Sanskar: My Kidnapper – chapter 14

Swara’s POV

“shona please… Look at me… ” he pleaded. I couldn’t. I was so stupid. When he was asking me to look at him, to talk to him, I was not able to. Flashes from this house never left my eyes. I felt ashamed of myself for almost ruining everything.

“okay.. I’m going… ” he said as he got up. I shivered with the fear of loosing him again. I wasn’t sure that I could even trust him. But I couldn’t trust myself too.
He walked to the window, gazing out, folding his hands. I stumbled, as I got up. I stumbled my way to him and my hands shook, as I held onto him. I felt him stiffen and move, but never took my hands off.
As soon as he turned I was soon very embarrassed that I took my hand off him, and my gaze followed my hands.

He drew me close, wrapping his arms securely around me and I cried undone as I bumped into his chest, wrapping my arms around him.

I couldn’t let go of the moment. It was a dream come true. I was here, in our home, in his arms. And it wasn’t what I was expecting this soon. I thought….. Well, never mind. I damned my mind to savour the moment when he thought of drifting apart, still holding me in his arms. His eyes were red, sad, happy and what not. I bet mine mirrored.

I contemplated what to talk but I had to have some sort of conversation between us, where I can make him understand that I did need some time to open up but I would at any cost tell him the entire thing. I hoped he believed me. I finally thought to apologize first.

“sans.. ”

“Swara… ” we started together. And he chuckled. I smiled.

“okay… You go first… ” I said not knowing what exactly to start.

“okay… Swara, I wouldn’t say that I’m not mad at you. Because, I am. But I know there’s some reason which made you do whatsoever you’ve done which I guess I don’t know completely. I know, I took decisions without exactly thinking about the consequences. I hurt you mentally. And I took you away from your beloved father and all. But you must understand that wasn’t easy on me. No man would ever want to kidnap and scare his wife unless it makes things worse for him.” His eyes pierced through mine, intensely.
He cupped my cheeks, caressing my tear stained cheeks with his thumb. He took a moment before he started again. He smiled sadly.
“I’m sorry I had to do it. I was worked up. Devastated. And losing people who you love one after the other isn’t a great thing. Just a day before shruti was attacked, I lost my brother and sister in law, whom I was very attached to. And again that feeling of losing shruti banged me. Laksh wasn’t the same. Ragini tried coping up. My parents don’t know what exactly happened. It wasn’t easy for me to handle that kid who at the very tender age lost her parents. Even though everyone gave a good performance in the act of being normal, I had seen them all my life to know them better. Every night I had been awake when ragini, laksh or Siddhanth begged shruti to wake up and sometimes I did it myself.” a tear slipped down his cheeks. He paused before he told something that banged me.
“I was so killed when your father asked me to leave you and get off your life in expense of Aadhya, I had to do it. Because back then, you were the only on me I had to lean on to. It had never been easy to live away from you. And they thought of taking you away from me. ” a sob escaped my lips and that’s when I knew both of us were crying. I didn’t know the reason behind him leaving me till date. I was told that I couldn’t talk to him any longer and I was just supposed to sign off the papers which I recognized were my divorce papers after I had already signed it. I was so not in my senses back then. My dad told me that Sanskar had known that I was the one who had called shruti and he didn’t want to live with me. And I believed him. Unfortunately. I bet he wanted to torture me more. That’s all the planning.

“talk Swara… ” I heard him say. I didn’t know what to talk.
Suddenly it flashed.

“how did you come to know that I was the one? ”

“Private Investigation. I have a friend of mine. He told me it was you. I didn’t believe until I heard your voice on Shruti’s phone. Your call was recorded. That’s when, I had no choice but believe. ” I nodded. Everyone wouldn’t be as dumb as I am.

“would you tell me what exactly you did? ” his eyes were pleading.

I hoped this conversation wouldn’t ruin the rest of my life with him.

His chest heaved as he sighed when I remained silent.

“it’s okay… Tell me when you’re ready. But when you tell, I want you to tell everyone at once. My family isn’t like me. They are good. ” he said as he smiled.
I smiled at him.

“you’re not bad yourself. And thanks. Sanskar, I promise, I would tell you everything. But I just need sometime. ” I told him, or rather myself. I had to do it. But that fear of still being called a cheat wasn’t leaving my mind.

He caressed my cheeks softly before leaning in and I have into the moment. His lips brushed mine gently before he tugged on my lower lip. My eyes closed instantly. I gripped his shirt at his back, to hold myself, leaning further. He claimed me at once, grabbing me gently from my neck.
The feeling was the same. I had always lost my senses with his lips on mine back then and even now, I forgot all my grief. All my pain. And enjoyed being with the love of my life.
Once we broke, I claimed his chest, resting my head over him. He hugged me tight and I held him tighter to me.

We enjoyed the rest of the day together, in our house until laksh called us back home. Things grew awkward instantly with everyone and everything I spoke to them. Sanskar accepted me gladly. But I knew he was expecting me to tell him. And I knew I couldn’t take forever.

Everyday Sanskar would have a moment with me before he left for work. And the rest of the day, I would spend with my in-laws, and Aadhya. Siddhanth was sweet to me which I didn’t expect. And shruti was a total different topic. She joked around and along with me. She was definitely a thing to notice. Except for laksh everyone were good to me. I had grown close to them instantly that I feared losing them like I lost my mother. My in-laws were friendly. Ragini was now, my new found sister. Everything was so good. But I couldn’t forget the words Sahil told me. I did want to see my father. But I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. Not after knowing he ruined my life. As if I didn’t know it earlier that it was his motto.

Laksh never spoke to me, since. But he always taunted nevertheless. But someone would loosen me up. That didn’t stop my guilt at losing my friendship with him. For causing this beautiful family, that pain that if it wouldn’t have been them, god knows what my situation would be.

Shruti’s POV

“aren’t you cold? ” I heard laksh ask from my behind. I turned to him with a smile, before answering.

“nope… But some company would do better. ”
He smiled to himself, running his hand through his messed hair and the other slipped into his pocket. He occupied his seat next to me on the bench in our garden. I hadn’t been out since a month I was home. Not that I didn’t want to. It’s that I can’t. I lose my control over my body as soon as I stand. The whole coma thing had taken a toll on me.

“even you think that I’m rude to her?” he asked, his voice hurt.
Taking his hand in mine, I tried turning to him.

“lucky,  she had her reasons!” I tried. He shook his head.

Since the day I was back home, there was no one day that was left without laksh taunting her. But everything,  every time it ended up with both of them crying. Laksh hadn’t spoke to anyone from a week and now, he was here, talking to me. I missed that laksh who left no reason to talk or fight with me. The laksh I’m seeing now, is surrendered to something that he, himself is unaware of, anger.

“but I have only you to understand me and stay by me forever. I know that mom, dad, Sanskar, ragini, everyone loves me but yet, it’s always been you that had helped me through anything. You don’t know how I felt not able to talk to you and hear from you. I thought I’d lost you… ” he said, wrenching my heart. His eyes filled and so were mine.
“doll, you never know how it feels to lose everything and everyone you love…. And as if it was a back to back offer, I lost Adarsh first and then, I’d almost lost you… ”

My tongue was tied. True, I didn’t know what it was to lose someone you love as much as he did. I just stared at him and his eyes were fixed at our hands. We were more friends than siblings.

“I’m sorry… ” I said not knowing what to say.

“don’t be… It’s just my fate….” he grimaced.

“tsk… ” I flinched as the pain in my stomach erupted.
He rubbed my arms, drawing himself closer to me. This…. blo*dy hurts so much.

“let’s get you back home… ” he said, trying to get up. I shook my head.

“lucky, sit… ” I insisted.

“look, let’s pack all these drama up…. ” he started shaking his head but I stopped him, continuing. “I know, it hurts… It hurts me too. Let’s talk and solve. I bet I want to see the end of that creep, but let’s handle it together. Don’t be rude to her. True, she’s done some mistakes, but you do believe that she was ‘mis-taken’. Don’t you? ”
He nodded.
“I’ve asked Sanskar to be normal with her, not to scare her off. They need a moment for themselves and she needs to get adjusted to us before opening up. Right?” he nodded again.
“so be it. You’re troubling my way to her. I want to know what that fellow wants from her. Or me. Or us. Be free around her. And yeah, I’d called the creep to tell him that I was awake and am waiting to meet him. And then, I fixed a meeting with him, in a week. ” I said.

As expected, his eyes went round.

“tell me you’re kidding? ”
I shook my head.

“I want to meet him. ” I said casually.

” and Siddhanth knows this? ” he asked amused.

I nodded.

“he was the one who started. And that dog, Sahil will also be coming, so beware of. ” I said, smirking. His eyebrows danced comically.

“does she know? ”

“no… Before they come, at least, we have to get her to open up. ”
He nodded.

“we’ll be fine.. ” he said, promising me.
I smiled.

He was gone after a few pep talks I gave him regarding his behavior. It felt really good to have a control over him at least for a few days in this context. But I bet soon, he’ll be back to fight for his stand.

I tried calling Siddhanth n number of times but he never answered. Everytime, the automated voice announced that my call was not received, my heart broke into pieces, as if I was going away from me. That he was avoiding me. And I couldn’t bear it. I feared that he was avoiding me to go away from me forever, but the way he speaks to me when around me tells something else.

Well, altogether, things were so not good in my life suddenly. But I will check upon it. If Siddhanth me off his life, I would go. He can have his share of happiness always. And regarding this whole Gadodia thing, I will have to talk to Swara soon. It would be better when Ragini’s with me. I will have to talk to her first.

Third person’s POV

He slammed the door of his car forcefully. The damned thing had to break when he was almost near to his house.

He closed his eyes grimacing at his blo*dy fate which always made him look down. And Sanskar, look up. Those Maheshwari’s had something in them, that had them in limelight. He tried nonetheless but all his efforts always went in vain. And losing control over Swara’s life tormented him, seconding his failure. He feared that he would turn into a psychopath. But what he hadn’t realized yet was he was already one.

He scrumbled the papers in the file, in his hand. Again, once again Sanskar Maheshwari has wins over him. He banged it on the bonnet of his car, kicking the tyre with his shoe borne leg.

He closed his eyes to gain his composure but unfortunately, his mind wasn’t giving into the moment. The way Sanskar’s eyes looked at Swara as if he claimed her and her’s were surrendered to him, made Sahil furious. That damned girl whom he had tried to get into him since his childhood was now wife of his bestest enemy of lifetime and was so into him that she started to stop Sahil, her best friend, from talking things that pained him. She f**king loved him. And he couldn’t do anything to stop her.

She was simply his’ the day she was born. But no. That blo*dy uncle of his, played his card, sending her away from him. And to his fate, he was the one who challenged her to date Sanskar. He was the reason both of them had actually met. And now, that killed him.

He wasn’t letting it be so forever. His first project was lost because of that blo*dy Maheshwari girl who owed his death in phone minutes ago. He wasn’t afraid. He was terrified that his face of being good in front of Swara would fall apart once she knew that he was the master mind behind the whole drama thing. He had tried with all his might to have a good face around her, cause he knew she hates people who break trusts. Until she was married to him, he had to have this being good face mask. Once done, and she inherits her properties, and he gets it registered to his name he wouldn’t give a damn. But till then he had to remain careful.

He was now on a mission to teach Maheshwari’s that ‘revenge isn’t sweet. ‘
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