Swara. Swara: I love you too (Episode 2)


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Episode 2

Swara, Sanskar and Kavya sleep.


“Shona.. Shona.. Get up.. From how long you’re sleeping.” Sumi yells from downstairs.

Hearing Sumi shouting, Swara wakes up with a jerk.

“Hey Bhagwan.. I slept on the floor only..” Swara wonders to herself.

While she was wondering, Sumi comes and sees her on the floor.

“What happened Shona? And why are you so late today? Is anything bothering you?” Sumi asks her while keeping her hand on her forehead to check whether she has fever or not.

“Vo.. Kuch Nahi Maa… I don’t have fever.. I slept late yesterday so that’s why. Don’t worry I’ll be coming out within half and hour.” Swara assures her.

“Hmm.. Okay..” Sumi says and turns for going. “But this girl is never late for coming downstairs and today….She’s the one who is last.. But she slept late yesterday do maybe because of that..” Sumi thinks while going but soon jerks her thoughts away.

Screen shifts to Sanskar.. He too wakes up due to the sun rays falling.

“Today I have to meet Swara and tell her that I don’t love Kavita but her…. I know that she also loves me.. I have seen her love for me in her eyes.. Please God.. I want to marry Swara and not Kavita.” Sanskar thinks and goes in the washroom to get ready.

Other side, Swara also comes downstairs and takes blessings of Sumi and Shekhar.

“God bless you.” Both Sumi and Shekhar says and Swara smiles.

“Have your breakfast Shona..” Shekhar says.

“Ji baba..” Swara says and sits down to have her food.

“Maa.. I’m going in the park to have a walk.” Swara says.

“Okay Shona.. Come back soon.” Sumi says.

“Ji.” Swara says and goes to the park.

Other side, Sanskar also haves his breakfast and goes to meet Swara. On the way, he sees her in the park.. The park was empty, only Swara was there.

“I’ll talk to her here only.” Sanskar says and enters in the park.

Swara also feels his presence.. Sanskar comes near here and says “Swara.”

Swara turns with a jerk.

“What happened? You here? Any work?” Swara asks him while keeping her eyes down as she doesn’t wants to face him.

“Swara.. Please believe me.. I love you and not Kavita..” Sanskar says.

“But now.. Everything is finished.. Better if you forget me and move on in your life.” Swara says and looks in his eyes.

“How can you say that? We are not even engaged now.. And if we would have been.. Then also I would love you.. Only you.. And don’t you have trust in OUR love?” Sanskar asks her.

“Its true that I love you and will always be… And I also have trust in our love.. But what will you say to aunty and uncle?” Swara asks him.

“You’re just worried about this? If our love is true.. Then NO one can ever separate us..I promise you that tomorrow.. I will get engaged to YOU only.. It’s my promise.” Sanskar says and leaves in his car.

Precap: Engagment day.. What will happen? Will Sanskar get engaged to Kavita or Swara?
Shyam- Rahul Bhat

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