Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 16

Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(SwaSan fs)
Shot 16:
Recap: sanskar got conscious and swara angry with him.

Hospital (Next day):
Swara enter inside sanskar’s cabin after meeting doctor. She is not angry with sanskar now just acting and teasing him.
Sanskar: when I can home??
Swara: john is completing formalities then will go.
She said sitting near him but not looking at him.
Sanskar: swara plz don’t behave like this I will never repeat it trust me.
Before Swara could say anything, john enter inside.
John: mam everything is done.
Swara: okay
Then only swara remembered sanskar too cigarette as john was smoking.
Swara(sternly): john next time don’t smoke in front of sanskar u should know his condition.
Sanskar gulp looking at his little angry wife.
John: I’m sorry mam I will be careful.
Swara: you better.
John look at Sanskar who shrugs his shoulder.
John went and brought the car and Sanskar got discharged.

Swasan flat:
Swara made Sanskar lie in room with the help of john. Ranvir has some work so he had to leave urgently.
Swara look around the room, he has totally changed may he don’t want to remind her bad memories here. Swara was feeling so different then last time. When she got to sanskar’s truth she felt suffocated here but today it was feeling homely.
Sanskar: how is the interior??
Swara:very beautiful.
She said smiling at him forgetting that she was angry at him.
Sanskar: you are not angry??
Swara (stuck her tongue): who said?
Sanskar pull her closer with his free hand
Sanskar(whisper): teasing me??
Swara: hmm
Sanskar kiss her cheek turning her cheeks pink.
John came inside, swara took sanskar’s medicine and all. He has fracture on one arm and little bandage at the forehead.John left after keeping things.
Swara: you must me hungry I will make something for you.
Sanskar: I’m dying to eat spicy food of your hand otherwise everyday boring food.
Swara: now u should have something light.
She left to kitchen while Sanskar pout.

After half an hour:
Swara came in room but sanskar was not there. She heard him wincing in pain from washroom.
Swara: sanskar what happened?
Sanskar: nothing just thought to take bath.
Swara: you has opened your shirt.
As his arm is fractured so it won’t be easy for him to remove it.
Sanskar: I’m trying to take it out.
Swara: open the door I will help.
Sanskar: door is open only.
Swara was thinking whether to go inside or not. She prefer to ask him only
Swara: Sanskar may I come inside??
Sanskar(smiles): yes and don’t worry I’m wearing pant.
Swara bite her lower lips in embarrassment. She finally open the door and enter inside but didn’t dare to look at him. She stand in front of him and started opening buttons. She can feel his intense gaze on her. Her fingers touch his bare chest. She looked in his eyes who was already staring her. Swara’s heart beat enhanced with their proximity. He pull her closer as she was about to leave after opening the shirt.
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar smirk and on the shower drenching them.He caress her face leaning closer. Her eyes got shut as lips touched her skin giving trail of kisses from her cheeks till neck. She turn otherside giving him more access. Her nails pierce in his bare skin in pleasure.
Swara: sanskaarrrr
She mourned as he bite her neck.
Sanskar(whisper): swara
Swara: hmm

Sanskar: I told about surprise for you.
She look at him and nodded. Both are completely wet as shower is still on.
Sanskar held his hand and rub on his chest. Swara felt something uneven so she removed her hand. Her eyes got widen when she saw ” swara” is beautifully written with cursive writing.
Swara: sanskar this?? It must have pained so much
Sanskar : no I was thinking about you.
She unknowingly lean , sanskar close his eyes as her rosey lips touched her name on his skin. She moved back as she realized what she did but sanskar tightened the grip around her waist.
Sanskar: I love you so much swara.
He mumbled as he joined his forehead with her.
Swara: I ..
She stopped getting nervous.
Sanskar kiss at the corner of her lips.
Sanskar: say swara
He was so desperate to listen those magical words from her mouth for him.
Swara: I love you sanskar.
She confessed in single breathe and tightly closed her eyes.
Sanskar (whisper): I was dying to listen from you. May I kiss you??
Swara just slightly nodded not knowing what to say.
Sanskar place his lips on her pulling her closer crushing her petite finger against his bare chest. He forgot that he has fracture on his arm bcoz he was so lost in his swara to realize it.
Kissing each other passionately they broke to breathe.
Swara saw his wet bandage and got shocked
Swara: Sanskar your fracture
Sanskar: ohh shit I forgot.
Swara: you take bath I will call nurse to change it.
Sanskar (childishly): plz don’t go.
Swara: you are behaving like teenagers.
Sanskar: may be bcoz first time I fall in love with my pretty lady.
Swara blushes and ran out.

Later, Nurse came and is changing his wet bandage. Swara is also standing near.
Nurse: how it got wet you should be careful.
Sanskar(teases): I was lost in someone.
Swara was staring at the floor. Her cheeks are pink which make Sanskar chuckles.
nurse left after changing and swara came with sanskar’s meal.
She sit beside him and started feeding him. He was as usual staring her intensely which was burning her skin.
Swara: Sanskar don’t stare me
Sanskar (narrow eyes): why??
Swara:I’m feeling shy.
She finally said not able to control.
Sanskar: aww you are so cute.
Their beautiful moment was disturbed by the door bell.
Swara: let me see.
Swara kept the plate on the table and went downstairs to open the door.
Nikita was standing , swara smile at her.
Nikita: hi swara
Swara: hello nikita plz come inside.
Today swara didn’t felt any insecurity or fear seeing her bcoz she trust sanskar and they had strengthen their bond which won’t be that easy to break.

Nikita: swara I sorry for creating problems between you and Sanskar I didn’t mean that.
Swara: its okay it was past just forget it.
Nikita: so friends??
She asked hopefully extending her hand.
Swara(smile and shake her): friends.
Nikita: actually I got to know about Sanskar’s accident so thought to see him may be he will also accept my friendship.
Swara: of course he will.
Sanskar (shouted); swara who is there??
Swara: let’s go to room.
They went to room.
Swara: wo nikita came to meet you.
Nikita; how are you sanskar??
Sanskar: I’m fine.
She sit on chair beside near.
They were not knowing what to talk.
Swara: I will bring coffee.
Nikita: no need swara u can sit.
Sanskar pull her hand making her sit beside him.
Swara: Sanskar me and nikita became friends.
Sanskar (smiles): good.
Nikita: so sanskar may we also become friends plzz.
Sanskar: okay nikita I’m sorry that day I shouted at you it was just swara cut the call and I got mad.
Nikita: no problem.
They talk for sometimes and later Nikita left with the promise of visiting again.
Swara lie on Sanskar’s shoulder closing the door. She felt nice after talking to nikita after all she is her sister although step but still. She was confirmed that nikita don’t know that his father once already have daughter.She is lost in her own thoughts while sanskar was busing playing with her fingers.
Swara: sanskar
Swara: I want to tell you something.
Sanskar: say
Swara: you know nikita is my step sister.
Sanskar(shocked): what????
To be continued….

Precap: swara tell sanskar about shekar and shomi came to USA.

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