Sanskar love story – Episode 1


Hi guys I am back with the first episode of sanskar love story. Hope u like it too.

Episode 1

We see a boy sitting in a dark room there he was seeing some pictures it was his childhood pics he was crying remembering those moments. ( he was our handsome sanskar )

Sanskar pov

Why god why u did this to me u make all my loved ones leave me now I stopped believing in love u are so selfish u took everyone from me now I hate the word love why u have to be so mean. In These many years I have become a successful businessman but whats the use of it when I have nobody whom I used to love more than myself.Today after so many years my cousin is coming back from australia I have to go to pick up her as she will be staying here as she came here for few days for enjoying after that she will leave to her parent’s house.I have to leave from here to pick up her.

Sanskar pov ends

At airport

There was a girl coming laughing and talking with someone. Sanskar reaches there and goes towards the girl . He gets mesmerised seeing her . He was lost in her. The girl speaks up are u the one whose house I am supposed to stay sanskar was still in lost her the girls says hello where are u lost stop staring me like that sanskar says I was not staring at u and ya u are going to stay with me by the way what is ur name. The girl says I am swara gadodia ( yes she is our heroine swara ) and what is ur name sanskar says my name is sanskar maheshwari. They both leave from there.

Precap: swara and sanskar silly fights.

So guys how was the chappy. Let me know through ur comments. Positive negative all are welcomed. Next one will be very funny one. Not to forget I am swasan fan. Bye take care love u all???? thanks for ur wonderful comments keep commenting.

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