Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 15

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Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(swasan fs)
Shot 15:
Recap: swara left for USA and Sanskar admitted in hospital.

Swara and ranvir came out of the airport.
Ranvir: swara first we will go to home and then after freshing we will go to hospital.
Swara: no I want to go to hospital only
Ranvir: Swara you are tired.
Swara; I’m fine I want to see sanskar first plzz.
Swara’s face was pale as her tears didn’t stopped during journey also.
Ranvir: okay
They went to the car which john has send as ranvir already told to him about their arrival.

Swara hurriedly enter inside followed by ranvir. They saw john in waiting area and went near him. John also got up seeing them.
John; hello mam
Swara; hi how is sanskar??
John: still unconscious.
Swara: may I see him??
John: let me talk to doctor.
Then only sanskar’s doctor was passing from there when John said
John: excuse me doctor she is Mrs Maheshwari and she wants to meet him.
He said pointing towards swara.
Doctor: alright you can see him.
Swara: thanks
John took swara to Sanskar’s cabin and left.

Sanskar’s Cabin:
Swara enter inside and again fresh tears started flowing from her eyes seeing sanskar lying between so many machines.
She went near him and sit on the chair beside his bed.
Swara(sniffs): you are very bad Sanskar how much we have planned to do when we will meet but you spoiled everything. I never want to meet you like this after so many months.
She is talking to unconscious sanskar crying ,sniffing and wiping her tears with the back of hand.
Swara(held his hand): plz get up Sanskar you was excited to meet me na see I came now talk to me plz.
You always say swara don’t ignore me now what you are doing?
She lie her head on the his hand and rest on bed speaking alone.Soon sleep took over her as she was hell tired.

Next Morning:
For the whole night, swara was sleeping beside sanskar. Ranvir once came to see her but then didn’t got guts to disturb her.
A nurse came inside who seems to be in mid thirties. She slightly jerk swara.
Swara: Sanskar
The only word she mumbles after opening her eyes.
She look at him and signed sadly as he is still unconscious.
Nurse: mam someone is waiting for you outside.
Swara nodded as she know he will be ranvir.
Swara look at Sanskar then lean down
Swara(whisper): if now you will not wake up then I will never talk to you.
She kiss his forehead.
Nurse (smile): he is your..??
Swara: husband
Nurse: don’t worry he will be fine.
Swara nodded with a slight smile and then went out.

Ranvir: swara now let’s go home you had not eaten anything and you are tired also.
Swara: sanskar
Ranvir: John is here only he will inform us everything.
John: yes mam you can go.
Swara(teary eyes): I don’t want to leave sanskar plzz.
Ranvir: okay we will not go home but here is good canteen in hospital let’s eat something.
Swara just nodded and went with ranvir.

In canteen, Swara and ranvir are sitting. Swara is just playing with the food.
Ranvir: swara eat
She took few bites when john came and said
John: mam, sir got conscious.
Swara left the food and ran from there
followed by John and ranvir.
Swara enter inside Sanskar’s cabin hurriedly, there their eyes met after long time. She look down as doctor and nurse are also present.
Doctor was plastering his arm as it got fractured.
All came inside soon doctor and nurse left. Sanskar was not shocked to see swara as nurse informed him that his wife came. He felt like dancing on bed but then thought of his condition.
Ranvir: how are you now bro??
Sanskar: Good.
Sanskar was non stop looking at her the way she is playing with her fingers nervously. He just can’t stop smiling.
Ranvir saw both of them so thought to give privacy. He and john went out leaving swasan alone.
Swara with baby steps came near sanskar but still didn’t dare to look in his eyes.
Sanskar: swara
Swara: hmm
Sanskar; you don’t want to talk to me?
She shook her head in no. As tears flow from her eyes.
Sanskar pull her little close with his free hand.
Swara hugged him tightly. His arm pained little due the force of the hug but he don’t care.
There is huge difference between their this and last meeting. There was no emotions when last time they hugged six months back but now it is filled with so many feelings.
Sanskar felt his shoulder getting wet
Sanskar(rub her back): Swara plz don’t cry.
She broke the hug. He wipe her tears,
Sanskar: see your eyes what have you done to yourself.
Swara: I was so scared
Sanskar: I’m fine
He lean and kiss at the top of her head.
Swara: I never thought we will meet like this.
Sanskar(chuckles): as if I had planned like this ???
Swara smiles.
Sanskar: when you came??
Swara: yesterday
Sanskar: mom dad they know about this.?
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: what they said?
Swara: they got to know about our relation they don’t have no problem but you have to ask sorry from them.
Sanskar: that I will ask.
Swasan casually talk for sometimes.

Later, swara is cutting apple and feeding Sanskar. She is sitting beside him.
Sanskar: how is your school running.
Swara: very nicely.
She again took apple near his mouth and he like an obedient baby is eating though he don’t like infact hate apple.
Swara saw there is a bit of apple at the corner of his lips.
Swara: sanskar its there.
Sanskar: what??
Swara herself touch his lips with her thumb and clean it. She look down having different feeling. She was instantly going to take her hand but sanskar held it. Taking her hand near his lips, he placed several kisses on her palm. Swara close her eyes breathing heavily.
Then only door opened and she took her hand back.
Doctor: how are you Mr Maheshwari?
Sanskar: fine
Doctor: you will be fit soon only this plaster will take few weeks else perfect.
Swara signed in relief. Then she remembered john told her that sanskar was having problem in breathing.
Swara: doctor why Sanskar was facing problem in breathing??
Sanskar gulped tensely as if he know the reason.
Doctor: Mr Maheshwari is allergic to cigarettes and smoke. Few years back he took just one cigarette then he was in coma for 2 days now its again same situation.
Swara: sanskar you had taken cigarette?
Sanskar thought its of no use to lie as Doctor is present and he will find.
Sanskar: I just took half cigarette.
Doctor: how can you be so much careless when you know it has worst affect. Only one cigarette is enough to take your life away.
Swara’a face colour faded.
Sanskar: I won’t repeat that.
Doctor: you better don’t .
Sanskar nodded he left.
Sanskar: swara
She was numb and angry at him.
Swara:what you think about yourself?? When you know about your health conditions then why can’t you take precautions. You don’t care for your family. If something happen to you what I will do!
He was shocked to see her angry for the first time.
Sanskar: swara listen plz
Swara: i don’t want to listen anything.
She angrily sit and cut the piece of apple and give to him.
Sanskar: you will not feed me??
Swara: your one hand is free eat yourself.
Sanskar made pout.
Sanskar: I will explain you two years back I went to friends party there they offered me cigarette and I took it but was not knowing I’m allergic to it and went to coma. After that I never touched it. Two days back i was working for the deal late night. John was with me and he was smoking. My head was severely paining so in frustration I just took half cigarette. I will never repeat it swara plz.
Swara listened everything but didn’t reacted. She give him another piece of apple when he said
Sanskar(stubbornly): I will eat with your hand only
Swara signed and feed him but didn’t said a word.
Sanskar(pull her right cheek): you look so cute when angry.
Swara slightly smile but didn’t show him.
To be continued…

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