Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 5

Hello!! I was not going to post it so soon but got melted with Scooby dear’s puppy face and her threat hihi moreover many want it quickly so here goes the next update. Hope so u will like it.Thank u so much for your response. Sorry for not replying to your comments.
Let’s begin:

Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs)
Shot 5:
After two days:
Swasan Apartment:
Swara had already prepared the breakfast but Sanskar is still sleeping. She don’t know how to wake him up. She with baby steps went closer to him and slowly jerk him
Swara: sanskar Ji plz get up.
Sanskar jerked feeling her touch.
Sanskar: haa
Swara: wo plzz wake up its late.
Sanskar: hmm
Sanskar sits and rub his eyes. He didn’t slept last night properly. Swara take out his clothes.
Sanskar(monologue): she has made my life so easy otherwise I was always struggling every morning.
Swara: u get ready I will set the breakfast.
Sanskar nodded and went to washroom. Swara left to kitchen.

Dining Area:
Swasan are having their breakfast when swara said
Swara: i want to say u something Sanskar Ji.
Swara: if I can get job for few hours as I get bore at home.
Sanskar: Swara u no need to work I m earning na.
Swara: its not only about earning my time would spend easily.
Sanskar: okay will find one for you.
Swara: thanks
Sanskar: it’s okay
Later sanskar went to his office while Swara got busy with his household work.

Swara is sitting in the hall when the door bell rings. She went and opened the door and it is nikita.
Swara remembered her as sanskar’s friend.
Swara: hi
Nikita: hello Sanskar is there?
Swara: no he is in office. But plxx come inside.
Nikita sit on the sofa while Swara went to kitchen.
Nikita looked around the house.
Nikita(thought): she must have changed the condition of the house.
Soon swara came with juice and give to her. She also sit near her.
Nikita: so u r new here did u liked US?
Swara(smiles): yeah it’s nice but I m missing India.
Nikita: ohh so what about your future plans?
Swara: means??
Nikita: I mean after yours and Sanskar’s divorce what are planning to do.
Swara: divorce??
Nikita:yeah sanskar had told me that u both will be divorced soon as its a forced marriage. He was already engaged with me but bcoz of his mother he had done it. Sanskar must have told u right.
Swara was sitting all numb. She was not knowing how to react.
Nikita: u know I and sanskar love each other so much and after breaking relation with u he will marry me.
Swara’s throat got dry but still she don’t want to accept it. She asked slowly
Swara:u r engaged to sanskar??
Nikita’: yeak from last six months.I m his fiance. Wait let me show u our engagement pics.
Nikita show her pics in her mobile which clearly state that both are engaged. The little hope that swara was having that all this is fake also got shattered.she is fighting with her tears as she don’t want to broke in front of someone.
Nikita: I should leave now tell sanskar that I came.
Swara just nodded. Nikita went and Swara closed the door. She is feeling so helpless at this moment.
She went to her room and sit with the support of bed on floor. Tears are continuously flowing down her cheeks.
Swara’s pov:
I thought Sanskar Ji is different but no he is also like my father who betrayed my mother. I just hate myself that I came here leaving my everything for him. All are men are same(sniffs). U took advantage of my trust. But now its enough I can’t live with such a man who can’t respect his marriage.
Swara’s POV ends.
Till evening she keep on sitting there only.

Shomi called swara many times but as her mobile is in hall she didn’t received. Shomi called sanskar
Sanskar: hello
Shomi: sanskar beta how r u?
Sanskar: I m fine ma u tell?
Shomi: I m trying swara’s mobile from one hour but she is not picking.
Sanskar: ohh may be she must be busy. Now I m going home then u can talk to her.
Shomi: okay thank you.
Sanskar: it’s okay.
After cutting the call, Sanskar called swara but again no response.
Sanskar:where she went??
Sanskar was little worried so he went to home.

Swasan Apartment:
Swara got up and washed her face as she know now sanskar will come.
Sanskar reached home and listening to door bell, Swara opened the door.
Sanskar came inside.
Sanskar: swara where is your mobile ma was calling you.
Then swara realized that she ignored everything.
Swara:it was in hall and I was in room.
Sanskar: ohh let me dial her no. U talk to her.
Swara:I myself will talk later u don’t worry.
She said little harshly. Even sanskar was shocked at her tone.
Sanskar: okay. Plz swara set the dinner I m hungry.
Swara: I had still not made the dinner.
Sanskar went closer to her. She is different to him. She had not seen into his eyes, not even once.
Sanskar (cups her face): swara u seemed to be tired. U r okay?
Swara moved back removing his hands.
Swara:I m fine.
She left to kitchen as she can’t back off from her duties.
After changing,sanskar came and saw swara near dining table. He sit on his seat.Swara silently served him and was about to leave.
Sanskar:swara have your dinner.
Swara:I don’t want to have it.
Sanskar: what happened to you. U are behaving strange.
Swara left from there before sanskar could say anything.
Even he didn’t felt like eating alone otherwise everyday swara used to tell him how she spend her day.
After keeping dishes in kitchen he went to his room.

Swasan room:
Sanskar came inside and saw swara already asleep. He felt that she is not well. So he went to her side and touch her forehead. Swara was just pretending to sleep. She closed her eyes tightly feeling his touch. He was satisfied as her Temperature was normal. He lean and softly kiss her forehead. Swara clutches her fist tightly trying not to react. Sanskar switched off the light and slept on his side. Few tears fell from swara’s eyes but no one noticed. Soon she slept as she was hell tired of crying whole day.

Next morning:
Swara woke up at her usual time and after getting ready went downstairs.
Later Sanskar also came down ready for his office.
Swara served sanskar his breakfast.
Sanskar: sit and have your breakfast also.
Swara:I will have later.
Sanskar: why not now?
Swara:plzz don’t worry about me.
She went to kitchen Sanskar signed not understanding what happened to her all of sudden.
After breakfast, sanskar was about to leave when swara called him
Swara: Sanskar Ji
Sanskar(turn): yes
Swara: I want to go to India.
Sanskar got shocked but managed to ask
Swara(looking down):bcoz I don’t want to come between you and your fiance.
Saying this She ran to her room trying to control her tears.
For Sanskar the whole world collapsed. Yes he want to tell her this but before only she get to know. What she must be feeling??? What a girl can feel when her husband is cheating her that a man can never understand. No doubt whatever the reason is but Sanskar is betraying Swara having relation with someone else. He is breathing heavily as the thing he feared is happening. He know nikita from years but swara is just a stranger who came in his life few days back. But the place which swara had made in his life is not even comparable to Nikita.
Why swara is so much important for him???? And the answer to this question is bcox she is his wife and they are bound in pious relation that is marriage.
He hurriedly kept his laptop bag on sofa and ran to his room to talk to Swara and explain her that in what mess he is and above all to tell swara her importance in his life.
To be continued…

Precap: Will Swara leave sanskar or give him chance???

So tell me what u all want???? Whether swara should leave him or not?? Though I had already thought the story but still give your opinion may it will turn story interesting.
Thank you
Take care

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