Sanskar: My Kidnapper – chapter 2. The pain.

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The next day.

After I had my breakfast which meant of course actually after my bathe, all day I roamed around in the room I was locked up in. Like of course… What can I do? At the least, I can take a look at the surrounding from the balcony. That’s what I did after my afternoon walk in the room. It’s been one full day that I’ve got my consciousness back.
Adjusting my elbow on the rack of the wall, I stood, cupping my face, pouting, like a kid.
I just thought of pulling out a stunt of running away from here. But to my good luck or bad luck… I don’t know… My eyes caught a glimpse of the guards roaming around. Come-on, people walk in garden… Not around the house and not at all with harmful equipments… You know… Like gun…
They had rifles attached at their back. Huh…

There was a knocking sound on the door. I smiled. Ah. Finally…. I can see someone’s face now. Being inside this room alone, has taken toll on me. I’ve never been left alone somewhere and not even once I’ve been locked.

“hey!!” the guy who kidnapped me chirped, smiling. 
His smile was so contagious that I couldn’t resist myself from smiling.

“hey! You too… ”

“so… Doing well? ”

“of course…. ”

He smiled again.

“Good hermana(sister)!! Anyways… I was here to provide you with your lunch… ”

Everyone here knows Spanish or… Maybe he was the one who wrote the chit?

“well, did you leave any chit for me? ” I asked curiously.

He shrugged.

“I usually speak… I don’t leave any chits…. ” he winked.

I smiled, at his impossible character.

“here you go with your lunch… I’ll be back… ” he said handing me the meal and was soon off.

I hogged on the spaghetti I was provided with. That tasted amazing…. Much like what it tasted when my mom cooked it for me! The taste of the sauce blasted onto my taste buds, flutter closing my eyes involuntarily.

To my dismay, everything here reminded me about her. Everything about her. Bringing me to the edge of control.
So bad!! I always try not to be emotional, but see, my eyes are watering… Isn’t fair… Right?
Well, it is…

“uh.. Hmm… Disturbing you? ” asked a girl who must be of the same age as mine.
I didn’t hear the click of the door.

I shook my head.

“speak with me? ” she asked quirking up her brow.

I nodded. She smiled. She was beautiful, like me….  Not exactly… But in her own ways. Her knee length skirt hugged her body while her button up shirt matched it. A belt around her slim waist. A muffler around her neck, a red lipstick on her lips, blackish shade on her lashes, She was looking utterly beautiful. If been a man, it would have been love at first sight….

Her smile was contagious too. I smiled back.

“I’m Ragini…. ” she said extending her hand for a shake.

“s… Swara…..” I stuttered.

“cool! Feared about something? ” she asked as a mischievous grin captured her lips.
I shook my head hard.

“no… ” I said to prove my point.
I’m not feared about anything. Nothing fears me…. Except few insects… I tell you… Nothing fears me…

“hmm…. ” she said nodding, Her smile still playing along her lips.

“well, I thought of befriending you… In case you need a favor you can ask me. ”

Ask her?  But how? I didn’t see any phone here…. And if I’d seen one, you think I were to be here at any cost?

“how? There’s nothing to contact you…. ”
“I meant means of communication… ” I cleared.

“well, there’s a phone over on the second step of the rack to the right side of your bed, with a phone book. The line is inline connected and you can call only to the people around here….” she said smirking.
I pouted. Of course…. What will I do?

“why is it like that? I wouldn’t call someone and run away! ” I muttered angrily.

She shrugged.

“anyways…. Meet you soon…. ” she said moving away.

“Huh… ”
My eyes filled with angry tears. Why was I put up here?

I walked all around the room biting in my nails to find out a way.. A way to kill time. Nothing flashed. I sat on my bed like a angry little duckling.
‘oh! It’s your bed already? ‘ my mind retorted.
I rolled my eyes.
‘why don’t you shut? ‘ I asked annoyed.
‘well, you’ve never thought me that… ‘
I clipped my lips sealed not replying.

The phone!!!

I ran over to it and sat on my knees next to the bed when I found it.

I took the phone book kept next to it. I tapped my fingers on my chin searching for a number to call and talk to someone. I was so blo*dy bored in this beautiful room.

“searching something? ” a male voice asked.

The dimple man. I smiled up to him brightly.

“thought to put up with this new directory…. ” I said showing it up to him.

“that’s good…. Finally you started observing things around! ” he winked and I winked back.

“I didn’t notice it though. I observed it when a girl who came up here told me…. What’s her name? Rashi….. Nah….Ragini? ”
“yeah, Ragini…. ” I said as I remembered.

“oh! She’s my girlfriend… ” he said. His cheeks heated up with blush which he tried avoiding.

“hmm…. Nice. .” I commented, winking.

“yeah!! ” he smiled.

“okay! The maid will get you your dinner. You can have it and go to bed. ”

Is he kidding. The time is just 8:30pm and he wants me to go to bed now?  Really?

“are you crazy? ”
He looked confused.

“do you sleep at 8:30? Well, you may, but I don’t…. You got me? I don’t…. You’ve freaking put me into this blo*dy room, locked me and now ordering me to go to bed this early. Are you nuts? If you…. ” I was cut off…

“Woah!! Cool,  my dear duckling. You may stay awake… it’s your interest…. I just thought you may want to sleep early. You may be tired…. ”

“oh! really? You thought it off. Such a brainy you’re. Idiot… You’ve kidnapped me without knowing my routine? I sleep at 12. And wake up whenever I’m up. Seriously…. Next time when you kidnap someone, know their routine. If not you’ll be asking them to go to bed at 5 in the evening. ” I sighed after speaking breathlessly.

He huffed.
He joined his hands in front of me.
“I’m sorry. I will have to get used to your tantrums. Fine… You sleep at whatever time you want. I’ll go and send the maid. ”

“stay here. You’ve arrested me here and you want to roam around. I’m sitting in the same room since a day. Did I say anything when you kidnapped me? Can’t you allow me to roam around the house? Don’t you trust me? ” I asked as I boiled in anger.

“trust is a big word. We’ve, met now and it takes time. For you to trust me and well, I trust you though. I’ve seen you since long and I know your routine too. It’s just I’m not used to you. Anyways you can roam around the house from tomorrow. But you’re not speaking to any of the workers except aunt Mary! And you can speak to me and Ragini. No one else.? ” he was stern at his point.

I nodded.

“who’s Mary?”

“the maid who gets your food.”

“oh! Okay! ” I said thoughtfully.

“okay!! I’ll leave. ” he said walking to the door.

“hey wait! ”

He turned up to me.

“your name? ”

He smiled showing his dimples off.


“okay… ” I smiled back.

I felt something touching my cheeks. Rather someone. It was a feather touch that made me crave for it. I tried hard not to open my eyes but I had the urge though. Soft lips touched my forehead dropping an affectionate kiss over there. It lingered there for a while.

“I love you…. ” the person whispers and soon the touch was gone. I heard the door click. I flutter open my eyes and got up, sitting on the bed. I saw the person getting off the room. I soon got down and ran up to the person. Thankfully, the door was open and I slipped out of the room and ran behind the person.
I got down the stairs and ran to the direction of the person. A door to my right clicked opened and hit my head hard. I began collapsing on my feet and I was caught in a tight grip around my waist. I shrieked as I saw the face of the person and my consciousness was gone.

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