Sanskar and laksh : hum say hay zamana (part-5)

eid mubarik everyone!!!

Part 4


one day there is an announcement that there is a thief who came only at night time around 12-1 am and he stoles very important things from the houses (what are those thing u came to know after sometime)

sanlak and family also listened to that announcement and decided to properly lock their doors and windowsss……. after 2 days sanlak were sleeping in their room suddenly they hear a noise from the outside of their house both got up at the same time and goes out after grabbing broomstick and viper both were going outside suddenly they hear a noise from the kitchen they goes towards the kitchen they saw a shadow both gulps in fear but composed themselves and attack the shadow with viper and broom the shadow starts shouting help help helppppppppp… in this struggle the shadow’s bag fall down from his hand both sanlak grabs the bag and take out shadow from the kitchen by beating in the meantime all family members came out due to noises… dp and shekhar said sanlak what’s going on there and who is he whom u r beating?

Lucky: papa he is the thief and we caught him from the kitchen while sanky is bzy in inspecting the bag of the thief….

Thief while crying sorry chachaa jiii im not a bad thief

Dp,shekhar at a same time chachaaa jiiiii??? :O :O kahan ka chacha???

Dp: if u r calling me chacha then shekhar is your father? If u r calling shekhar chacha it means that ur are my son? :O

Thief: no chacha ji im calling u both chacha because aap dono ki shakal mairay marhoom(dead) abba k marhoom(dead) bhai say milti hay :’( by saying this the theif starts crying on laksh shoulder everyone one is seeing him with open mouths :O

Dadi: dafa dur tu chor hay ya maskhara (joker) asked him with a confused look?

Theif: dadiii jiiiiiiiiiiii u r insulting mee 😀

Dadi: bakwas band kr aur ye bta why r u here?

Sanky who is all the time bzy in inspecting his bag said daddiii look he stole dada mamu’s sweet box also 😀

Lucky: kameenay ye humay nhe mila tou tjhay kahan say mil giya??

Thief by patting his shoulder said that’s why im a thief and u r nott 😛

Sanky: r u a local thief aur imported thief?? All the things u stole is all imported

Thief: because I only stole high class things not down market things said by rolling his eyes and grabs the bag from sanky and starts showing the things to all the family members…

Theif: look this nutella spread where I stole this there is also another choco spread but that one is local one so I left that and put a tag on it for that house member that please buy imported choco spread 😀 look this peanut butter is also imported,,, this ketchup it is made of fresh tomatoes.. all family members listening his full speech of branded edibles by putting their hand on their mouths while our sanlak is trying all his branded edibles 😀

Shekhar: u r that thief na of which announcement has made??

Thief: yes chacha ji im only that theif but there is one mistake in that announcement they said that my height is 5.1 this is wrong because my height he 4.8 😀

Dadi: nalaik why you stole edibles from houses banda koi sona chandi churaye bhala ye koi baat hoi.. (yes guys the announcement about the thief is that he stole the edibles from the houses)

Thief: daadiii jii said with a pout actually wohh kiya hay naaaa sona chandi tou har chor churata hay but u know im different said with a wink that why I do unique thefts 😛 and I like branded edibles soo that’s why I stole these from everyone house waisay I saw a brande cheese in your kitchen also can I take that??

Dadi: han han take that by saying this she take out her slipper and start throwing on thief 😀

Thief after getting dadi’s slipper run out without taking his bag and all his edibles were eaten by sanlak as usual because these 2 r such a bhukkar 😀

sorry guys if u didn’t like it but do let me know if u like it or not 😀


  1. Radhika

    Love it dear its really very funny and imported thief oh! God it is really funny and our sanlak are really bhukhad and I like it very much even I love it can I be your friend?

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