Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 14

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Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(swasan fs)
Shot 14:
Recap: Sanskar confessed his love to swara

After one month:
Sanskar came out from the meeting hall. He looks very happy and he dialed swara’s no.
Swara is in school and smile seeing his call and received
Swara: ha Sanskar
Sanskar: swara swara swara!! You know what??
Swara: what??
(I had taken this dialogue from serial if you all remember?)
Sanskar: I won the deal
Swara(jumped): really sanskar I’m so happy.
Sanskar: me too if you would be in front of me I would have hugged you soooooo tightly.
Swara: aww so sweet. So finally Mr Maheshwari’s company is in top ten right???
Sanskar: yes and the credit goes to Mrs Maheshwari also.
Swara: its your hardwork sanskar
Sanskar: and your support.
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: so after one week I’m coming then I will take you and pacify our parents.
Swara: hope so they will forgive you.
Sanskar: hmm otherwise I won’t mind eloping with you (teases)
Swara: ahem ahem I’m in school bye
Sanskar(laughs): bye love you.
Today sanskar won the deal which will give huge profit to his company. In these months he had worked hard and ranked his company. Now his company is at equal level of shekar. After a week he is coming to India to take swara.

Maheshwari Industries:
Sanskar came inside and all congratulated him on his victory. He went to his cabin. Since morning he is feeling difficulty in breathing but due to deal he ignored. But now he was not able to breahte. He came out from cabin to get some air. He was on stairs, his head was spinning and was breathing heavily. He lost balance and fall from the stairs hitting his head on the floor. All staff for shocked and ran to him. His pa john call the ambulance and he was taken to hospital. He was admitted in ICU.

Here swara was little surprised that sanskar didn’t messaged her. Its his habit that after every half an hour he ask swara how is she?? If he has nothing to say he will just write swara I love you. Now its four hours but no message. She was feeling restless that something bad happened but then convinced her heart that he must be busy.

Swara came home and directly went to his room. She is calling and messaging sanskar from two hours but no response. Now she was getting worried.
Ranvir came inside and switch on the TV. He saw swara tensed and asked
Ranvir: swara you looked tensed
Swara: sanskar is not receiving my call.
Ranvir(teases): ohhhoo missing hubby.
Swara: ranvir I’m serious he has not called or messaged me since morning.
Ranvir: he must be busy and moreover he talked in the morning.
Swara(teary eyes): then why he is not picking my calls. He will never ignore me I know something bad happened I’m not feeling good.
Ranvir: swara….
Then only in fast facts a news came that ” Indian Businessman Sanskar Maheshwari got admitted in Hospital in USA as he fall from stairs and got badly injured. The reason why he fall is still not known”
Swara stumble back listening this news.
Ranvir: swara relaxx
Swara: ranvir sanskar he was fine in the morning.
She is crying now.she was not knowing what to do.
Swara: ranvir let’s go to US.
Ranvir: swara now calm down
Swara: no I want to go to him.
Ranvir: wait I will talk to his pa.
Swara: you have number?
Ranvir: I will take from my office in USA. U drink water.
Swara: I don’t want to drink
Ranvir talked in his office and then with john to know Sanskar’s conditions.
Swara is crying and praying all the time.
Ranvir came near swara and said
Ranvir: swara sanskar is out of danger.
Swara(happy): then I want to talk to him.
Ranvir: but he is unconscious.
Swara: book my tickets I want to go.
Ranvir: its night swara he is fine we will talk in the morning.
Swara: no no I can’t wait this much I will talk to mom dad and ma then will go.
Swara called sujata with shivering hands
Sujata: swara hello
Swara: mom plzz you and dad come to our house now.
Sujata: anything serious.
Swara: plz you come I will tell.
Sujata: okay we are coming.
Ranvir : swara I had booked our ticket in business class that I got urgently.
Swara: when we are leaving.
Ranvir: tomorrow morning.

Sujata ram and shomi dida all were present. Swara explained them about Sanskar’s condition. They were shocked and worried. No doubt they were angry with him but parents can’t see their children suffering.
Shomi: how you got to know swara.
Swara bite her lower lips nervously as she has to tell them about their secret relation.
Swara: I was in contact with sanskar we used to talk everyday and he loves me.
Swara explained that sanskar asked for chance and their closeness increased even she told about Nikita.
All were shocked that what they both were doing behind them. But they were happy that swasan are together after all what they want.
Swara: ma sanskar is totally changed and earlier also he was helpless. Plz let me go he needs me.
Tears were not stopping from swara’s eyes but she don’t care.
Shomi: I never knew you became mature to take such decisions.
Swara was looking down as she was guilty for hiding these things from her mother.
Swara: I’m sorry ma
Shomi: you took right decision Sanskar changed before committing big mistake.
Sujata: yeah shomi Ji when husband wife is happy then what we can say.
Ram: you can go swara but sanskar has to gain our forgiveness as he took from you.
Swara: he will soon pacify you hope so he get well soon.
Ranvir: he will be fine now pack your few things we have to leave to airport.

Swara and ranvir enter inside and sit in the waiting area as there was time for their flight.
Swara rest her head on the back of the chair and got lost in her thoughts. The way Sanskar care for her, his sweet talks, that lovely confession. She smile as tears fell from her beautiful eyes.
Sometimes we get good things after pain. She was hurted by him but his love has vanished her all bad memories. No one is perfect or saint not to commit mistake. Anyone can do mistakes but the big thing is realization and sanskar has realized it soon which has saved their pious relation. She remembered one incident when Sanskar has called her few days back
Swara: yes sanskar
Sanskar: Swara which is your favourite colour??
Swara: why???
Sanskar: actually renovation of our house is going on so I want to paint our room in your favourite colour.
Swara: aww then pink.
Sanskar: okay our room will be of pink and blue colour.
Swara: why blue??
Sanskar: blue is my favourite.
Swara: ohh good
Sanskar: swara I have a surprise for you.
Swara: tell me plzz
Sanskar: that I will show directly so wait for that.
Swara pout.
Sanskar: now don’t make your cute pout.
Swara (wide eyes): how you always get to know my expressions.
Sanskar: heart to heart connection.
Swara: you are too much sanskar.
Sanskar: I know.
Flashback ends.
Swara smile sadly remembering their moments.
Ranvir: let’s go swara.
She came back to senses and they went.
To be continued….

Precap: Swara angry with sanskar.

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