Sanskar and laksh : hum say hay zamana (OS) part – 2

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Almost Ramzan is going to end one day there is no power in the whole area so sanlak whole family is sitting at the back yard because weather is quite cool only 15 mins left for aftari as usual sanlak were lying on the couch when suddenly they smelled a very sweet smell they both get up and look at the direction swara and ragini were coming both sanlak widened their eyes after seeing them

San: wow yar lucky look what a shape

Lucky: yess sanky it is also very sweet if we both taste them na I’m sure that taste very good an yummy

Swara: while blushing look ragini how your bhai is flirting with me

Ragini is also blushing she said look your bhai also he is saying yummy

Sanlak get up and start moving towards them swarag get red on seeing that they are coming near to them but shocked after seeing the scenario

Becauseeeeeeeeeeeeee our sanlak were talking about kachori and jalebi which were in the hands of swara ragini πŸ˜€ and they both came and grabs the bowls from their hand and goes to the couch both swarag stamps their foot in anger and said bhukkar and leave

One day dadi and dada mamu decided to invite neighbors for aftari and the work of inviting and doing arrangement is on our sanlak..
First they invite with great difficulty and when dp and sheikhar gave them money to do arrangements toouu unn dono nay tou anni he macha dii

Family gave them around 50-60k for special samosas, fruits for fruit chart,jalebi,dahi bhallay,bottles etc..

Firt they both go towards halwai for jalebi and samosas but for saving money they said to put less potatoes in samosas and for jalebi they gave half sugar by saying this all wants less sweetness… for fruits they purchases rotten fruits and for soft drinks they said to mix food clr in water and make bottles soft drinks πŸ˜€ because they want to save money for themselves which is not known by the family members..

They both only spend 25k for aftari and the remaining amount goes to their pocket.. πŸ˜€

Dadi said them to invite the neighbors but they didn’t goo evryones house rather they take speaker and announce about the aftari by walking on the street πŸ˜€

All the guests start coming swaragini also got ready swara is wearing orange clr suit she is going when she collide with sanky and going to fall but sanky holds her sanky eyes widen after seeing her and swara blushes after seeing his gaze on her

Swara: sanky ji what r u looking


Swara: sanky jii and pinch him

Sanky: maa kassam swaraa tumm bilkullll

Swara: bilkul??

Sanky: bilkul jalebi lug rahe ho and start laughing

Swara: stamps her foot and goo with a pout face

On the other side ragini is wearing green suit laksh said to her that she is looking like a pudinay (mint) ki chatni πŸ˜€

Sahil also came with his family chambeli sees him and blush hard because sahil and chambeli both likes each other πŸ˜‰

When the aftari time came chambeli goes toward sahil with a samosa in plate and said jii plz eat this samosa

Sahill: nai januu first uu

Chambeli: nai ji pehlay aap

Like this several time they both repeat their line atlast lucky came and take samosa from the plate and goes πŸ˜€ and both chambeli and sahil looked at him with open mouth

Shekhar and dp after eating the things they got a doubt that the things are not up to the mark they also saw guests were making facing while eating both father give a death glare to sanlak on which they both gulp and goes toward the other side πŸ˜€

When the aftari got over dp,shekhar calls sanlak and starts their investigation

Dp: nalaikooo aik kaam diya tha who bhi dhang say nhe kiya aur naak ktwa kr rakh di begairat kahe k

Shekhar: you both are educated but u both don’t have any sense how to manage function useless creature

When dp,shekhar were scolding them they both were laughing by downing their heads which was noticed by dadi and she starts her lecture

Naikamooo, namuradonn, don’t u have any shame after embarrassing t=your parents in front of all street you both our laughing like a made people by saying this she remove her rubber slippers and throw to them sanlak by saying this tries to run but the slipper hits on lucky’s back and sanky’s bumpy πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ both shout ooouuuuucchhh and runs while slipping many times on the floor finally the reach their room and laid down and sleeps πŸ˜€


  1. sss

    hahahaha amazing os just laughing just imagining sanlak as bhukkar thinking swaragini jalebi chatni seriously i mean most of time they admire their beauty but in here they saw them as food wow loved sanlak they are best…than god you didn’t include love story it will ruin the story that my point of view…thanx for such an amazing os

  2. cute girl

    hahaha amazing story …
    with the lot of laughing wate came from eyes ..
    o my god such a amazing …hahaha …

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