Sanskar: My Kidnapper – chapter 9

Sanskar’s POV.

“hey, ya!! ” I called as soon as I reached Shruti’s room.
There sat my to be brother in law, Siddhanth Singhania, his hand clasped around her tiny ones.

“hey, to you too… ” He said, livid.

“why do I seem to feel venom dripping through your voice? ” I said, in spite of knowing the reason.

“why in the hell did you make things complicated? ”

“it’s certain that your yelling doesn’t change anything…. And you know the reason better than anyone else here do. Why would you ruin my night with this? ”
I glanced at my watch. It was half past one in the night. Swara was sleeping tight in her room with Aadhya in her arms. I’d just sneaked out once I heard laksh’s car pull up.

“look, don’t be harsh on her. She was just used as a tool. You know her well, She doesn’t hurt anyone intentionally. Maybe she had something up. ”

I rolled my eyes.

“I do think the same… You know. You don’t have to, you know, gain her trust and shatter her completely by telling her that she almost killed your sister. Giving her hopes. She’s fragile and caring. You may ruin it and yourself too… You know you aren’t happy, and so do we. ” ragini emerged in from laksh’s lap on the other end of the room.

I sighed.

“Sanskar you know that she doesn’t like you doing nonsensical things. Why don’t you understand? ” laksh peered pointing my sister.

“finished? Well guys, I’d just committed myself to her when I saw the innocent side of her. But you know, she turned me out entirely the day I asked her for divorce. Things would’ve been different if she’d turned her father’s offer down that day. Instead she thought it was wise to catch up with him, putting everyone in the house in danger. ”
I said controlling all the frustration that seeped through my head.

“but little did she know things were planned! She was just in a trap. Her father had trapped her. ” Ragini said.

“your saying aren’t calming the fire in me. I definitely think there’s something she knows about the whole shruti thing. Whatever the way I think, I just can’t stop thinking in the same way again…. There’s definitely something and I have to get things out from her. ” I sighed, falling on to the couch nearby.

“what are you gonna do? Like how have you planned to ask her? ”

“I’ve to play! ”

“meaning? ”

“I will have to ask her when I think it’s the right time. Till then I’ve to work on gaining her trust. I wouldn’t mind if things go off my hand once everything is done. And she’s not allowed to go out at any cost. The dogs of Gadodia are all over the town. I’d seen two of them. I think there are more…. For the time being I can’t escort her anywhere else. ”

“till then? You please think about it ” laksh tried.

“It will help when you play coy. ” I said.

“you will not do this.!!” ragini shot up gritting her teeth.

“it’s just giving her the taste of her own medicine. She did the same with me. Now she’ll suffer the same. ”

“you’re playing dumb. You are the one who will suffer later. ” Siddhanth peered in.

“I don’t know. Now what’s important to me is to know the details from her. I hope none of you will take up the discussion again. ” I snapped.

“I don’t want you to regret things Sanskar. ” Siddhanth tried but I let it go.

“hungry? ” I asked.
Well, I was. Terribly hungry for the news. All I had to do is plan for the right moment and there you go with the answer. But my try was discarded.

“what will you do gaining her trust anyway? ” he asked.

I sighed. My family was total tragedy with discussions.

“well, shatter her finally! ”

“Sanskar! ” laksh yelled from his seat.
I hissed.

“guys, I’ve thought things…. So please, let it be how it is. ”

“you didn’t have to kidnap her to do this. Didn’t you have to? ” Siddhanth yelled.

“boy, I kidnapped her just in case if her father would have done something wrong with her. He was waiting for a chance. ”

“and how would you know that? ”

“I have my secret Santa planted over there…. ”

“what had he planned for her? ”

“he had planned her marriage with someone! ”

“with? ” ragini interjected.

“his nephew, of course. I think this will be the end of discussion. ” I said and walked to the entrance.

“Sanskar, did you kidnap her to save her? ”

“yes, you know he is a jerk. He slept with half of the college. Now, he wants my Swara. Damn. ”

“your Swara? Where did that come from? ”

“well, you know I’ve had feelings for her. ”

“had? ”

“enough of it. I call it a night.” I yelled atop my voice and dragged my feet to my study.

I just flipped through the files over my desk. Nothing caught my eye. No thing that I’d been trying to concentrate on.

Wuss. That’s what I’ve been lately.

Two years ago everything was in place. I had everything I could ever dream of. Now, it’s pathetic. It’s just symbolizes how life may take turns.

An year and a half ago….

“Sanskar, you know, I would love to see your family! ” Swara said excited.

I smiled at her excitement. It had been a week since we were married and finally my family thought to make their presence known. My marriage without them here, was their idea though.

“so, who will be visiting now? ”

“well, it’s three of them. My sister, my brother and his girlfriend. You know, you’ll enjoy being with them. ” I said as I dropped the bread slices into the toaster.

“I think I would, too… ”

“I want you to take care of my sister a little bit. She needs time to adjust. But she’ll adjust soon if you help her.” I suggested, cradling her face.

“of course…. When are they coming?”

“a day or two…. I’ll talk to them and let you know. ” I said kissing her cheek.

“I’m waiting… ” she says kissing me back on my cheek.

I felt my phone buzz and I ran over to check if it was my dad. We had a meeting with Thomas Aldrin, successful entrepreneur from Australia. I had to catch up online for that.

And it was. My dad had sent me a message saying the meeting’s been postponed for the next week. Even though I felt something fishy, I let go of my ‘sixth sense’ and head back to kitchen. I found Swara fondling with her phone and I tried peeping. I knew she’d get mad at this, well, that’s what I wanted. I loved consoling her.

“Sanskar!! ” she snapped. Her eyes and cheeks grew red in anger. I’ve never seen her so angry, even when a few times I had peeped into her phone.

“sorry! “I said unsure of her reaction.

“I’ll be back in two. ” she said heading off to the living room still typing something on the screen.

I felt bad for invading in her privacy. She’d never do that. But I was just trying to play. Well, if this sucks her off, I’d never do that again. I’d better apologize and make up. She’d just her family for me. She may take some time in adjusting.

Three hours passed, she didn’t show up. I’d finished cooking, ate up, gave her food to eat and almost did the dishes. I headed to my room thinking she was mad at me and thought something to make up.

“hey!! ” I said propping down next to her on the couch in our room. I’d not known she was here.

“hey!! ” she said her eyes fixed on the phone and her fingers tapping them harder. I thought to let her be and just went to my bed, to get done with my work.
After an hour or so, she got up and dropped her phone on the table in front and walked to the washroom.
Her phone blinked with a message. I held myself from going and checking on it but it flashed few more times. I just got up and went to the table. Her phone flashed with another message from her father.

Her father?

She’s been speaking to him?

She didn’t tell me.

Maybe, not.

I didn’t know.

I let it go again. She may want herself a moment before she shared things with me. It was very new to us, I knew. My mom had warned me about giving her the space And I obliged.

Few minutes later she was out and she grabbed her phone, texting back.

I couldn’t hold it after seeing her text him. I thought to ask her, but not at that moment. Maybe before going to bed?

I thought that should be fine.

We spent the other half of the day, texting(she) and working on my laptop. Finally, it was time to call it a night with our dinner. So I didn’t see her getting to do something with dinner. I was too tired to prepare something, I settled with noodles.

After both of us finished hogging on our part of the noddles, we fell on the bed completely exhausted. She had stopped texting just before I entered with our dinner and now, I had her to talk, all for myself.

“so? ” I asked, pulling her closer to me.

“hmm? ”

“something you wanted to tell? ”

“n.. No” she stuttered.
I took her hand and laced my fingers through hers.

“oh! Aren’t your tiny fingers paining yet? ” I kissed her knuckles.

She chuckled.

“nope… It was kinda adventure…”

“yeah… Sounds good. Adventure with typing!”

“it does… Doesn’t it? ”
I chuckled.

“you never fail to amaze me ” I said pulling her close.

“and you dazzle me!” she accepted. I smiled.

“you know you can tell me anything, right? ” I asked my voice turning serious.

“sure… ” she said, though unsure.

“fine… How’s things between you and your dad? ” I tried.

She suddenly turned nervous. Her eyes weren’t on my mine now. Her face slightly flushed.

“I…. I don’t know ”

She lied? Why? may be not. She must have been thinking something.

“okay!! It’s been a tiring day, so let’s sleep” I said and she nodded closing her eyes immediately. I felt I was holding her long. I didn’t know what was up, but definitely there was a feeling something may go wrong.
That was just it. All I knew was I had asked her for a divorce within the next week. Everything which was so perfect, turned awful within days.

My life would have been completely different if I had seen what was coming. And then all I know is she calling up my sister, distracting her way and then, the goons beat her up black and blue, leaving her in the state she presently is.

I suddenly felt like everything was ripped off me when my agent told me that Swara was the one who called my sister. She’d promised me to take care of her and I can bet, this was how maybe she planned on taking care of her.

As things revolved around my mind, my eyes stood too tired, dropping down, and finally, I had called it a night.

I finally wrote it…. You know! Well, where do we stand now? Nine episodes without your support is something impossible, is it?

Sanskar has finally made his move. The entry of the new one, may change things to worse or may be better. I’m not sure….

Well, so was Swara the one who called her up?
What did she have in her mind?
Why did she lie to Sanskar?

To know stay tuned!!!
Anyways people, here I end the chapter. Please do share your valuable reviews…… It means a lot to me…. Lot more than oxygen. Every review boosts me up with my confidence. Thanks for reading this!!!!!

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