Sanskar and laksh : hum say hay zamana (part-4)


One day sanlak were walking on a street by eating candy floss in one hand and baraf ka gola in the other hand (I know guys it’s a funny combo but what to do our sanlak are also funny na )

They are talking and eating both the things at the same time suddenly they saw sahil sitting and weeping by making a baby face the go near him and said what happened baby sahil why are u crying like if someone snatched your lolly pop by listening this sahil starts crying more loudly both were seeing him silently because they were busy in eating and sanlak don’t do compromise with their edible 😀

After finishing and cleaning their hands with sahil white t-shirt they sat beside him and ask what happened??

Sahil: while weeping said a proposal came of dada ji before he completes sanlak shouts

What???? Your dada ji again going to marry?? Tauba taubaa Allah taubaaa he already had 3 wives from which 2 already resting in their graves and other one is soon going to accompany them..

Sahil shoutsss first listen to mee naaa sanky bhai lucky bhaiiii

Both nodes okay

Sahil: a proposal came of dada ji’s frnd’s granddaughter for meee and starts crying by sitting on the floor like as someone died 😀

Sanky: ooo then whats the problem in that why r u crying likes u became widow??

Lucky: yess why u r crying?

Sahil: while cleaning his nose with hands (yukh ganda) said I don’t want to marry her actuallyyy I love chambelii said while blushing like a red tomato

Sanlak: oooooooooooooooo weeeee seeeeee okay tell us when the guests were coming??

Sahil: tomorrow 4 pm

Sanky: okay you don’t worry we will do something

Lucky: we’ll try to break your dis proposal now go and take rest

Next day:-

Sanlak also came for supporting the sahil.. sahil dadaji after seeing them both said wow u both also came come come sit u know na today my frnd and his family is coming for seeing sahil

Sanky: yes dada jii we know that why we are here u don’t worry we take good care of them and winks to sahil and laksh

Dadaji : okay know go inside and look after the preparations

Trio goes inside sahil mother is setting the table sanlak said aunty u go and take some rest we will look after the things

Sahil’s mother says thanku beta and goes inside the room when she goes sanlak both attacks the table on which food is laying there is a fresh cream cake lucky’s mouth start watering he lick all the cream by his finger but when sahil sees him he said lucky bhai what are u doing??

Lucky: don’t u see im eating cream

Sahil: but it is for the guests and why are u eating cream only?

Lucky: becaue I like it

Sanky: don’t worry sahil I have a solution just bring your shaving cream

Sahil: why?

Sanky: just bring it na

Sahil bring it and our dear sanky decorates the whole cake with shaving cream like the original one 😀

Sahil mouth wide opens whereas lucky is licking his finger

Lucky: sahil don’t be soo much shocked my brother is too much genius

Sanky: winks

Suddenly the doorbell rang the guests arrived

Sanlak also welcome them the guests settle down only dada ji and sanky is present there lucky and sahil is with sahil’s mom

Guest: to he is your grandson?? Point towards sanky who is buzy in eating samosas

Before dada ji could answer they said that your grandson is very handsome we like him a lot

Sanky chokes while listening this and lucky who is coming with a tray of soft drinks throws the tray in shock

Guests who didn’t notice this because they were seeing sanky with concern they saw sahil standing at the back of sanky and said to dadaji plz ask your this sevant to bring water for your grandson 😀

Dada ji sanlak become shocked while listening that they were calling sahil a servant 😀 (Actually sahil’s clr is little bit dark while our sanlak is tall,fair and handsome 😉

Sahil became pale after listening this and starts crying like a child

Lucky after few minutes burst into laughter and said you are wrong he is sanky my brother and the one whom u calling servant is actually sahil for whom u came 😀

Sanky also start laughing but after seeing sahil states both stops and pats his shoulder and said u don’t worry we will teach them a lesson
Guests apologize with dada ji

Dada ji: plz have something u plz take this cake this from special bakery a very famous one in our area

Everyone nodes and take the big big pieces of cake but….. after eating first bite they all look each other and then dada ji who is smiling and saying how is it?
Guests gave him a fake smile and said very tasty while seeing guests reaction trio boys were controlling there laughter

And over all this dada ji ordered them to taste more 😀

Guests finished cake with mucccchh difficulty but this not the end of torture it is just the beginning

One of the guest ask to go to the washroom sanky said I’ll take u they both go sanlak already spread the detergent water on the floor when the guest enter’s he first start doing disco steps due to slippery water and finally he slips and fall on the bath tub which he full of cow dung mix with water

On the other side dada ji is telling about their cow stable one guests want to see the stable lucky said I’ll take u he goes with lucky while going lucky pastes red clr paper on his back while saying that something is stuck on his back..

When the enters the stable there is one bull tied there with big big horns lucky intentionally moves the guest’s back toward the bull and saw behind to know about the bulls reaction the bull after seeing red clr starts reacting and jumping to free himself lucky goes to the other side and sat on the stool and take out choco from his pocket and starts eating the guest is buzy in seeing cows and goats that’s why he didn’t notice the bull where as the bull after many struggle frees himself and runs towards the guest bull kick him with is horns with full pressure that guest shouttttts ooooiiii maaa and fall down on by breaking the barriers of cow stable lucky who saw that start laughing madly by falling down of the stool 😀

Sanky and lucky came back by making innocent face like nothing is happened and settle down and starts eating as always..

one of the fat lady out of guests who is eating like an elephant sanlak sees her and signals to each other sanky bring a cola for her in a glass and said aunty plz have this it help you in digestion in this way u can eat more

fat aunty grabs the glass and drink in one gulp after few minutes she said that she wants to go to washroom sahil take her the lady come out but again goes to washroom like this she is going again and agaian finally she faints and fall down sahil asks sanlak what they mix in the cola? Thet said jamalghota 😀
dada ji finds something fishy because 3 guests goes out but didn’t return they go in search of them first he goes toward stable what he saw it shocked him one guest is laying on the back of cow unconscious he goes to the other guest who first goes to washroom he open the door and shocked after seeing him lying unconscious in the tub 😀

he goes towards the fat lady who is also lying unconscious

he shouts sankarrrr,lakshhhhh,sahillll trio who is eating again in the kitchen gets up from their places and runs from the window of the kitchen…..

but this not the end and sanlak as usual got beaten by dadi fat rubber slipper because dada ji complains about them to dadi,dp and shekhar and our poor sahil is forced to sleep on the cow stable between the cows for 2 days 😀 but one thing his proposal got cancelled 😀


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