Sanskar and laksh : hum say hay zamana (OS)

Salam guys rabia here once again the writer of bad days are going to end soon my full name is rabia Munawar so to escape from any confusion I told u my full name 😉
Im going to write a funny OS on Ramzan which is totally on the funny antics and tantrums of 2 couzns sanskar and laksh.. sawara is laksh sister and ragini is sanskar’s sister all of them are engaged with each other but it is not a romantic OS swara and ragini only plays supporting role nothing else…

Dp and shekhar are brothers and sumi and ap are sisters because all are muslims so it is the couzn marriage I hope u understand.. further characters are dadi, dada mamu (brother of dadi but unmarried) living with them.. chambelii their maid.. sahil their neighbor a funny character.. im writing this OS because in ramzan all brother or couzns do soo much drama for waking up for the sehri the one who is having brothers can understand my point 😉 but I don’t have any brother 😛 soo im free from all these 😀 hehehehe soo let’s start


It is the time of sehri ap,sumi,ragini and swara were in the kitchen and making the paratha’s and curry for the sehri suddenly dadi shouts from outside..

Dadi : array does anybody wakes up that both jerk or not?? They both always gets up before 15 mins of closing fast and sleep again before offering prayer…Allah know for which reason they both are fasting (dadai luvs all her grandchildren a lot but she is strict in the same time)

Shekhar: ami jaan I’ve snd chambeli for waking that donkeys up (shekhar is the father of laksh and swara)

Dp: forget it shekhar wether storms come, earth quakes comes but these to idiots will not wake up ghoray gadhay beech kr sotay hain dono
In the same time in one room:

One boy is sleeping whose one leg is on bed and one leg is on flooer while the other boy is completely on floor with his blanket and his legs were on bed

Chambeli came while moving her paranda round and round and shouts loudly sanky bhai lucky bhai get up dadi ma is calling u bothh and if u both not wake dadi maa will make your kamchumarr but na jee naa they both did’nt move a little by seeing thiss chambeli goes toward them one by one and shouts in their ears sanky bhai wake upp and sanky who is sleeping one bed by dropping his leg fall down completely and chameli than goes to lucky and do the same and lucky who is sleeping down gets up but fall down by facing his face on the floor by tripping on his blanket

Sanky and lucky botth at a same time chambeliiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

Chambeli after seeing this runs out like an ostrich 😀

After 10 mins both sanky and lucky came while rubbing their eyes

After seeing both of them shekhar astonished and said from where today sun rises that u both get up early for sehri?

Laksh: abba sun is not raised yet abhi tou only is 3 am of morning

Dp: my dear son please wide open your eyes its 2 am not 3 am

Sanky n lucky both were sitting calmly after listening this starts feeling dizzy because our dear chambeli disturbs their sleep by waking them 1 hr before and they both fell down upside down own the sofa

Dadi pats her forehead after seeing this

Dp: amma forget these u tell when is mamu coming?

Dadi: he is saying that he reached by today morning..

After doing sehri everyone goes to take some rest and our sanky n lucky who is already done there sehri while sleeping also goes to sleep again 😀

Morning at 11 am:

Sumi came and wakes both sanky and lucky

Sanky: what chachi why are u waking us is aftari time came?

Lucky who is in sleep wakes up and said ami is aftari time really came

Sumi slaps both of them and said its 11 am you both just get up and goes to shop your fathers is calling u both (Shekhar and dp owned a very big grocery store and also having lands in village soo they are a very well off family)

Sanlak both again starts feeling dizzy after listening the word of work (both are masters but doing nothing ) 😛

Sanky : chachi khuda ka khauf karay you r snding we both innocent souls in this hell hot summer for work?

Sumi: before i take out my shoe you both just get outt

Both immediately wakes up and goes to the work after freshing up

After 4 hrs they both came back and said chambelii plzz gave us water..

Dadi: nalaikooo u both are fasting and u want water have some shame

Lucky: what dadi u know na that if someone eat or drink in fast unintentionally without knowing then it is a gift from Allah but what is the need to speak atleast let us drink the water he said with a very bad face and lay down besides sanskar

in the same time dada mamu who already came back from village come from his room and says after seeing them both that they didn’t change today also?

Sanky and lucky: both listened his voice and gets up and hugs him tightly and starts saying dada mamuu u camee back

Dada mamu: array hatto it is already very hot and u both are sticking to me more

Sanky: dada mamu what gifts u bring for us from village? Lucky also asks the same

Dada mamu: I brought nothing hatto tum dono I have to go outside

Lucky wishper in sanky’s ear I know he already hide the thing u know na he is very much kanjoos

Actually guys dada mamu is very much kanjoos 😉 he always bring dry fruits, sweets etc. from village but did’nt share with anyone and always hides them in his cupboard but our naughty sanlak always stole them from his cupboard and ate them

Sanky: its okay bhai u don’t worry we see him later let’s go and take some rest it seems that my both bp and sugar level is drowned and while leaving said to ap ami wake us before 5 mins of aftari

Dadi: kabhi namaz quran bhi parh liya karo beysharmoo

At the time of aftari:

Both sanky and lucky is waiting for azan when they hear azaan both fills their plate with lots of pakoras and all were watching them when they see all they left 2,3 pakoras and gave them sheepish smile after all our sanlak has a very big heart u know naa 😉

Like this many rozas have passed one day they both were sitting outside when the dadi came and said to both that go and bring 3 kg saag from outsie the city ramu (dada mamu) is saying that he likes to eat saag so that why I’m thinking to make saag for him in aftari..

Sanky and lucky both at a same time: dadi khuda ka khauf karay it is tooo hot outside and u are saying to bring saag from outside the city??? Why inside city’s saag is cutting u?? itni germi may saag aap dono k chal chalao k din hain beth kr Allah Allah karay ye kiya saag ka shauk pala howa both said this by opening their eyes wide it is looking that in any moment they came out from the socket..

Dadi: nalaiko u don’t have any shame to talk like this to your dadi?? Before that I beat u both from my this fat rubber slipper u both just get out an d bring saag

Both ran outside like their any marathon is going on and stops at the end of the street..

Sanky: oo yar dadi iss a very big film

Both were talking when they see sahil is coming from other side and he is making a very sad face.

Lucky: what happened sahil my brother why u r making your face like a choosni (nipple whish is used for babies to stop them from crying)

Sahil: what to tell u lucky bhai dada jee has ordered 5 kg saag from the village but the man didn’t came yet soo im waiting for him only

Both sanlak became happy after listening this and signals something to each other and lucky said to sahil…buddy u r like our younger brother look while standing in this sunlight your skin is became like tawa

Sahil looking both of them like a dumb and fool because he is not getting anything

Sanky: sahil u goo to your home we will wait here for the men when he came we deliver the saag to your home

Sahil becomes happy and hugs both of them and said u both are very good and nice and by saying this he tuns towards his home

Lucky: while laughing yes we both are very nicee

After half hr one one came and he is picking the saag on his head on seeing him both sanlak goes towards him and after making him fool takes the saag from him and goes..they both took 3 kgs from it and mix 3 kg wild grass which is a look alike of saag in the remaining saag and gave it to sahil….

Soo how is the first part guys?? Please do tell me know and in next part I’ll try to give some raglak and swasan scene but funny not romantic but my main focus is on our sanky and lucky


  1. sanya

    Oh my god da it sooooooooooo funnY and Lucky and sanky omg Dadi Allah Allah karo hahahahahahahahaha poor sahil
    Sanky best wake me 5 min bevor aftari hahahahahahahahaha sanlak are best
    Waiting dear Post soon

  2. Maryam

    Nice yar….I too m a Muslim n omg….during sehri the tantrums are all mine n my brother….:sometimes my bro wakes up so late that the azan had been called n he have to keep fast without sehri…..:…and ya congrats Bcz about 20 days of Ramadan are gone…n soon after 10-11 days it’s…..EID….

    • Rabia



      congrats to u too 😉 and ya my sister also do these tanturms soo in the end me or my mom have to wake her up to atleast drink the water 😀

  3. Amna

    I can understand all the things you mentioned bcoz l do the same every day with my sibling.?Iis liye hm too raat ko kha kr sote h taking shri m sirf milk pins pare. Our mother start shouting from 3 am and we come at 3 20 or 25.?? Today l was so much engrossed in sleep that l forgot to brush my teeth in shri too.??

  4. Ameera


    |Registered Member

    mine too and full of grumbles by the way it was very funny i have two elder bro like sanlak, guess what they both match for what they do at sehri but they do pray on time. please continue

  5. Jiya


    |Registered Member

    I’m also facing same situation????
    I also get up just 15 or sometimes 10 minutes before sehri. My father tried to wake me but of no use.
    I do sehri in half consciousness?????
    ToToo realistic :3:3

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