Sanskar and laksh : hum say hay zamana (OS) part – 3

guys this story is all about independent episodes only characters were same but there is no major connection between episodes

Part 2


Like this ramzan is come to an end and tomorrow is eid sanlak is going to by kurtas for eid suddenly dadi came and said zra bachiyon ko bhi lay jaoo sath

Sanlak: both and at a same time kiyaaa dadii our shopping will complete only in 15 mins but your both granddaughters have to buy only bangles but they show like the have to do shopping for their jahaiz (dowry) said while making funny faces

Swaragini were fuming in anger and we can see smoke is coming out from their ears πŸ˜€ sanlak see this because they didn’t know that both are standing their they gulp in fear and said what dadiii u know na swaragini has to buy bangles then why u don’t allowing them to come with us??

Dadi’s eyes open wide and jaw drops after listening to their safaid jhoot πŸ˜€

Dadi: han hannn I only told to not take them sharam tou na aii dadi per ilzaam lugatay hoye now get lost and take my daughters also and take care of them understand warna I will stuff your skin with bhoosa πŸ˜‰ said while gritting her teeth

Sanlak: hosla dadii we will take care of them in fact we will take care of all the girls around the market said with a wink and runs (sanlak are only naughty and funny but they are actually very much SHAREEF :P)

Dadi: namonay (items)

At shopping side

After sanlak done with their shopping four of them heads towards the bangles stall but there is to much rush finally they reach to one stall swaragini forward their hands for bangles but a shopkeeper give ragini a small size bangle with stucks in her hand lucky tries to free her hand but due to force for removing bangle both loses their balance and ragini falls on swara while lucky the great falls on bangles stall which results in breaking of the table on which bangles were laying everyone freezes on their places before the shopkeeper reacts sanlak hold swaragini hands and runs like a bullet train while running they dashed with many people like sanky dashed with a very fat aunty due to which her wig came in his hand which he throws on her by saying sorry…

Lucky dashed with again a bangles stall which fall down and bangles broke πŸ˜€

Swaragini dashed with a guy who is standing near a gutter and he fall down in gutter (poor fellow) πŸ˜€

Like this they finally reach their car breathing heavily and drove as fast as they can πŸ˜€

Finaly they reach home but nobody discuss their (KARNAMAY) with eachother or family members and dozes off

Next day is an eid day and for a change sanlak were also got up early but it is not for the eid but actually they got up for eating (SHEER KHURMA a sweet dish which is usually made on eid)

When their mothers serve them sweet dish they start eating but all family members looking them like they were seeing an aliens because both were eating sheer khurma noo noo not eating but actually they were drinking it with a straw because it is slipping when they were eating with a spoon πŸ˜€

DADI: niii Sumi Anuu what u have ate while giving birth to these namonaaas??

Shekhar: Amma they have seen they monkey play before their birth soo I think it affects both of them very much

Everyone starts laughing accept sanlak because they are buzy in eating sorry drinking the fourth bowl of sheer khurma πŸ˜€


  1. sss

    all the time i read this ff i just laugh hahahaha this time also superb actually i was also thinking what their mother saw or eat before giving them birth lol…and request i know this ff just on sanlak doing but still don’t put swasan/raglak scene i mean their chemistry love story all that just add fun thing as I’m not a big fan if swasan/raglak just a request the story will be more good without pair fed up of as I’m couple freak so missed many good ff don’t want to happen same with it

    • Rabia



      Thankuu soo much for liking the concept n ya dont worry this story is only on funny scenes no romantic scenes are there ?

  2. sanya

    Hahahahahahahaha it so funnY plzzzzz Post soon next epi and i love sanlak in your os omg They are very funnY

  3. Radhika

    I read all parts today and find it very funny love the story and masti and notanki loved it and really funny i am still laughing by reading the whole story

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