Sanskar Laksh and Swara – One shot


hi frnds..
i m writing dis os coz i think dat sanskar’s love towards swara is 2 pure…

sanskar’s pov-
it was d shiny day..
I was standing in my balcony .. wid cup of coffee..
suddenly cold breeze touched to my face…
n I turned..
I saw one beautiful girl.. standing in d balcony …
I was shocked to see her…
she was my shona…

d girl who came into my dreams from childhood..
my frnds told me DAT der is new family shifted ..
means she is our neighbor..
I hv to talk wid her ..
my shona….
after few days…
I saw one small kid playing in d garden..
shona was playing wid DAT kid.. boy hugger her n called her “mommy”

I felt dat I listened something wrong..
meri shona kisi aur ki… na…

I wanna confirm dis news…
so I and ansh(DAT kid) became frnds..

one day he invited me to his home.
he took me to his home while holding my hand..

and I saw, “swara and laksh were too close”..
and after watching mangalsutra … it was confirmed DAT my shona is married to someone else..

I can’t digest dis…I wanna tell her DAT I m her true love ..
not DAT laksh….
.so I arranged one trip.. (d trip to d place of which dream I saw daily)…

may be she will remember abt our past…

swara’s pov-
when we visited DAT place.. I feel something strange . d peoples r calling me as shona.. n sanskar as varun…

I don’t understand why dey r calling like DAT..

dey took us to d place..
der was 1 temple..
after stepping into d temple, ” I saw one girl was running after butterflies.. and one boy was chasing her.. after watching dis, I was shocked coz it was sanskar n me.. but how?
one person told me abt our love story..
shona n varun .. lovers.. one day, d snake bites to shona.. hospitals r not in village.. so she died . but varun is also died.. coz he sucked d poison in try to save shona…

swara was shocked to listen dis.she hugged sanskar..

sanskar asked me,” will u be mine swara?”
I replied , “no sanskar .. I can’t.. I m married .. and dis 7 lifes r for laksh only… ”
he replied to me, “OK I will be waiting for u in our 8th life… ”
after DAT he gone away from mine n laksh’s life…
he was living in d another city..
he left his family..

laksh’s pov-
swara is mad.. she was not allowing me
to go for business trip.. coz she saw d dream DAT I m dying in d accident.. my partners laughed at me.. but wht to do? I didn’t go coz swara forced me to stay in home…

but @ night,i heard dat.. accident of our bus.. all my business partners r dead on d spot…
I was amazed…
actually in shock..
but suddenly due to d ring of call I came to my senses..
our landline phn was ringing.. and swara was busy in work..
so I received DAT call..
d caller said,”thanks swara.. for listening mine.. and not allowing to laksh to go for business tour..u believed on dream.. be happy swara..”
and call was disconnected..
again I was in shock…
coz dis sound was similar to our neighbor, ‘sanskar’…
do they HV some relation?
I was confused.. coz sanskar and swara is in contact .. y???

while searching in our room.. I found d diary of swara .
after reading DAT I came to knew abt shona and varun’s love story…
and after reading DAT , I understand dat swara is mine for dis life.and I m happy coz she is mine.. and I promised my self dat in next life I won’t come in between dem…
dey don’t HV to w8 for 7 life.. to unite ..
in next life dey will be wid each other…
I prayed to god for dis ….
till today…
sanskar is like a angel..
who is saving us from small incidents wid his vision power ..
after watching at him… I understand d meaning of true love…
and true love is nothing but watching ur love happy …
he sacrificed his love… but for dis life only….

…. end…
I knw u guys will kill me after reading dis…
do comment…

Credit to: ambika

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  1. acha ta par kuch to…missing tha swalak ka pairing thoda sa ajeeb tha aur koi romance i nahi

    1. in next os. I will try to write those scenes … 🙂

  2. so funny yaar i couldnt stp laghing

    1. me 2.. lol 😉

      1. If ur d one writing q month agreement then plz post it soon I’m waiting & do u post it on fb???? I saw it once on swasan os

  3. Amazing….

    1. thanks dolly… m happy DAT u liked dis os 2.. 🙂

    1. thanks juan.. 🙂 thnk u for reading dis os

  4. It was really cool, awesome n excellent!!!!
    Quite emotional too…but you brought out the meaning of true love! Hope you write more soon

    1. I am writing one month agreement ff on swasan..

  5. Its lovely dear…. I loveeeeeedddddd it….too gud yaar

    1. thanks Nita for ur lovely comment.. 🙂

  6. Hey really it is awesome….true love doesn’t mean staying together oly….it is also sacrifice so tat der patners vl be happy in der lyf…..really it is good….

    1. yeah.. love is another name of sacrifice..

  7. Nce dear……something really very different which people in today’s world don’t even realise that

    1. thanks L khan :).. people now a days r busy in snatching happiness from others…

  8. No yrrr its amazing u have tell us the meaning of true love
    True doesn’t mean ro have her in yr life it means to see her happy wid it doest matter if she is wid u or not and i m fan of both swasan and swalak u have done justice
    wid both pairs swasan and swalak

    1. yeah.. actually I m fan of swasan.. but now a days muze swalak bhi acche lag re 🙂

  9. Very nice yaar I really like it.Because I am. big fan of both the pair.

    1. thanks khusubu … 🙂

  10. Awesome yr…plz upload 1 month agreement also…

    1. yeah kritika I will try to update.. actually I posted dis story as fun… coz here r both swasan n swalak fans… so just testing my writing skills …

  11. awesome..

    1. thanks darsh …

  12. Well i will not kill u yr…itz too good itz the sweetest one shot i hv ever read…i wonder esa cute plot mene q ni socha 😛 u nailed it…

    1. tum isse acchi story likhogi.. meher .. I knw .. 🙂

  13. Seriously it’s awesome…..

    1. seriously ur comment motivated me to write another os .. just thinking abt DAT 🙂

  14. I am Wiating for that

    1. for next epi? or next os?

  15. Seriously it’s awesome

  16. Ambula it was really a good is…. True love is, “to be happy in your loved ones happiness” and days what it was all about…. To sacrifice his life long love for her this birth love……..
    Something was stuck in my throat after reading it……
    After reading true loves wait.. 🙂
    Thanks for such a wonderful OS…

    1. yeah.. if u 🙂 den I m also 🙂 .. dis happens when we truely love someone… 🙂

  17. Ohhh plz I don’t HV wrdz and I don’t know wt I’m writing only 3 wrdz I can say MIND BLOWING, INCREADIBLE

    1. thanks kiera… for reading dis.. n giving ur valuable comment also…

  18. It’s really very Gud!!?

    1. thanks swen woni for ur valuable comment.. 🙂

  19. so emotional! ! I just love it

    1. yeah its too emotional.. dats y I was not posting dis story.. but after reading d argument on swalak n swasan I posted it…

  20. Its amazing and we are happy that this laksh wil not come as Villain in swasan life in nxt birth

    1. he is not villain in dis life 2…

  21. it was really emotional one dear…
    i was seriously in tears after reading dis os…
    i seriously dont know d slightest meaning of true love but something connected me to dis story…

    1. actually I also dnt knw d meaning of true love..

  22. Hey ambika…plzzzzzzz update one month agreement…m eagerly waiting …plzzzz:(

    1. hey sneha.. I will try to update it…

  23. True love..if thus is true love..den its amazing !! I loved ur os..but i do wonder how mny things cn define true love..

    1. der r lots of things DAT defines true love.. thanks..

  24. Ur writing is too good…this type of love we can expect from sanky only ….unconditional love….true love…but laksh fir se kabab me haddi…lol plz do write more os…n update one month agreement

  25. Really nice……I’m sad that swasan didn’t unite but I’m happy seeing that there love was true

  26. wow something different stry.

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